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  1. This is really nice Pieter, I am immediately liking the overall silhouette and finish. My thinking was drawn to the Habaki and wondering how difficult it was (or would be for me) to fit against the bevels and also the tang, (if there is one). Another thought was the guard, nickel silver spacer and copper fuchi shaped into the museum finish at the handle. I (for one) continue to put thicker flared / shaped guards, ground filed round, etc. A flat guard such as this .....maybe on a military or tactical ....... but hasn’t come close in my mind on a bowie as such. So here is very nice ch
  2. True Garry. I openly admit neither a steady hand or artistic ability these days......but persevere anyway until it happens. And it can! Gary LT
  3. Good advice Garry, I intend to follow it. While tied to this padded sling 24 hours/day, I tried to stay busy out, learning. Time well spent trying to carve antler and wood with assorted home made tools. Thus proving I make good chicken scratch and ......this can wait for another day for sure!!
  4. Thank you both Alex and Alan. Alex, best to go ahead and get the surgery over with, IMO. Short term sucks but long term I feel worth it and a lot of folks are putting up with worse, so I want to feel lucky I guess. Gary LT
  5. Thanks Billy, that’s what they tell me as well, also that if I do re-tear it, may not be fixable. I know this is going to take months as I weight train and can see it can’t be pushed the same way at all. Gary LT
  6. I don’t typically forge much during the cold wet months as I do when it’s warmer, just can’t take the cold, (hands especially). Last October I took a seasonal job looking for part time work. During Thanksgiving week, woke up one morning and couldn’t raise my arm, turned out rotator cuff and long head bicep tendon were torn, so having surgery January 8th, I stayed in a padding sling for 8 weeks 24 hours a day. Now, (with PT), I am getting better. So that’s my seque in order to post stuff I’ve had to puts aside! I’ll post some of these here and there but bear with me, I don’t intend to hog
  7. Last welding forge and current small ribbon burner I used Satanite of walls and ceiling, Mizzou on the floor as it resists flux. I did several coats on both rotating as I applied. Used a 60w incandescent bulb to dry overnight and was able to add more the next day. I coated all using ITC 100. These 2 materials are easier for me to apply, I simply couldn’t get KoL or Plistex to spread and hold like mortar but that’s just me. They are also less costly. I bought from High Temp Tools in Alabama. Gary LT
  8. Alan and Zeb, helped me ID a buggy spring that was given me as shear steel after I described how it felt under the hammer and some etching, etc. Although quite pitted from years of being buried in a field, the steel makes and fine edged item. I’m saving half, but knocked out these 2 playthings. Tough stuff and holds an edge well enough. Gary LT
  9. Ditto here on family use of carbon steel blades. “What do you mean I can’t put this in the dishwasher.”? And...it’s a beauty Bjorn. Looking at all these kitchen knife blades I am liking the way you’ve welded the different twists as I can’t see a seam or blending line! Gary LT
  10. Hunter, I am looking at your setup and the drawing from J. Dempsey. The pipe nipples you chose are too long entering into the bell reducers. Gas has to pull the air into the 3/4” pipe going into the forge, aerodynamics for lack of a better phrase. Look at where he has the tip inside and relative to the bell reducer. It’s all how you tune the placement of the mig-tip/orifice in order to draw the air in. This as well as the actual hole of the orifice makes all the difference in the world. (I would think Jock’s idea was to make the tip/orifice adjustable and its a good idea. BTW, there are m
  11. Steve, my thoughts are very well done. I really like the cold blue treatment and may I ask which blue formula you used. I ask because some turn out splotchy and although this is part in due from the steel, this finish rocks! And the sheath is very well done as well! Gary LT
  12. I like the curved treatment at the guard and pommel. This is not easy to do especially with this spaced materials/hard material as stainless, to maintain unblemished lines. The Turkish walnut is really pretty as well. Very nice finish! Gary LT
  13. Jeez, Emiliano this is a really well crafted idea. Seems the idea can be transferred to a small knife, though slightly larger teeth. Really nice, thanks for posting! Gary LT
  14. Brian thank you for posting this. I’ve saved both your patterns to use on future knives, (in the past, I used patterns from store bought. well, A.M. Mayhall did too!) I like this coke bottle, good pocket-size and full size blade. I like Alan’s small folders as well and want to try some too. i know the photos aren’t easy but I picked up pointers as if I was standing there and everyone’s input was really good! Gary LT
  15. This is remarkable Brian. Saw an update on a news feed and was looking through other YouTube info as well. One, “The Insane Engineering of Perseverance”, blew me away. (And I think I did well building two belt sanders.....geez) Gary LT
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