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  1. I typed out a long reply on my phone and just lost it.. I just passed 7-7 with two knives that did not have riccosso. that said practically You will need at least two that do have that form of construction, the judges want to see that you have control over your process, that you can make what you intend to make. you could pass with out a riccosso but your knives would need to be perfect every one of them. Most of the judges I spoke with prefer to see variety on the table to see that the maker has range and skill beyond one knife style.
  2. that is great, has the feel of being historical even if there is no reference for it .
  3. a good trick Jim Crowell told me, I use this one on just about every knife now. use paste wax to clean up excess epoxy. glue up as normal then after everything is clamped take a generous dab of past wax (I like jonhsons but any of them seem to work ) and rub it every when there is epoxy. rub it all over then just whip it all off. if you miss any it general wont stick or set up fully especially if you pre wax areas that you don want the epoxy to stick. (ie around the clamps)
  4. We switched over to Preferred Abrasives out of Ohio the firestorm belts are hands down the BEST belts I have ever used. In coarse grit they are better than cubitrons or blaze out lasting 2-1.
  5. lets see Anvil 450LB haybud..and a big searobin, we currently have the haybud as well as 13 other anvils ranging from 125lb-308lb Power hammer- Nazel 3b or 4B (currently have a 4B) and 2B.(50K saymak currently) or the equivalent Massy.. Grinder - three TW90's with all the attachments .and a couple of spacesavers .. curently have one KMG 2PH variable speed a 2HP BII bador a 2hp BIII bador and a 1.5HP variable speed Bador as well as a spacesaver and a 5hp homebuilt 3/132" welder. - Miller sincrowave Tig, we currently have several millers two TIG's two MIG's and a couple of small inverte
  6. it is this weekend 7/15-7/17 who all is going? I am going and will be competing in the battle of the bladesmiths again. I have a few fun items i am donating to the auction this year as well. looking forward to a great weekend!http://www.americanbladesmith.com/index.php?section=events&subsection=show_events_details&events_id=32 MP
  7. in respect to how thin.. I have found it is a bit of a ratio, the thickness the edge can be Vs the thickness or the spine as well as the overall cross section . IE a chef knife at 0.090 spine can be 0.007 might be fine but a hollow ground hunter with a 0.125 spine and a 0.020 edge will ripple and warp all to hell as the edge heats. the rule of thumb of the thickness of dime at the edge is in general a pretty guide line for most flat ground blades as that thickness some warping can even be ground out. MP
  8. the shape and depth of the fire will need to be adjusted for larger work, build the fire up a bit let it coke up and try for a "cave , make sure you have enough burning coke BELLOW the work to burn off all the O2, and have plenty of coke above to insulate and block O2 from the top. same for a charcoal fire just deeper and most likely you would need firebricks to support the deeper fire. MP
  9. I do all my grinding post heat treat on chefs. as said fresh belts run slow and cool frequently. I have found the firestorm belts from preferred abrasives to be the longest lasting coolest cutting belts I have ever used. I get double the life from them compared to cubitron II or blazes. MP
  10. congrats on the beard ben! well deserved awesome sword !!!
  11. Good to see you posting on here Ben! I definitely smell smoke!
  12. I made this for the JD build off last year and took second I also took best in show at the Mystic CT NCCA knife show with this sword. I wanted it on the table at bladeshow so haven't been pushing it for sale but it is time to let it go now so.. $3000 and I'll include US shipping. 5 bar composite blade with Damascus fittings set with three carnelians and a wood cored leather wrapped handle, full take down and includes a Damascus wrench to disassemble the sword.
  13. I have this pair of seaxs available, both are 15n20 and 1080 with moose antler and stabilized sycamore the smaller seax i am asking $400 the larger seax i am asking $650 I will include US shipping MP
  14. low temp anneal soak at 1200 or so for 15-20 min should be good to go. if you got a lot of carbide formation harden it first then soak at 1200. MP
  15. Love the file work on the guard JD
  16. some of those claims are a very large stretch... and have as little or less evidence as what she is arguing against ... the claim that two swords marked differently using different techniques in vastly different materials are some how the same... because pagan ritual.. seems a stretch. I want to see more evidence on this, but my first instinct is most of this is a leap. MP
  17. correct me if i am wrong, but it is my understanding that forging, making of sword blades was a highly specialized trade, with only a few centers of production. I would expect in a shop designed only for the production one thing that there will be tools not seen in other shops. I would think top an bottom fullers would be used , if even just for clean up. I would think something like what lee has come up with would be a great starting place , to be then thined to final size using fullers or even just working over a stake with a domed hammer. the problem is allmost none of this will show up i
  18. The second signature is Rick Dunkerly, I think the reason so many knives look the same is that is what has passed before and folks are afraid to deviate from that, several MS that have been in the room testing and that tested me told me that one of the things they liked the most in my set what that they were all different and showed a range as well as a control of process. I also made sure that I had three knives that fit with in the "standard" ABS style to show that I can do that style of work and am not limited to my normal style. yes a w1 integral with stag, it is a take down and has a P
  19. I tested for Journeyman smith rating at the blade show, and passed!!! I have been a pro knife and sword maker for 15 years but his process did more to challenge and advance my skill than anything else I have ever done. I am a far batter maker now than when I started this. I had coop take some Pro pic of my set and will post them when i get them back but for now this is a photo of my judging display as well one of me receiving my "stamp". the ABS is not for every one but the act of testing your self against at imposed standard is worth doing. I will never be sorry I took the time and effort t
  20. blade will take at least a month to recover from ... I can not wait for next year!!!

    1. Caleb Harris

      Caleb Harris

      Sad I missed it. Hope to be there next year

  21. flying to bladshow in the morning fist time and I am phsyced! table 21J come say HI!

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