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  1. Alan, now that’s cool….must have been fun! Gary LT
  2. Been working on the big one and still a way to go. Cru Forge V, Juma, wrought iron hardware at guard and pommel, will etch and blacken Smaller one is Axis stag and Karelian birch, got to make the sheath. My hand sanding tools are small and hard on the fingers holding sandpaper in place, so a piece of wood molding remnant for a remodeling in a clamshell contraption. (I know, I am so cheap!!)
  3. Thank you Bjorn. I do need to some a few Trizact belts myself. Gary LT
  4. It’s good to have your update as we all share a kindred concern. Get well and look forward to more work! Gary LT
  5. They are all great and yes you’ve added a new and wicked grind, very impressed! I could not attempt anything such! May I ask are you using a belt sander or disk to prepare the bevel just before hand sanding? Or something else? Really looking good. Gary LT
  6. (Yes I remember Brian’s post concerning dovetails, bolsters, etc.) Soldering bolsters….I have no problem soldering bolsters and I can avoid solder over flow, for the most part…! This approach is a step further and I can using it in the future. Much appreciated Joshua. Gary LT
  7. Really nice fit of these bolster, Joshua, seriously. No way to “adjust” the fit after solder w/o touching the already etched twist. Gary LT
  8. Thanks Don and Feltran.. I know Brazil leads the world in cattle production but I am sure deer are available as well or maybe more plentiful in other countries in SA.? You’re most welcome to copy the folding knife. Keeps us posted. Gary LT
  9. Hey Alan, yes I did seal it first on all sides, although my welding isn’t great, it kept it sealed and workable. I did a plate quench slanting the plates to stay in contact with the AEB-L. Edge is hard as woodpecker lips, and holding! The antler was a shed and has some fine lines, character, etc. I have a few more pieces to use. (Weather has gotten warmer!) Thanks! Gary LT
  10. Finished this one in AEB-L core with wrought over. I like this steel AEB-L. Stag antler (Chital/Axis), very solid, good weight but not gnarly as other species. Kokemäki Style and a pain to burn in the tang which extends almost to the pommel end. I like the simplicity.. The sheath (a first as such) is decorated, 2 serpents intertwined with random background dotting. Comments are welcomed Gary LT
  11. Faye, beautiful knife, first thing caught my eye was the junction at the tang/handle and handle shape. It just flows…….IMHO! Gary LT
  12. Thanks for the dimensions and weight, I thought it might weigh more but looks fine. Gary LT
  13. Thanks Alan. Wife and I will be there, hated we missed the last one bc of work. Working on reservations. Gary LT
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