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  1. Matthew Parkinson

    Zorro's sword

    This is my take on the Zorro sword from the last movie, not the kind of sword project I normally take on but it was a fun and challenging build. Specs are 32" blade 1.5 at base 39" overall right around 2lb balance is 3.5 from the guard blade is L6 fittings are polished 1018 handle is wood core cord and leather the studs are stainless steel as are the ferrals . The scabbard is poplar with felt lining leather and stainless steel fittings. thanks MP
  2. Matthew Parkinson

    Sword class with Peter Johnson

    Just a heads up I won best sword in show at Bladeshow 2018 with this sword
  3. Matthew Parkinson

    Blade Show Knives

    Ok I lied .. I got a few more things finished/cleaned up .. for blade .. now I am done really.. I think Paring knife in Damascus and mahogany Little mushroom hunting set super thing damascus blade in antler with antler handled brush 6" chef in forged Nitro-v with mahogany and a nickel silver pin the Saya is by Tom McLean I think it is walnut with a ebony pin
  4. Matthew Parkinson

    Blade Show Knives

    luckily I keep some finished work on hand to stock my etsy shop, I only had a couple of weeks to get some knives done for the table, I had a bunch of projects in part way finished and these are what i got done, might finish one or two more small ones today. I finished 2 damascus slip joints both walk and talk nicely the burl has heavier action. a few of these small forged stainless pocket sheath knives. forged in either AEB-l or Nitro-V A small Bowie in mosaic damascus nickel silver bronze and maple with silver inlay. a 6" hunter with antler nickel silver, and a domed pin. a few all steel paring knives (ultrathin edges ) some damascus scribers/scratch awls and a damascus all steel pairing knife A hawk i did in a class is taught a bit ago, 1050 head and hickory handle. all will be on my table at blade 21-O now I need a nap.. MP
  5. Matthew Parkinson

    Irish Skean

    it is done with file, just cut in at 45 deg almost to the other side. the spine gets a zigzag pattern and the sides the Vs. I went back with a center punch and did the dot in each triangle. MP
  6. Matthew Parkinson

    Irish Skean

    I got the image back from coop , take a look!
  7. Matthew Parkinson

    Irish Skean

    Slight differences in the handles, mostly in materials and shape. Some of these have handles that aare more like rondells. The blades are basically the same from what I can tell although the Skeans tend to be bigger this one has a 12" blade but the low end seems to be around 11". I didn't do all that much research on this so don't take every thing I am saying as gospel. MP
  8. Matthew Parkinson

    Irish Skean

    Just finished this commission an Irish Skean, the blade is 1075 with a hamon, the fittings are blued textured mild steel and the handle is moose antler. This thing feels like a sword in the hand. going to get pro pics soon as well. MP
  9. Matthew Parkinson

    Companion dagger

    coop image
  10. Matthew Parkinson

    Companion dagger

    I etched it I have been moving away from stamping, I have messed up far to many blades stamping them.. MP
  11. Matthew Parkinson

    Companion dagger

    This dagger is a commission to match sword I made a number of years ago for the same client. This piece uses the same L6 for the blade and the same construction and finish as the sword. This was a lot easier to hand sand however. Hollow ground blade 11" length the fittings are mild steel patinaed slightly and polished back. The scabbard is felt lined poplar with leather wrap and steel chap and locket. The third photo is before I patinaed the fitting and died the leather. But it is the only one I had of is in the scabbard. Sharp by coop pics are inbound .. MP
  12. Matthew Parkinson

    multi bar mosaic Damascus Dirk

    A recent commission, the blade is a tiled end grain w's pattern with a 340 layer twist edge, the guard and spaced are also 340 layer Damascus and the pommel is a single tile of the mosaic pattern. there are 7 carnelians set in the hilt and scabbard the handle is cord and leather wrapped and the scabbard felt lined popular with a leather wrap and steel fittings it is set for a left hand carry, as this was ordered as a companion to the falchion I made a few years ago. Like the falchion this is a full take down, and includes a damascus wrench with a damascus skull bead to take it apart. enjoy!
  13. Matthew Parkinson

    feather damascus?

    like that wouldn't cause trouble seriously though this is a really good idea, Like Ric said we are all standing on the shoulders of giants, it is sad that smiths like Don fogg , Darrel Meier, that are no longer active and are fading from memory. There are so many makers that shaped all we do today, that no one seems to remember, some retired, some gone, I find it sad that so few are remembered. MP
  14. Matthew Parkinson

    new blog post

    I have been slightly remiss in writing for my blog , but this one feels important, so http://mpmetal.tumblr.com/post/169907316545/the-calling-and-the-path read on MP
  15. Matthew Parkinson

    Matthew Parkinson

    probably sleep more than i should but thanks dave!