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    Spending time with my wife, physical fitness, Paleo ways of eating, hunting-mostly archery, bladesmithing, leather tooling and Blackberry Smoke.
  1. Eddie Eggleston

    Bowie ´´DROGONS EYES´´

  2. Eddie Eggleston

    Good pics of new(ish) stuff

    killer Geoff! Eddie
  3. Eddie Eggleston

    tie rod material

    Thanks Alan. Will do. Eddie
  4. Eddie Eggleston

    tie rod material

    Does anyone know what tie rod material is made of. Not the cast end piece but the rod itself? I just redid the front end on my truck and have few old pieces. seems hard enough. Not sure how to treat. Any info is appreciated. Thanks Eddie
  5. Eddie Eggleston

    Clan Crest Sgian Dubh

    im not even educated enough to comment on such a intricate piece. it looks awesome to me. thats all i know. Eddie
  6. Eddie Eggleston

    Fighter remodel

    Such craftsmanship. very nice. Eddie
  7. Eddie Eggleston

    A most hideous knife.

    i like it. for what its worth. I think it looks cool!. I've been considering the manual damascus process myself. you have inspired me to give it a try......mmmmmmaybe. Eddie
  8. Eddie Eggleston

    Weston Camp Seax

    very cool! Eddie
  9. Eddie Eggleston

    My life in Bastrop,TX (not knife related)

    I have lived and worked all around that area. Worked a couple jobs at the LCRA power plant also. Great people, good food, just an all around good area of Texas. Great pics by the way. Eddie
  10. Eddie Eggleston

    WP 20140317 18 03 56 Pro

  11. Eddie Eggleston

    Rasp and Desert Ironwood

    Thanks for compliments guys. Eddie
  12. Eddie Eggleston

    Kelso bucket-list (not kicking yet)

    you are an artist. that's all i can say.
  13. Eddie Eggleston

    Rasp and Desert Ironwood

    Well i wasn't able to get a photo of the owner, Billy Gibbons, with the knife yet but i did get a group shot with him. Left to right, Brit Turner -Blackberry Smoke drummer, Billy Gibbons - ZZ TOP! my wife connie and me. Was a great experience. Thanks for looking Eddie
  14. Eddie Eggleston

    Light from Within

    wow.... Eddie