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  1. Gary LT

    Culver Inspired (Copied) Slipjoint

    I appreciate you response Brian, thanks. I’ll check with them. Gary LT
  2. Gary LT

    O1 round stock?

    For puukkos, I have used Buffalo Precision Products for O1 round stock 1/2” - 36” long for $7.92 plus shipping. Fairly cheap, but it’s a lot heats and pounding to draw out the round stock. Easier with barstock, say 3/16” x 1” x 18” for 15-18 dollars plus shipping. I like the way O1 performed and Silver Steel is just too expensive. However you can push 1084 barstock same size a heck of a lot easier. As Alan stated, if you can get music wire, in drill rod steels, locally you can save the ship costs. Gary LT
  3. Gary LT

    Culver Inspired (Copied) Slipjoint

    Hi Brian, thank you for all of your tips in this construction. Especially like the pivot pin heat “temper softening” and beveling. I am looking for a 1 degree pin tapered reamer, where did to find yours? I also remember at a Batson symposium, hearing to make 1.5 turns only. Next question.....how did you peen the brass pins on the liners......the face side on the gnarly stag? Might assume a punch with a socket or indent? Thanks in advance, Gary LT
  4. Gary LT

    Culver Inspired (Copied) Slipjoint

    My goodness, you are doing a jam up job with this Brian, my hats off to you!! I did a slip joint a few years ago, also saved S. Culver’s instructions via web but haven’t gone back to try another. Great job! Gary LT
  5. Gary LT

    180 mm Feather pattern Gyuto (WIP)

    It’s an incredible beautiful piece of work & art. My mind is spinning! If this is an example of what’s in your “throw away” pile, might I come visit? Great work! Gary LT
  6. Gary LT

    Knife value

    I never met a knife, I didn’t like ! Gary LT (to borrow Will Rogers!)
  7. Gary LT

    Fogg/Kelso Hunter

    This is very moving and thank you for posting along with your journal. It makes me feel like I can always keep trying to express inspiration regardless of what I lack. Just seeing what you guys accomplish makes every step towards what small limits I can do, satisfying.....or at least in trying! Thank you, Gary LT
  8. Gary LT

    KITH 2019 sign up

    Got it ..... thanks Brian. Feels good to be able to participate again! Gary LT
  9. Gary LT

    KITH 2019 sign up

    I hope it’s not too late. I just relocated back home to Atlanta and am back in my shop again. If it is too late, I’ll try next time, just advise me! Kind regards, Gary LT 1 . Conner Michaux 2 Bruno 3. Brian Dougherty  4. Alex Middleton 5. Michael P  6. Will Drake 7. Zeb Camper  8. Joël Mercier 9. Jeremy Blohm  10. Geoff Keyes 11. Jason Volkert 12. Pieter-Paul Derks 13. Michael Ward  14. Robert Dowse 15. Alan Longmire 16. Chris Briggs 17. Nikolai Briggs 18. Jeff Heinen  19. Joshua States  20. JJ Simon 21. Clifford Brewer  22. Charles du Preez  23. Luke Sorensen 24. Chad Scott 25. Luke Shearer 26. Josep Martorell 27. Jeff Muhl 28. Gary LT
  10. Gary LT

    Salt Water Etching Tutorial

    This tutorial has been what I used to etch my touché mark. Fedex Office was fantastic and took my single “G” stamp, (homemade) and used font types which blended perfectly. That was about 5 years ago. My local Fedex doesn’t do vinyl stenciling and so I am looking for a source who can copy from a photos graph. I have the font types and size used, I just need someone to creat the vectors and do the printing. Anyone had a similar issue? I am about to contact Ernie @ Blue lightning Stencils? kind regards, Gary LT
  11. Gary LT

    Seeking advice

    Thank you all. I went with eight coats of TruOil finish, sanding every two coats, until I could see no void in the leather flesh. Pre stabilizing in acrylic sound great. I stabilize buy boiling my wood slabs in an old pressure cooker. I have very good results. So I’ll have to rig something for leather spacers. thank you again.
  12. Gary LT

    Seeking advice

    I would like to add or hijack this thread if possible. I have searched through the forums here looking for a similar answer for leather spacers used in a handle, of which I am trying to complete now and have this handle filled and porous free. I’ve applied buffing with different compounds and also hard wax to no avail. Two thoughts going forward are: 1) “burnishing” as you would a sheath edge, 2) tru-oil, but I already have the waxy build and it may not hold well. Any advice would help as I am trying to reach a smooth porous free finish, (See Treeman Knives). Kind regards, Gary LT
  13. Gary LT

    WIP - Sami influenced gift knives

    Thanks Adam, I certainly need to practice more patient. I’ll need to start with a better chisel for sure, so I have some O1 and some W2 that may work well enough. Keep you posted! thanks, Gary LT
  14. Gary LT

    WIP - Sami influenced gift knives

    I am also liking this Adam. I studied Tutorials from Michael Almqvist (phenomenal work), and tried of course. It’s tedious, painstaking work. I might say a sealer applied to the porous area like plain old super glue would work if applied evenly. Then carve and later paint. I like your chisel/tool, as I tried a couple of blade ideas to cut the “v” and make the grooves. This would handle better. Gary LT
  15. Gary LT

    White Out as anti-scale

    Hi Joshua......white out sounds like a great idea. I’ve used Brownells clay and it really needs mixing a lot also after oil quench, really messy cleanup. But it does work for clay hardening-hamon quite well. Here’s an old thread on our site. https://www.bladesmithsforum.com/index.php?/profile/1476-bennett/