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  1. Frank, this is a unique concept, Kudos! and much appreciated to share. Certainly has a place for folks who want both striker and something with a edge. Gary LT
  2. I am interested as well. Thanks, Gary LT
  3. Lovely little user, nice handles, proportions. Gary LT
  4. This is very good of you to share Joshua. I do decalesence / recalesence but I am sure there are times lighting and eye may have misjudged. Thanks, Gary LT
  5. Thanks Alex, I am leaning to Satanite. I assume it needs to dry out on its own and not be pushed by firing up? I am also thinking of ITC-100. Looking for a reputable supplier of both who would ship combined and on time as I pay prompt. Gary LT
  6. Alex, I like this design as well. I did a rather primitive home made forge years ago and ran my pipe as you are thinking I only did forging at that time and lacked real experience in materials, etc. But it produced a very good even heat in the chamber and little scale. (I also had I pointed toward the back a little, not sure if really necessary though). Now, I am building a new forge myself for forge welding, so I am pleased to see your post. I am also considering the pipe direction as you are because of weight and space. I have the ceramic-wool 2” and trying to decide on KOL or good old Satanite as a coating, maybe even Mizzou (even though it’s called a castable). I want something that will mix well and apply well to the blanket in the beginning and later if I need to patch, etc. I’d like to apply it with a flexible knife/spatula if possible. Any good input is basically what I am rambling about !! Gary LT
  7. Christmas KITH gents: Is there a definite agreement to do a Christmas KITH? I know blacksmith knife was polled the favorite but do we sign up or just make one? I keep looking but maybe I missed the memo? Gary LT
  8. This is Excellent work Chad, especially hammer control and the brazing idea! On a piece of metal, like the chisel, it requires a lot of heats to hand hammer into a shape, (even with my 4 1/2 pounder). So very nice! Thank you for sharing. Gary LT
  9. Brian thank you as you are absolutely correct. I didn’t adjust it enough. The tang area on tear-drop at both the pivot and the spring was very small and I filed very cautiously. I had concerns of losing pressure and therefore snap action and almost did (on closing anyway). As is now, it’s pretty “wicked” handling. I am good with it, finding it handles better than I thought but most folks probably wouldn’t. Your pattern caught my attention immediately at this junction, (speaking more so of the spring pattern) and I want to “copy” it on the next one, as I think you build in a shape more accommodating. (and thank you for being a stand up fella to share this pattern!!) I have three fixed blades in progress right now & another coke bottle in the works. So.....let’s have some fun! Gary LT
  10. Thank you Mike! Peer feedback helps support design ideas moving forward. Gary LT
  11. Thanks Brian, try it. Better grip opening especially if it’s a little stiff. “ Senor Happy Drill” here, accidentally drilled an unplanned hole there fore there is one pin more than planned. (oh well) also got dangerously close to these pins on the edges. Anyway.......it weeeel work!!!! Had fun! Still struggling with my welding forge as it doesn’t want to behave properly. I want to get back to some pattern welded stuff which I had just started. Gary
  12. Hi all, i don’t usually post work, at least not often. With the last KITH, I was inspired to do a couple of folders. Have not tried slipjoints for a long time and it felt good for a change. The first one is a coke bottle with nickel silver and blood wood. Yes my logo is too large and I am ordering a smaller stencil. I have a young grandson who has a birthday late November so this one goes there. The second one I really like, as I had a couple of small slabs of fossilized mammoth tooth for years. I think I got these at the Blade show, can’t remember. Being super careful not to crack or burn this stuff, the slabs are one. Pretty to me anyway. Nickel Silver bolsters. One pin is not nickel silver as I wanted to keep the pin smaller. Both blades are angled downward in the open position, so I need to work on that. But still functional and with snap.
  13. This is some lovely wood and a nice job on the knife Tom. Gary LT
  14. Brian, I really am enjoying these slipjoint projects you are sharing. Jealous of the pattern welded blades as well, as my dedicated forge for welding needs some $$. I like how you addressed the concavity in the tang sit at the backspring. I just finished one and had to jump through hoops to reshape the spring ever so slightly to maintain pressure through the arc. I’d like to add your engineering to the next one ! Really like these Brian. Gary LT
  15. Small seax sounds good ....... especially given the fact there’s only 3 months!! I think it would be somewhat challenging to keep proportions depending on the restrictions. (George Ezell makes the best proportioned seax’s (IMHO), and who I go to for inspiration on these). I have done a small seax (hunting knife size) 8-10 years ago and took a lot shaping to get it right. Gary LT
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