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  1. Matthew Parkinson

    multi bar mosaic Damascus Dirk

    A recent commission, the blade is a tiled end grain w's pattern with a 340 layer twist edge, the guard and spaced are also 340 layer Damascus and the pommel is a single tile of the mosaic pattern. there are 7 carnelians set in the hilt and scabbard the handle is cord and leather wrapped and the scabbard felt lined popular with a leather wrap and steel fittings it is set for a left hand carry, as this was ordered as a companion to the falchion I made a few years ago. Like the falchion this is a full take down, and includes a damascus wrench with a damascus skull bead to take it apart. enjoy!
  2. Matthew Parkinson

    feather damascus?

    like that wouldn't cause trouble seriously though this is a really good idea, Like Ric said we are all standing on the shoulders of giants, it is sad that smiths like Don fogg , Darrel Meier, that are no longer active and are fading from memory. There are so many makers that shaped all we do today, that no one seems to remember, some retired, some gone, I find it sad that so few are remembered. MP
  3. Matthew Parkinson

    new blog post

    I have been slightly remiss in writing for my blog , but this one feels important, so http://mpmetal.tumblr.com/post/169907316545/the-calling-and-the-path read on MP
  4. Matthew Parkinson

    Matthew Parkinson

    probably sleep more than i should but thanks dave!
  5. Matthew Parkinson

    Matthew Parkinson

  6. Matthew Parkinson

    Sword class with Peter Johnson

    I got the pro pic of this sword back form Coop have a look!
  7. Matthew Parkinson

    pair of mosaic damascus chefs

    These were both for my table at NYCKS, the blades are two differnet patternes of mosaic damascus, we got a new shop mate here at Dragons breath forge, Mereko Maumasi he is a bit of a wizard with mosaic and some of his ideas have infected me. The spidy pattern came about after showing him the parent bar and he had an idea and drew out the pattern..looked so cool I went with it. the shooting star pattern was one i came up with, putting together some things I have been playing with along with some of Marekos methods. Totally looking forward to exploring these ideas further. the spidy pattern is maple with bronze and G10 spacers the shooting star is Koa with nickle silver and G10.
  8. Matthew Parkinson

    couple of new hunters

    I made these for my table at NYCKS, but had Coop get photos before the show , good thing because the bird and trout went early on the first day. the hunter i 1084 with bronze and stablized maple, it is a full take down with the little tool in the photo. the bird and trout is 8670/1094 random damascus with nickel silver fittings and silver inlay in the tiger maple handle.
  9. Matthew Parkinson

    Sword class with Peter Johnson

    the blade is 1084 and the hilt work is 1045. MP
  10. Matthew Parkinson

    Sword class with Peter Johnson

    And finished VID_50700907_130308_888.mp4
  11. Matthew Parkinson

    Sword class with Peter Johnson

    Born of knowledge shared and wisdom earned .. paid for with exhaustion and blood. Complete but not yet finished I return home, sword in hand.
  12. Matthew Parkinson

    Sword class with Peter Johnson

    I just finished my second session of this class at tannery pond forge in NH , we focused on longswords this time and it I was another incredible experience, figured the group might enjoy my daily progress photos. MP
  13. Matthew Parkinson

    swords through the centuries 2017

    we are planing on live streaming the battle royal. I will make sure and post info on that before hand .
  14. Matthew Parkinson

    swords through the centuries 2017

    Our annual sword-focused "hammer-in" is back again! This year we are focusing on 15th century Europe. the dates are Oct 28-29th -Matthew Berry will be doing a lost wax casting demo...-Brian Dimmock will be demoing how to make armor...-Christian Tobler will be back with a repeat of his awesome presentation on longsword techniques...-Jamie Lundell will be forging and assembling a rondel dagger through the course of the weekend-Peter Swarz-Burt will be forging and assembling a war hammer during the course of the weekend-Matthew Parkinson will be demoing and explaining the heat treating of steel,-Rondel and war hammer will be tested against an Armored Pumpkin on Sunday afternoon!-Last year's wildly entertaining"Battle of the Badesmiths" returns on Saturday evening. this years competitors are Ryu Lim, Mareko Maumasi, Jamie Lundell, and Peter Swarz-Burt. Judging and Color Commentary by Matthew Parkinson and Mace Vitale. Pricing is $30 for the weekend. Please RSVP to Fallinghammerproductions@yahoo.com to reserve your spot!
  15. Matthew Parkinson

    Ashokan 2017

    I failed to even get one photo.. so you are up on me Matt. MP