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  1. Getting ready for BLADE SHOW!! Got the last knife finished, sword stands finished,teaching a class this weekend, then I need to make a few sheaths and pack up!! table 21-O



    1. Chris C-S

      Chris C-S

      Pictures or it didn't happen... lol. 

  2. I started this sword last Jan In Peter Johnssons sword class at tannery pond forge in NH. I got is as far as as rough assembly then it sat untill I had time ... well i decided to take the time and get it finished for my table at blade show in june, the blade is a little over 500 layer random pattern damascus of 15n20 and 1080, the furniture is nicely figured wrought and I set two 12mm carnelian cabochons in the pommel . the grip is a maple core with cord and leather wraps. the sword is a take down, and is held together with a pommel nut, that is shaped to appear as a peen block. enjoy, and you can check it out in person at table 21-o. Enjoy guys, pro pics to come
  3. From the album Matthew Parkinson

    L6 katana inlaid tsuba bronze fittings
  4. From the album Matthew Parkinson

    type 15 sword 1075 blade 1045 fittings
  5. From the album Matthew Parkinson

    15n20/1080 damascus blade steel fittings inlaied in silver copper and bronze with amber
  6. From the album Matthew Parkinson

    JS knife of the year 2017
  7. From the album Matthew Parkinson

    Passing ABS JS test test
  8. From the album Matthew Parkinson

    viking in 1080/15n20 with silver inlaid steel fittings
  9. From the album Matthew Parkinson

    end grain crushed W's damascus stainless damascus bolster burl
  10. From the album Matthew Parkinson

    chef in 1080/15n20 damacsuc burl and bronze
  11. From the album Matthew Parkinson

    katana take down
  12. I like Salem had a momentary thought of getting in touch and moving to NV, then the responsibility's of life intruded on my thoughts. but it comes to my mind you might be looking for the wrong thing. it sounds like you are looking for a blank slate, perhaps that is not the thing you need, more someone that has move far enough along the path to truly grasp what you are offering. I hope that you can find that person or that they find you. MP
  13. spend all day finishing a folder ... only to destroy the burl in the last ten min.. and starting over ... should have just finished up the other ten knives i wanted done for the show ..


    1. Dave Stephens

      Dave Stephens

      Didn't know you made folders! Not a lot of smiths make swords and folders. Nice range, man.

    2. Matthew Parkinson

      Matthew Parkinson

      just started messing about with them again, I made them years ago, but did not have the equipment of skill to make them well or quickly , not i do so i am revisting.

  14. How did I miss this thread! Wonderful set, Peter. MP
  15. I was asked if i would donate a knife to knife rights at the NYCKS , so I did and here it is. http://us.kniferights.org/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=179&Itemid=1 the blade is a 9 square serpent with laddered twisted w's for edge and spine, the handle and stand is stablized spalted maple. the Ws bar is from the same bar as the ABS JS knife of the year I made last Nov. MP