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  1. flying out to Atlanta in the morning, first blade show and I am psyched!

  2. from what I was told by Kevin Cashen, there might be some small benefit to quenching after tempering, but no harm done by slow cooling other than taking more time. MP
  3. Lee this is fascinating, i have never thought of doing it this way! I wonder at the thickness, if I understand correctly the bottom of the fuller would end up at 3/16" that is three times as thick as i would expect in the final sword. the high portions of the spine near the tip should be almost half that and I would think forging in the distal taper would wash out the fuller unless done first. Do you think this could be done at half these thicknesses? MP
  4. At a guess they are listing general specs not the batch numbers. 1075 can very quiet a bit in my experance mostly in the manganese content. MP
  5. Try searching the term tempering , that should get you what you are looking for. Heat treating g for knives is three steps normalizing (heat to orange/red let cool) hardening (heat to red/orange quench) and tempering (heating from 250degf-500degf for at least an hour for most blades) the his is the very basics of heat treating a bit of research can get you more detailed info if you are of a mind.
  6. I never used a flatter on blades until started making ABS style knives for my JS test. I found getting the riccosso and the flats of the blade really really flat and even made the grinding go way easier .. still the only time i use one on knives. If I am "on" and take my time I can get there with just the hammer it just isn't as fast or as sure. MP
  7. We have found that to get a good stabilization we need to dry the wood just as much as possible, we leave it in a oven set at 200 Degf for a couple of weeks. then we submerge in cactus juice and pull at least 29Inch 30 is better holding as long as it takes until there is NO bubbles. what ever length of time that it takes until the bubbles stop the wood must soak submerged in the cactus juice for at room pressure, normally 24-36 hours. this is for handle sized blocks of 1 1/4" /1 1/2" /6"ish MP
  8. it is Moose antler. I really like the moose even the pith is solid.
  9. I am trying to get ready for my first ever table at Blade Show.(table 21J) I had the blades for these sitting around for some time and took a bit of time to finish them up. first is a copy of my first and second round knife from Forged in fire. done in about the same time with about the same level of fit and finish, along with a kentish notch seax in stabilized black wallnut and copper. the next part are a small hand seax and a long fighting seax. both in moose antler and stabilized sycamore.
  10. stress.. i live on stress .. or coffee... or sandpaper... ok so it is stress coffee sandpaper and advil...

    1. Wes Detrick

      Wes Detrick

      Come to Washington. We have coffee everywhere. It's like a small miracle.

    2. Jerrod Miller

      Jerrod Miller

      And if you come to the east side of the state there is less stress.

  11. 57 is a bit low for a chef in my exuberance, mine are 60RC or so and that seems to be the general standard among high end chef knife makers so going as high as 61-62RC. I have never had any issues with my pattern weld getting less hard than the equivalent materials.I think your lower hardness is more due to the normalizing. when steel has been over normalized the carbon can have a hard time coming into solution resulting in lower hardness, in some steels it can result in a lot of fine iron carbide or graphite with in the matrix. you might gain some toughness but I would rather temper back to
  12. thin blades warp... that is one reason I have gone to heat treating before grinding, and doing a interrupted quench as they can warp even then. my normalizing schedule for that mix is 1650 1550 1450 and forge to shape using reducing temp heats. over normalizing can affect hardenablity. MP
  13. most of us don't have the means to fight something like this (being blacksmiths and by definition somewhat poor) in court. so most of us are going to be forced to just drop it. I think he knows that an is counting on it to help prove he is "vigorously defending" his clam. pretty shady. I dont so al lot of that , but from now on I will refer to it by its german name Drie Schichten and boy is that more fun to say!! https://translate.google.com/?biw=1708&bih=794&bav=on.2,or.&bvm=bv.121070826,d.eWE&um=1&ie=UTF-8&hl=en&client=tw-ob#auto/de/three%20layers MP
  14. It seems it is true I know for a fact that Gabe Bell got one and I think a few other guys did as well. Not sure what they are playing at.
  15. Sucks .. He will be missed...
  16. yup whole lot of wrong on that show... to bad as it looks like he does good work
  17. I spent the first 18 years or so of my career fighting tooth and nail against joining the ABS. then three years ago I realized I was doing my self a disservice. my reasons at first had to do with expanding my knife making sales, by getting my stamps as well as increasing my ability to teach and eventily being able to teach at the ABS schools. I had met several MS over prevous few years that gave me hope of solving a lot of the issues I have/had with the ABS folks like Kevin Cashen, who are working to dispel the BS and fighting to make the ABS what it has the potential to be . Once I did j
  18. thanks guys. we should totally take over a section of the knife show at ashoken this year, either forumites or burning beards .. or both MP
  19. If i remember right the Charpy numbers we have For l6 has two tests one oil one air quenched .. And I forgot toblook fornutntoday sorry about that
  20. I'll need to check my books later but we have the Charpy test results around. There is two things that I do remember, 1st L6 is not soft brittle (blue brittle) so you can just up the temper to increase toughness unlike most steels. 2nd the Charpy number was only beaten by S7 and was significantly higher than just about everything else.
  21. Kevin .. I am very touched by that, Thank you. You are more than welcome in our shop when ever. (I won't even make you sweep the floor)
  22. I just go these back from coop. enjoy! the dirk the 1084 with bronze and walnut furniture the hunter is 1 5 bar 25 layer damascus blade in 1095/15n20 with a 85 layer damascus guard in 8670/1080 and a stableized maple burn handle with a silver pin the Falchion is from last Oct, but his was the fist opportunity I had to get it photographed. multi bar blade,damascus fittings with Carnelian and a leather and cord wrapped wood grip MP
  23. I do the same as Dave , when needing the fitbto be tightbi make thebdrift slightly undersized then file/chisle the fit in. I wonder on those tight fits Peter showed if they were drifter close then cold punched tight, removed and whitesmithed ..
  24. So many things that are just dead wrong in the preveiw of Iron and Fire .. guy is skilled and it is nice to see well finished work from a smith that isn't using powertools but...dude.. quenching due north really? REALLY? I thought we left that stuff back 10 years ago ..

    1. Daniel J. Luevano

      Daniel J. Luevano

      I think they miss quoted him on the whole damascus is better than normal steel bit, it sorta sounded like he meant it by back before we had such high quality steel. Though I do admit that the show sorta seems super staged and like they're trying to do a duck dynasty type of thing with it

    2. James R.Fuller

      James R.Fuller

      I loved his simulated armor test... It was impressive watching him accomplish something with a sharp and pointy knife that he could manage to do with a pair of scissors...

    3. Riggertrey


      It's all scripted. I've worked on several "reality," shows and not a single thing is unplanned or rehearsed. Got to keep the watcher entertained. Fun to watch and see what they screw up on.

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  25. as far as I know none of the cold roll is A36 , I was told the inconsistency in the alloy destroys the rollers .. at least that is what i was told. in any case when I order from my steel supplier all cold roll is 1018 and all hot roll is "structural steel " (aka A36) but then I haven't bought steel at a hardware store in 20 years. MP
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