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  1. Thanks to all of you for positive comments. I will bring knives for show and tell and something for Iron in the Hat. Gonna be good. Gary LT
  2. Thank you Alan…….(not really sure about the show and tell part)…..just being there, mixing and learning is what counts! GT
  3. I came out of retirement to take a job and save the economy. (yeah….sure!) So I’ve been traveling too much but take it while you can. right? I managed to finish some on and along, just to keep the addiction active. However all are on the fly with little time for extensive planning, so I just wanted to post a few…….. I’ll be at Bowie next weekend and looking forward to meeting everyone, as I am really looking forward to this hammer-in.
  4. I think it’s a well done knife, just needs more photos! Gary LT
  5. Geoff, beautiful Damascus and handle material and overall symmetry is there. IMO, tang could width could be reshaped even with the handle at the guard base. To me the guard needs work different to flow, maybe flared, reshaped. I think such adjustments will add better balance visually. Leave it alone for a while then go back at sometime. It’ll come! Gary LT
  6. Hi Gerald, would you be bringing any of these to Bowie? I will take one. Gary LT
  7. @Brian Dougherty…..that’s a beautiful knife Brian. Too nice! Gary LT
  8. Thank you Bjorn, I am sure it was tricky but no other way I can think of! Gary LT
  9. This is a beautiful project and in depth WIP you’ve made available. I am glad it’s pinned. One question is, (if you can take a minute), how did you peen the four pommel pins? I am guessing a blunted or dimpled nail driver. Gary LT
  10. Correct Dan, I was thinking Thunders press, but did say Red Beard.
  11. The force of the press is from compressed air driving the piston. Compressed air isn’t strong enough to act as a vice does, which is stronger stable pressure from the torque applied. Gary LT
  12. Thanks Alan, I’ll look it up.!
  13. This really good information (I am always learning here!). Would anyone know if the process works on antler? Gary LT
  14. Man Aiden, I really like what your doing and I’m enjoying this shared venture. I believe everyone is as well, so keep up the photos and details!! Gary LT
  15. Alan, I also want to thank you for going the extra mile to post this WIP on the hawk. What I especially appreciated is how you offered details, little things you’ve learned, noting equally how to fix a trouble stop. Almost like being in the shop with you! Gary LT
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