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  1. Guys it's amazing patterns. My patterns are not interesting. A lot of work waits me so that the effect is satisfactory. Maybe some day. He will be successful.
  2. Yes I have molds to making crucibles. These molds a bit are altered now. Tomorrow I will paste new pics. Yes I don't fire them before using. My earlier crucibles with Kaolin, mullite and graphite. These are fired. Maybe Graphite or mullite was wrong . I don't know. Edit. Last molds: --- Adam
  3. Yes Mark, check with your clay. It was in the recipe Anosov: fire-proof clay. I used kaolin KOC SiO2: 51,5% Al2O3: 34,5% Fe2O3: 0,54% TiO2: 0,54% CaO: 0,08% MgO: 0,12% K2O: 0,63% Na2O: 0,01% Charcoal I mills and sifts on the small sieve. (When I added graphite petal, crucibles cracked) I sift crushed crucibles on the coarser sieve. I mix components, add water and make the thick mass. I dry ready crucibles one week, I don't burn it. --- Adam
  4. I make very simple crucibles. The recipe from the Anosov publication. I mix up kaolin, charcoal and crushed crucibles. Proportions 10-5-5 (part) And they work. :)src="http://forums.dfoggknives.com/public/style_emoticons/default/smile.gif"> --- Adam
  5. Hi Great work Niko. Good luck with continued forging. --- Adam
  6. Hi, I once read that you can melting a wootz ingot two times. The finished ingot, cut about 10 percent of the top and re-melting. Such treatment is to give a better clean. Nice experiment Jan. --- Adam
  7. A lot of good work Jan. I wish successful melting. My last cake with Widmanstätten structure crashed... Thanks, no I am not trained in sheet metal work - I am self-taught
  8. Jan Congratulate beautiful ingot and the successful experiment. I etching top of my ingot and his structure like to Widmanstätten structure. I used graphite - no charcoal powder. I do not know if used graphite was the good quality. The helmet already done, first three photos in progress. I did not make the good photo of the finished helmet. http://img706.imageshack.us/slideshow/webplayer.php?id=dsc00096gj.jpg I make helmets for friends from the team "Bieloboh" sometimes. --- Adam
  9. Jan This seems very well to be planned. I hope that you will take out from the crucible beautiful cake. I made two melting in last week. One unsuccessful, holes inside cake. Furnace not worked well, too low temperature. Second melting seems good, both to run above two hours. I hope that forging will run well. But this in the next week, I have to finish Giermundbu helmet to do. --- Adam
  10. Jan I am planning to use normal welding electrodes, with graphite and longer melting time, about 2-2,5 hours. And one melting 3,5 hours. --- Adam
  11. Hi I hardened the blade in 810°C (oil), and tempered in 240°C I etched in the ferric chloride, the short etching and not wash settlings gave the pretty effect. But after washing off settlings, not well. One melting plans yet this method. --- Adam
  12. Hi Greg I also think that is not completely melt. Not melted metal be carburized , blade should be good. I will do new crucibles and check once again. But longer about 2-2,5 hour of melting. --- Adam
  13. I to be roasting some cakes. But not all. I think this bar has above 1% carbon, maybe 1,5% the spark
  14. Hi I forged ingot and Work went well, no cracks. Ingot no preheated, immediately on the anvil. Start a small hammer 1kg, then a 2,5kg hammer. --- Adam
  15. Jan I do not know composition of concrete Klaas I use waste oil furnace. Yes ingot was still red. Thank you, I'll be forging. I clear the ingot...
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