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  1. Send me an email to bigrockforge(at)gmail.com if you become more serious Brian. As people sign up I can arrange car pooling if it works out. People come up to my place all the time from Indiana and Illinois. Hope you can make it to Shards Collin...
  2. HI folks... This April I will be hosting Jay Haavik for a 5 day course held at my shop in Northern Wisconsin. This is an awesome opportunity because A. Jay's work is phenomenal and B. It is very inexpensive due to it being subsidized by a Scandinavian heritage group. There is an event page on Facebook that you can check out: https://www.facebook.com/events/396198907396835/
  3. Well this past weekend was an astounding success with an incredible gathering of talented folks. It was a pleasure meeting Janel Jacobsen and seeing her work in person.. as well as many other extraordinary people. We successfully smelted copper, made a big steely bloom from ore and pit fired Anglo-Saxon/Viking age pottery. I will try to get more pictures on here soon.. but in the meantime here is this: https://www.facebook.com/ScottRoushBladesmith/posts/10207721374251524 And check out this blog post by one of the participants. This really captures a special element of what I'm trying
  4. Also.. t-shirts for this year can be ordered here: https://www.customink.com/g/khs0-00aj-uk18
  5. Hey folks.. Shards is getting closer. We've added Anglo-Saxon pottery pit firing to the agenda (Friday morning pot making with pit firing Saturday evening). Janel Jacobsen is still on the roster. We will also have John Overby set up doing wonderful Scandinavian style flat plane carving. A local fellow I've just had the pleasure to meet. Please contact me if you are interested in this event. I'm doing tickets for the event online this year to make it easier. As an encouragement to use this I'm selling 'early bird' tickets at a reduced cost @$30. $50 at the event. https://www.ev
  6. Thanks for the note John... Can't wait. If anybody else on this forum who thinks they might come and doesn't use the Facebook page... please drop a note here. It's time to start getting an estimate of attendance ....
  7. Hi Jim.. Yes.. so excited. I've been irreversibly changed ever since seeing Janel's work.. especially the stuff she does in unstained boxwood. The life she can put into a relatively homogenous material is .. mind blowing. Her and I have been corresponding for a bit and I'm so glad she has agreed to do this...
  8. Well it looks like I'm clear to go... very excited.
  9. Consulting with my 'event planner'... hope, hope, hoping.
  10. Got mine.. haven't had a chance to read in detail... but from the images and the details on the museum swords: What a gift to swordsmiths Peter...
  11. Sure thing.. can't wait to get it. I have some projects coming up that will likely benefit from this knowledge. I wonder if somebody could convince Battle Merchant to acquire more copies???
  12. I guess I got lucky. I wonder if my post lead to the sell out!? I haven't gotten mine yet.. so I shouldn't feel too smug.
  13. Hi folks.. it's been in the works for quite some time but I'm finally getting set up for teaching at my shop in Northern Wisconsin. I just had my first 'pilot' class in basic knife making and there is now an official one on schedule associated with the local folks school Lost Creek Adventures. Here is the information on this class which is scheduled for Apr 9-10 http://www.lostcreekadventures.org/onedge Also.. here are some links with general information (still in the works) for my classes and lessons: http://www.bigrockforge.com/workshops/ http://www.bigrockforge.com/less
  14. Yeah all seems legitimate. I wasn't sure if there was an english version AND a german version and they got right back to me with the answer (didn't see that it was bi-lingual). So.. excited to get this. Interesting that a company like this would have copies.. makes me wonder if the owner attended the event and just decided to pick up a few for sale...
  15. I may make one with lumps at some point. :-)
  16. Jeez Owen.. I never saw this. NO.. I've still been having issues with the deformity.. but I've managed to learn to solve it in forging afterwards.. But I will have to try it at a lower heat.... Thank you!!!
  17. Nate I have a hot slit for my press I made from H13. In one or two heats I can open up 1 inch square (or bigger) enough to get my drift in to complete the eye. This has greatly facilitated my axe making. I haven't taken advantage of it.. but I could make a basic hammer in no time with that set up. The trick is having 'stripper' that you can slide between the work piece and the die so that on the return stroke the piece gets knocked off. If you are coming to Shards I can show you. Or will try to get some pictures soon. Although I'm sure Owen has it down to a science...
  18. nice cutter you have there. I love leather wraps on knives like that... Nice package.
  19. T Thanks Wes. Well I have to admit.. in a very humbling way.. that my own interest in jians came with the Green Destiny sword of 'Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon'. I still love that movie and I love watching the graceful 'Wushu' style swordsmanship with those flimsy blades. But I've since learned about a whole new world in this genre... and it does not include flimsy blades. :-)
  20. Wow Kevin... great thread! will have to be in touch with you on your twisto-matic. I have some composite pw projects coming. Will have to decide if I should make something more 'mechanical' for my twisting. Anyway.. looking forward to seeing it all together.
  21. Hmmm.. I hope I haven't made a mistake or have been scammed somehow.. But I did just order the catalog through this website: https://www.battlemerchant.com/ I did get stung with $38 shipping.. which seems steep. But at least it seems as if this book is coming my way? I can only hope.. :-)
  22. Wow.. things have changed since then. I now have other alloys of copper that I prefer. Shibuicihi.. or even just adding a tad of lead. The color of leaded bronze is one of my favorites actually...
  23. I also tried this! Must be the Swedish steel in those files of his. :-) I just can't get the files to work well for very long. I only try this with hardware store files as I don't want to ruin my good industrial quality files by bending in forge and re-heat treating.
  24. Yes I do this too. In this case I used a wider half-round file that I bent. But.. the teeth just didn't last long. I suppose I should anneal next time. The main fuller is just an awkward size for my tooling. I think I have a good plan now though.. I think it will help to forge a portion of the depth with some of the ideas I got here and then finish with die grinder followed by scraping and then to sand paper...
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