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  1. could be a case hardened hammer, and you are below the case. not sure what you did to it before hardening.. it could also be Decarb on the surface, grind in 0.010-0.020 and check the hardness again.
  2. There is a great deal more constraint in the design process, in a lot of way this makes things easier, the parameters are set and I just need to fill in the blanks. the geometry its self is nice and something I need to learn more about, using proportion and nothing but a compass and straight edge to design is fun. This method is not one that works with everything, (peter is very clear on that as well ) it really only applies to (please correct me if i am wrong Peter) 13th-16th swords and even then from a fairly narrow geographic area. MP
  3. I spent last week at tannery pond forge in NH for Peter Johnsons sword class this is the result. A type XV sword designed based on Peters theory of geometric proportions. the blade is 1075 the fittings are 1045 the blade is 29" MP
  4. I forge them in off center, and just guess at how far. works most of the time. Jeroen's method looks like a good idea and i will try that next one I forge. you can also skil the notches in the forging and just forge a taper that is them notched on the grinder or with a file. MP
  5. A retreat into Abby of geometric design .. a week to cleanse my soul and refresh my spirit .. and egsithaust the rest of me ..

  6. hi all I'll be headed to AZ in Feb to do this one day pattern welding demo and a two day chef knife class, anyone in the area should check it out!
  7. new year new projects.

  8. So the idea is to post a pic of the best few pieces you finished last year. I am going to do mine in order, of when i finished them. first up is this viking sword with silver inlaid fittings, finished around Jan-feb next up is my JS test set ... i know not one piece but hey I am proud of them ..finished in May e type viking single edge sword with steel fittings inlayed in silver brass an copper, and set with Amber. Finished in sept. crushed w's end grain chef with stainless steel damascus bolster and stablized maple burl handle.finished in Nov dagger of crushed W's Damascus curly ma
  9. I will not confirm nor deny that the choice of the dagger was to signal anything of the sort... that said i am planning on testing as soon as i am eligible, (2018 i think) and I am all ready brain storming the dagger. MP
  10. thanks for the great questions guys, I'll leave this open until tomorrow if anyone has any more questions. close up of the pommel MP
  11. yup steel hates me and must be beaten into submiting ...

    1. Wesley Alberson

      Wesley Alberson

      Then it crumbles and both of us lose!

  12. I put my name in the hat and was chosen to make the JS knife of the year. I finished the knife and tried to film a short video explaining what I had made and realized I have no idea what to say. So to steal a page from Keven Cashens playbook I figured I would ask you all. what do you all want to know about the knife? what questions do you have for me. MP
  13. after the first blade died (bad weld) I am finishing up the second the fittings are all crushed w's showing end grain pattern. the same bar as the blade. I at this point have all of the rough fit up finished, aliment pins in place and just need do a bit more with the fit up on the pommel. I am glad i made up a second blade as a back up, the first the patterned had gone weird and i wasn't sure i was going to use it .. then it died..
  14. hubris .. realizing that steel hates us ... I guess it has the right to we do burn it and hit it with hammers.

    1. Dave Stephens

      Dave Stephens

      I grew up on a fishing boat, my dad had a saying: The Sea will always get in and find out what you did wrong. I think steel is like the sea in this regard.


  15. you can darken in instant coffee.I etch for topography, then scrub all the oxides off with baking soda. once the blade is clean I soak in the coffee fore a hour or two, (large costco sized container to about a gallon of water and skim off the oils)
  16. Thanks guys, the show has all ready gone very well for me, I had to have someone cover my table for me today as it is my son's 4th birthday. I sold this guy along with a bunch of other knives,already so anything that gets sold today is pure gravy. MP
  17. just got these pics back from Coop. First up is a lowish layer ladder (about 80 layers.) mix is 15n20/1080/8670, bolster is silicon bronze as is the pin, the wood is stabilized spalted maple burl. this knife was made for the Adirondack Folk School in Lake Luzerne NY they will be raffling this knife off in support of the school. they have a lovely shop and have been extremely supportive of blacksmiting/bladesmithing instruction, and i know they have some incredible classes on the roster for next year. Next up is a chef in an end grain crushed W's pattern, (not entirely sure what to ca
  18. allmost as many bladesmiths as there are chefs ... i think they will be good for a few more seasons... the challenges on the other hand ... they do not seem to be going in the direction I was hoping for.. I wanted to see skill tested, ask they to forge odd shapes or profiles. I mean I would be impressed with a T back Kard in 3 hours! the forge welding challenges are a step in the right direction, but all this reliance on junk is not..
  19. scale would be nice.... not going to happen but would be nice..
  20. a large radius on the far side of the anvil may have be due to wear from sledge hammer use, this wear is then dressed as a ever increasing radius. MP
  21. I LOVE the firestorms ceramic from preferred abrasives . best belts i have ever used hands down. MP
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