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  1. Gary LT

    WIP - Sami influenced gift knives

    Thanks Adam, I certainly need to practice more patient. I’ll need to start with a better chisel for sure, so I have some O1 and some W2 that may work well enough. Keep you posted! thanks, Gary LT
  2. Gary LT

    WIP - Sami influenced gift knives

    I am also liking this Adam. I studied Tutorials from Michael Almqvist (phenomenal work), and tried of course. It’s tedious, painstaking work. I might say a sealer applied to the porous area like plain old super glue would work if applied evenly. Then carve and later paint. I like your chisel/tool, as I tried a couple of blade ideas to cut the “v” and make the grooves. This would handle better. Gary LT
  3. Gary LT

    White Out as anti-scale

    Hi Joshua......white out sounds like a great idea. I’ve used Brownells clay and it really needs mixing a lot also after oil quench, really messy cleanup. But it does work for clay hardening-hamon quite well. Here’s an old thread on our site. https://www.bladesmithsforum.com/index.php?/profile/1476-bennett/
  4. Gary LT

    Designing My Next Bowie

    Thank you Gary. Mine is very old and I’ve stingily used it. Bought it from Radio Shack, so I’ll have to look around more I guess. Gary LT
  5. Gary LT

    Designing My Next Bowie

    Gary, May I ask what etchant your using, with ratio of any water to acid, etc.? If you use different etches for different metal, no need to elaborate , just looking for a base. Been using regular Radio Shack etch (chloride, 1 to 4 parts water) and I don’t like the coloring I get. Thank you, Gary LT
  6. Gary LT

    2 more up, (beside SanMai and Anglo)

    Got to do something to get everyone’s attention!!!!!
  7. The smaller knife is stained wood handle with spacers and sealed with TruOil. Blade is 1084. Razor edge of course. Good user. BSF price is $100, paypal only, (PM if interested) The Other is fashioned deer leg tibia, cut and positioned to fit the blade proportionately. It could be detailed more like with a katana wrap in flat braid or maybe wire bound in a cigar band or even peen head studs. (I may do this if not sold ) Blade is W2 steel from Aldo. BSF price is $135, paypal only and PM for details.
  8. Like the Anglo Saxon I have listed you may be interested or know someone who might be also. This one is $175.00 plus usps shipping. Calculated by location. Jimenez wrought (American) with a core of 1095. Forged welded in my ribbon forge, many, many repeated heats to draw this out. Produced a nice distal taper from a 1/4” thick at tang. Triple normalized, quenched in heated oil and then tempered. I am very satisfied with the edge for a thick knife. I like edge hardness in the 60 range or slightly above. I test through hemp, brass rod, 2x4 chop and good ole cardboard, (cardboard will kill a weak edge in a heartbeat). The weight is etched in Muratic this time and in several steps with oxide removal after each. The beauty of wrought is its unknown character and some thing which can be played and appreciated. Handle is bocote wood, sanded to 400, 3 runs of Tru-oil. I usually use solder at thebguard drawn up from the inside but I am working away from my shop these days and went with marine epoxy. Just as effective in sealing and holding but not as pretty! knife is 10 5/8” o/all and 5 3/8” blade. Sheath is 6-7 Oz veg tannned in frontier style. Now I left it unfinished and I am contemplating a distressed dye but we’ll see. I claimed this knife for myself but need to money for surgery. You can also see it on eBay same price PM me for any questions .
  9. I am posting two knives for anyone interested or if you know some one. This one is D2 steel, est RHC 60+, Axis stag heavy, no pith, Buffalo horn, genuine birch bark giving the grip a “cat tongue” feel for grip. sheath is veg tanned 6-7 Oz, with hand formed celtic dragon motif and deco, all hand sewn 10 3/8” o/all with a 5 3/8” blade This one $180 for bladesmithsforum members, but you pay shipping. I will ship your preference. Paypal only and just PM me if you have an interest the knife is also listed on eBay 132786499367 for more pictures Thanks everyone!
  10. Gary LT

    Just completed another puukko.

    Puukko ..... and I get interested. The hardest part is fitting the guard to the rhomboid blade and you’ve nailed it more than once. So whatever your doing, do it often as you are. The grind can get real trick especially if the blade is tapered to the tip and angled narrower in width at the tip. Very hard almost impossible not to have the bevel grind not extend past the blade midline as the get to the tip. Jonas Kallioniemi has this part perfect so I’ve tried to copy his work... with my humbling experience. . super nice and keep posting. Really enjoy your work. Thanks !,
  11. Gary LT

    Hobby Transformer

    Clifford, Great Idea!! Been using my 12 volt charger. This could be more permanent set up. Thank you!
  12. Gary LT

    Hobby Transformer

    I probably know the answer but wondered if any of you electrical gurus think there is a use for this in the shop?
  13. Gary LT

    Osage Orange

    Jon, I just did this one with a rasp from a square pice of Osage, then rotary tool and hand sand. It will turn to a honey color in time, you will be pleased working with this stuff.
  14. Gary LT


    Like everyone else, I bought a few more than I needed. i saw that Harbor Freight had cast steel hammers, bought 3 lb crosspein, wooden handle for $8.75. Damn.....been using ever since. Not a mark on the face. Only had to dress the face and handle to suit me. Gary LT
  15. Gary LT

    Man without a hammer

    I want to thank everyone for replying. The birch bark has a nice utility feel. A 4” remnant from a piece of Aldo’s 1084. I did a salt/hydrogen peroxide treatment on the steel...eeeh didn’t work out as planned. The middle one is W1 steel, (Aldo) with spalted maple. This one feels commando all the way. I did not take it down to a smooth finish, ran out of time. Should have put NS on the pommel, but ran out of stock. Oh well. The step guard knife is wrought over high carbon San Mai. I got it from Ondrej. The handle is Holms Oak with some spalted to it. I was really pleased with the soldering on this one especially. Working on sheaths now and will probably post to sell on EBay. Then make some more! Thank you all again for all your replies. It really means a lot, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. Gary LT