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  1. They are all good John, I kinda like the first one as well. However I really like the finish on all the handles, smooth, clean, sealed but not glossy. Gary LT
  2. Induction forges are expensive and although I’d like one as an option, it will probably never happen. But I like this concept. One question is ………when heating specific steels to recommended temps prior to quenching, how do you know you’ve hit that short range of ideal temperature ? Can the induction tool be programmed for an exact temperature ceiling? Or? Gary LT
  3. Thank you Eric, coffee does help, nice black. GT
  4. This is a really nice knife Eric. Damascus lines are unique/different would you mind sharing how you got this look? Desert Ironwood and the micarta pins adds some class IMO. Nice job! Gary LT
  5. Hey there @Gilbert McCann! Thanks and the photos are clear, especially the dies as they are designed which I like. My problem is I want to use the foot pedal to control all the action up and down on the press. Which means I need a Bimba cylinder with clovis coupling to turn the exhaust valve quickie to release cylinder pressure and down action occurs all with the foot pedal. Then using same foot pedal, go back up. My ignorance is 1) What foot pedal will work best as a “3 way pedal described pressing down to turn the Bimba and release the cylinder pressure (goes down). Then I assume you st
  6. This is a great thread with lots of input to help all, obviously it has. I finally got “the” HF jack on sale and will build the press for myself. I want to add the foot press and I want to feather the pedal, so I can press and move fairly rapidly. Want type of foot pedal / valve is best. “Poor Man’s Hydraulic Press” input was very helpful especially on the Bimba cylinder but I still want to be exact before I purchase (and yes schematics explanation help!) because I know absolutely “jack-sheet” about this stuff Kind thanks to all! Gary LT
  7. @billyO……the handle and blade compliment each other. Really nice work! @Faye…….this bit is something else Faye, most impressive work. Gary LT
  8. @Gerald Boggs, I’d be interested in one off each, material for forging slot punch and drift. Also any other rectangular 4140, 3/8” to 1/2” thick by 2” wide by 12” long. Or parts which add up to 12” approx. Gary LT
  9. Thank you Bjorn! I can get my hands on something similar to this brand citrus acid and I have nice wrought to try. Soon to try on a another project. Gary LT
  10. Bjorn, I do like your sword making and WIP posts. I have not done any swords yet. Might I ask the strength or mix used in the citric acid? How long is the heat? I like the etch and have tried citrus acid on wrought before but not with these results. Kind thanks, Gary LT
  11. Your works is always good good Don. I like the simplicity / functionality of it and the tapered tang adds a little extra! Gary LT
  12. That is great Alex. All Right!! That will give me plenty of time to see how this new position works out. Thanks, Gary LT
  13. Alex and Alan, thank you for putting this together this year. I enjoy doing Kith and participated every year I could. This year I am struggling to decide, as I began working full time again and the job involves travel assignments. So I am not sure of “free-time” yet. When does the sign-up period end? Gary LT
  14. Gents wrapped axe/hawk, flute work both sound great to me as well. By the time the year gets closer to October, I bet we’ll have something you don’t want to miss! Gary LT
  15. Fascinating work detailing the process, really being able to see each step and why. Thank you Lee. Gary LT
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