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  1. I had a moment yesterday when i finished a very complext billet and was struck by how far I have come ..

    1. Caleb Harris

      Caleb Harris

      Gives a good bit of hope to us upcoming guys

    2. Richard Furrer

      Richard Furrer

      I was struck two weeks ago at how far I have yet to go.


    3. Matthew Parkinson

      Matthew Parkinson

      that was the next day when I screwed up ...

  2. check out this page , Steve has a couple of good tutorials on slip joints. as far as what you are asking there are a few different ways to deal with it , how you did it being one way. you can also pre-bend and load the spring or shift the pivot hole up, http://www.culverart.com/Tutorials.htm
  3. I attained my JS rating last june at bladeshow, for my sins I was picked to make the JS knife of the year for the ABS, this knife will for auctioned off at blade to support the ABS and its programs. (I did put my name in the hat for it .. ) so i started a BIG billet of Damascus to make it from ... really i dont need even half that much steel for what i have in mind but with the Nazel it is just as wast to weld up BIG billets then cut them up and break them dawn as it is to do smaller , and it is more fun!!!! this is 21 layers of 15n20 and 1080 and the billet was around 2"/4 1/2"/7" (forgot to
  4. The desk knife is an integral is about a 4" blade of 8670/1095 Damascus with a moose antler handle. The meat carving knife has a 8" blade of 8670/1095 Damascus with Koa and bronze
  5. I give you the Eagle Lord The Eagle By Alfred, Lord Tennyson He clasps the crag with crooked hands; Close to the sun in lonely lands, Ring'd with the azure world, he stands. The wrinkled sea beneath him crawls; He watches from his mountain walls, And like a thunderbolt he falls. I had the sword at Ashoken,so some of you have may have handled this one but at the time the scabbard was not yet made. the blade is a 6 bar composite, of 15n20 and 1018/ and 1095 steel. the fittings are steel inlayed in brass ,copper and fine silver, the grip is oak with cord then leather wrap. The scabbard is po
  6. yes ,it will stain other woods. I had some Koa do that on a run recently . MP
  7. Need to finish a sword, tsuba set , and repirs on a friend powerhammer .... why is is all i want to do is make a folding knife!!!

  8. The Viking sword book is very good it is published by Lee Jones, a very nice gentleman that really knows swords. I like sword in Anglo-Saxon England, it is mostly context but I found it interesting and helpful from that side.
  9. great work!!! how are you doing the rivets is there a rivet block or washer? MP
  10. On my new pargon kiln that should be in a few weeks I ordered the gas injector option, i can flood the interior with argon or nitrogen and not need to worry about foil. the option was around $250, and i know they sell a retro fit kit. MP
  11. Glad i could be there to see it ignited ! well earned my friend! MP
  12. It is that time of year again when we smiths of Dragon's Breath Forge turn out thoughts to holding our annual hammer-in,so i am happy to announce this year will be the Fourth Annual "Swords Through the Centuries" Hammer-In! This year we will be looking to the East, both Near and Far, with demos ranging from Indian Wootz battle axe to traditional filipino knives and the making of Japanese katanas. Cost is $30 (food not included) and we ask that you preregister at Info@fallinghammerproductions.com. Come join us for a weekend of forging, education, and fun! The demonstrators this year are
  13. wow... that is just awful... you will be missed but by all means your health must come first!!! MP
  14. This is my living, I love commissions. I like to know where my next meal is coming from. I have found that there are a few things that will make things go easier. 1ST be clear and up front in all dealings, if the customer wants something you do not think is a good idea, tell them, explain why (in writing) if they are still adamant either refuse the commission or tell them you will do it but the result is on them. 2nd Deposits,,, take them. i will either do 50% up front remainder on completion or on larger longer commissions, a third up front third after the blade is through heat treating a
  15. I got conformation last night from Dan that i will be doing a short forging intro class during open forge time, it looks like if will be by sign up and limited to 4 people, if there is enough interest I may do it both nights, or do two sessions on sat, sort of a play it by ear thing. I will also have tongs for sale as well as Rockwell chisels and bunch other stuff to tailgate. Hoping to have a single edged viking sword finished up, I started on the inlay yesterday, but I have a bunch of other stuff that needs doing, and am away this weekend so...
  16. agreed I on the Gfex at 80+ deg, the blade bond stuff I have been heating in the microwave for 5-10 sec and then pouring ,(on the advice of the manufacture) it works really well but shortens the pot life considerably. so i use the Gflex when i need a longer pot life. the hidden tang formula they sent me poured more like a thick oil and set up strong!!!! comparable to Gfex in fact , the only down side with that one was a 2-1 mix ratio.. that reminds me i need to get in touch with them and get more of that stuff.. MP
  17. I've been using the G-flex and the old standby devcon 2 ton, I tried the bladebond and was very impressed, my only complaint is it is very thick mix and is tough to use on hidden tangs, but will probably switch to it when i am out of Gflex the blade bond folks sent me a sample of a hidden tang epoxy they were experimenting with that i really liked but i don't think is available yet. MP
  18. Owen great point, sometimes best is the enemy of the good.
  19. Jerrod I am going to disagree with you on that. The magnet is extremely useful as a fixed point reference that is unaffected by light. In practice for a simple steel like 1084 quenching from 1400 will get reasonable hardness not full solution or hardness but reasonable. Ad to that the fact the most over shoot the temp in any case and 1450-1500 in 1084 will get full hardness. A magnet is also extremely useful in finding the lower transformation point as it lines up reasonably well with the return to magnetic. In practice for the thermo cycleing heating to just nonmagnetic and air cooling to r
  20. <iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.history.com/embed/728737859588"frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> http://www.history.com/shows/forged-in-fire/videos/season-3-preview?playlist_slug=forged-in-fire-season-3-preview-list more thant a few familiar faces from on here in the first episode. MP
  21. I just got word my champions episode of Forged In Fire will aire Aug 23.... watch me allmost die it will be fun

    1. Adam Kalloch

      Adam Kalloch

      Looking forward to it!

      The episode.. Not the whole near death part..

    2. Caleb Harris

      Caleb Harris

      But did you win? XD

    3. Jason McEntee

      Jason McEntee

      Can't wait, hope you won again!

  22. the judging standards all being in one place is a bit of a problem right now. I do know that it is being looked into and hopefully will be updated latter this year. there are several additional rules that have been added to the original list of requirements, these include the two 6"+ knives, and that every knife must have a metal bolster or guard. there are a lot of unwritten guide lines that are floating around, and different judges have different opinions as to what should be made. length of riccosso height and angle of the choil location and shape of the plunges, all of the requirements f
  23. I normally just glue them in place and form the leather over the top a bit, I have also used the attachment screw for the frog button to hold it on, but this requires a lot of pre-planing as well as lining the neck of the sheath to prevent the screw head from scratching the blade. the second option isn't always possible depending on the thickness of the blade thickness of the leather etc. MP
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