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  1. @Kreg Whitehead, the one I made is metal and it will get hotter than my flat platen which is ceramic. It can be handled without burning your hand and no problems on my belts which I use a lot of J Flex and they are not thick belts… but note I grind mostly freehand and I don’t run as high RPMS others. I made mine removable as it simply hangs on the platen from the top. I can go to a different blade geometry as sometimes I am working on two different styles. Also, you find you gravitate to a “sweet spot”, (when going freehand), for me I am looking at the very edge. In other words, I don’t see where you would need to use the whole platen as pictured. I guess it depends on preference. Hope this helps you! Gary LT
  2. What about a radius platen on your belt grinder? Not at 14” diameter however you can still get some curvature. I use it but not for everything. Gary LT
  3. Thank you Alan! Didn’t expect it this earlier…….Saved! Gary LT
  4. Thanks Joshua, yes I’ve known about gum tragacanth, I haven’t tried it, but if you use perhaps I should try. All, rubbing a prepared leather edge with a tool works and you can see results rather quickly. But a spacer is circular or oblong and grain changes direction. So in using a wheel that’s why I’ve tried everything. Heck, maybe I can also try a stabilizer in a vacuum. Whatever works, I’ll pass it on. Randall, Treeman, Moshee, have all done this successfully! Gary LT
  5. Thanks Jake and Alan. I do have a hard wheel, (not felt), but packed enough to work. A big “duh” came over me when I read beeswax, which I have a small block. This combo might do the trick for this project. I follow up with a post when I can get back to try it. Gary LT
  6. Okay all, I have this question to ask if anyone has accomplished a “smooth polished finish” on knives with leather spacers on handles. I mean smooth polished finish and not showing grain porosity. I haven’t…..and tried. I was told to “burnish” the leather, (but not exactly how ……). So I did, using different attempts, with fine scotchbrite, buffing wheels and compounds, soaking the leather in water or oil or applying wax, progressive hand sanding, etc. I may be using lesser quality leather, (for sure!). Other well known makers do this successfully however I thought I’d start here to ask. Any advise Gary LT
  7. Whew, Joshua, this one screams with balance and proportions! Great work! I have no inclination how it may feel or maneuver in hand but I really like it. ( Damn another something to try on my bucket list!) Thank you for all the hard work posting this project! Gaty LT
  8. Hey Pieter, thanks for the photos, I didn’t realize this was a take apart. I see some things I need to incorporate to improve on. Athough, I’ve never tried to use a die grinder to make such plunge cuts. I will try it……carefully! And I like way the guard (habaki) is constructed, good idea to try! kind thanks Pieter! Gary LT
  9. I am interested Pieter. It’s a beauty! Very well done. If you include more photos, I’d also be interested in any assembly details. Really nice. Gary LT
  10. Thanks Garry for Christmas Greetings and wishing the same to you and all as well. As Alan commented, the northern states are hit very hard with freezing weather more typical every winter than the southern states. But it’s very cold here 7 degrees tonight expected and the wind chill bites right through everything. Fortunately no snow!! No shop work for a while, projects in process will have to wait……Just staying put in the house! Merry Christmas to all.! Gary LT
  11. This is god information Brian. Some probes have ceramic sheath which cover the entire probe. But many models don’t support them unless they can be purchased as an add on. Obviously…I have no idea!! Gary LT
  12. Joel, I’ve had on hand two wrought iron bundles and one is more refined wrought as in this knife pictured. You can let it sit in ferric longer than you’d think, can’t tell you how long but just keep it in an check it as you go. My other bundle does really nice topography Ive used Birchwood Casey before, more recently Vans, (which I liked) and I just started Mark Lee’s Express Blue, still experimenting though, as the directions are quite detailed to produce the equivalent of hot blue. Gary LT
  13. Hah, yes I am short on the dues for sure! But no heartache wasn’t a major project. I am working on a couple of others I’d be really upset though! Gary LT
  14. Nope they’re tempered, followed recommended guidelines for 6150. I think because of the normalization decalescence/recalescence, ,etc. Forged these several months ago and tempered each one right after quench, one hour, cool down, then one hour again, (unless I got impatient) Gary LT
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