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  1. Hey guys, here is a recently completed blade I built for Williams Blade Design. This one is a 12" blade, Unokubi Zukuri tanto in CPM 3V. It is based on a traditional, although not extremely common blade style. It is similar to a Kanmuri Otashi style blade, but it leaves more steel to reinforce the tip. Here is a pretty decent chart showing the different styles. James does't typically have tsuba on on his designs, so this one features a low profile turks knot "guard". It's small enough to act as a hand stop, but not so much it makes the profile to thick. Here is the finished blade. Here is James cutting a tanto size tatami mat..... And finally a sword size mat... Needless to say I am quite pleased with the performance.
  2. This weekend! Come on down. The OKCA knife show is coming up in Eugene OR this weekend. The show is starting to get even better over the last few years with lots of great west coast and other makers making a strong showing. OKCA April 8-9th 2017 Eugene OR http://www.oregonknifeclub.org/shows.html Here are few pieces I will have on my table for the weekend. If you are maker and have a table, please feel free to post what you are bringing.
  3. Hey guys, I was inspired by all of the cool Maringer pieces I've seen online lately to try and build my version. I went old school with flared brass tubes and green micarta scales. The 8.75" blade is of course 3V with my high performance heat treat. It balances perfectly at the ricasso. The sheath is a front exit similar to the originals, and can be carried with a shoulder rig or works equally well on the belt. I have never had the pleasure of holding a Maringer vorpal, so it is kind of cool to get to play with my version of one. If I get Tom's blessing, I may make a few more of these. Showing the sheath, it would need a proper shoulder rig if carried this way, this is with simple sling. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N9sWLxz3W3Q
  4. Hey guys, I figured I would start a thread specifically for this blade, even though I showed some of the build in the M3 trench knife thread here..... http://www.bladeforums.com/forums/showthread.php/1449664-M3-Trench-knife-(Work-in-progress) I should mention that this is my first true dagger. This knife is inspired by many of the daggers of that era. The blade is thick CPM 3v with a full length fuller. It features a zirc guard and butt plate, while the spike is 416ss which is more functional for striking. The handle is Stacked natural micarta to simulate stacked leather. I think it looks pretty slick. The sheath also has a bit of an old school feel. With the full handle length belt loop and the Randall style para cord retention. I modernized it by making it Molle Lok compatible and dressed it up with a some really shark skin in the tip. Overall I am very pleased with it. I hope you enjoy the pics!
  5. Hey guys! So I've been on kind of an old school kick lately, looking at a lot of cutlass, military and especially WWII blades. This is my version of a trench knife. The 9.5" blade is CPM 3V with a large fuller to help balance it out. The guard is wrought iron and the handle is some of my vintage black micarta (from the 60's). I really don't a lot of sculpted hidden tangs, partly because there are so many makers that just nail them, and partly because I am focused on other styles. This is only my third one probably. The sheath is also an old school style, but I also made it capable of being mounted with a Tek Lok or molle lok. It is all hand stitched, dyed and waxed. Pretty pleased with the whole package.
  6. Thanks so much guys! Really enjoyed this build.
  7. I recently saw a rough forged cutlass that Michael Quesenberry made on IG. It got my creative juices flowing to build a super curvy hybrid blade cutlass. :cool: The CPM3v blade is is right at 17.5" long. It has hand ground wide fullers which are very traditional on a cutlass like this. The bevels are convex down to a zero edge. The guard and menuki are blackened wrought iron. I wanted them to look like they were a couple hundred years old, I think I achieved that nicely. Pretty happy with it and I hope to revisit this style soon. This thing wants to chop and slice, hopefully the new owner puts it through it's paces!
  8. Hey guys I just finished one of my 3V kwaikens and it is now up for grabs. This one has the classic Harstfield style cotton cord underwrap and turks knot. I offer these in either chisel or double ground. This particular one has double grind. I grind these down to a near zero edge and put a small micro bevel on it. This aids in edge durability and also ease of sharpening.This knife is razor sharp and the point is like a needle. This is my Kraiken model, which has lots of built in sori. Here is a video explaining the knife design and sheath benefits. This particular one is .210" CPM 3v with a double grind down to a razor sharp edge and point. The sheath is Aluminum, wrapped in gorgeous Elephant hide and lined with kevlar. The "sageo" adds grip when tucked in your belt, and also extends to act as a static cord. I have been carrying and using a tanto style pocket knife for over ten years straight. When I say "tanto" I am really referring to the grind style as that is what it is generally know as here. The utility nature of the tanto blade shape I think is underrated and often misunderstood. The angled front edge works awesome for scraping, much like a chisel. And the secondary point where the bevels meet means the blade cuts deeply on a pull cut or stab. The grind also reinforces the tip for piercing. These are designed as a hard use utility/fighting knife. Here are the specs. OAL - 9 7/8" Blade - 4 3/4" Double ground Steel - .210" CPM 3v with proper HT done by myself including LN cryo. My HT benefits not only fine edge stability but also increases corrosion resistance to near stainless levels. Handle - Cotton under wrap and turks knot, tsuka ito wrap. Epoxy soaked with marine grade G/flex epoxy for durability. Sheath - Hartsfield style aluminum sheath with Elephant leather overwrap and kevlar lining. Price - $625 + $15 Priority shipping. Paypal or postal money order preferred Please check out my website and let me know if you would like to order something. My books are currently open. http://www.brtbladeworks.com/
  9. Hey guys, I just got in some awesome Antique, made in USA Micarta. Manufactured by Taylor Fibre Co. It is around 50+ years old. This is 1" thick black canvas Micarta. It has a very cool/unique edge grain compared to modern Micarta. It has alternating straight and wavy lines. It would be cool sliced on the edge for slip joints and folders as well. I am going to be cutting this up into 2" x 5" blocks and selling some of it. When it's gone, it's gone. Specs 2" x 5" x 1" thick price - $40 a block Shipping - flat rate shipping is $7 for up to 8 blocks Paypal preferred bentendick at gmail.com https://www.paypal.me/BRTBladeworks Sanded and contoured On a knife by Mike Silvey
  10. Hey guys I just finished up this fun collab with Ben Seward. He forged and finished this gorgeous 1075 blade with a killer hamon. I did the handle, which includes some crazy Black timascus. I finished up the package with a Hartsfield style sheath wrapped in some awesome bison hide. I look forward to working with him again!
  11. It's a show in vegas put on by another forum. Do you mean the Seattle show? Most likely I will be going back. The Kelso show, not so much. It is CPM 3V, and stock removal. Thanks JD. I think it is the perfect fusion of art and hard use knife for me and my customers (right now anyway). I always draw up my knives on paper before I get into steel, just works better for me to have a solid starting point. It came out pretty much exactly like my concept drawing. There is always room to improve though. I appreciate the input! Original art in the middle.....
  12. Hey friends! A while back I sat down and wanted to design a new Tanto model. My previous versions have had a straighter profile with a gentler curve to the tip. With this one I was inspired by the tanto master himself Mr. Bob Lum. I am by no means comparing my work to his, but just giving credit where it is due. The Blade is Hand rubbed CPM 3V. It has a nice distal taper in the front 1/2" of the blade and is .290" at the guard. The balance point is right on the ricasso. It feels very quick in hand. The guard is Titanium with a multi anodized/textured finish and the spacer and menuki are hammered copper. I made a nice little copper belt stud for the Bison front, hand stitched sheath. (Pretty happy with these pictures too!) This one will be going with me to the Gathering in Vegas at the beginning of next month. Any and all comments and critiques are welcome. Thanks for looking!
  13. Thanks for the kind words guys!!
  14. Hey guys! I have been pretty busy with orders, so I haven't had much time for new designs. I finally got a chance to make one I have been wanting to do for a while. It's sort of a vest bowie size, but more of fighter. I decided to go rustic with the antique finished 1075 blade and some highly figured wagon wheel wrought iron for the guard. The spacer and menuki are hammered copper. The clip is pretty close to sharp, but not sharpened. The blade has a nice distal taper to the point and is balanced right behind the guard. It feels very lively in hand. The sheath is a sash carry style in hand stitched veg tan leather. Here are the specs. OAL - 10 5/8" Blade - 5 7/8" tip to guard Steel - 1075 with an antique finish Fittings- Hammered copper spacer and menuki (both sides), wrought iron guard (from antique wagon wheel) Handle - Black Ito wrap with hemp underwrap, soaked in Marine grade epoxy for a solid handle with a natural look. Sheath - Hand stitched veg tan leather, IWB/sash carry. Price - $675 + $15 Priority Insured shipping Paypal or postal money order preferred bentendick at gmail.com Thanks for looking!!
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