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  1. Exceptional knife in all aspects, balanced, proportioned, well done. The treatment at the tang-guard junction really caught my eye. Well done sir! Gary LT
  2. Understood and thank you Aaron. That’s a nice looking knife as well. I wonder if getting past the outer layer would hurt it but obviously not. Much appreciated! Gary LT
  3. @Aaron Gouge…..and that answer you found for the walrus is? . I for one would be interested! Gary LT
  4. Thanks Eric, for going out of your way! Rain guard makes sense. Yep the handle size and width on the blade in photos really fooled me until in hand. This is more what I expected on course. Jeez, what a beast at almost 4 feet total! Much appreciated! Gary LT
  5. Yes Eric, really nice! Like all your work but this one has some detail like the peen block, that are a ‘notch above’! I’ve been following this one. May I ask a couple of questions? What material did you use for the guard “overlay”which also matches the sheath artwork,(sorry don’t know the official term) Also I am curious how the hand would fit on the sword or what the diameter is? It’s 2 handed (or 1 1/2 maybe?), I’ve never been up close or studied these type swords and just curious, but we have many presented on this site, all for the better! Thanks in advance. Gary LT
  6. Masterful work Jake! The carving always top notch. The copper/silver combo really is artistically above and beyond. Thank you for showing. Inspirational for everyone to dream on. Gary LT
  7. Platan, it compliments the Damascus pattern.
  8. Thanks Joshua. I used to buy 1084 in 6 foot lengths years ago at great prices from them. It wouldn’t hurt to check them out again. Damn nice work! Gary LT
  9. @Joshua States, Wow.. that’s a keeper, very very nice! I like the dark highlights under the clayed area compliment the lighter cutting area of the edge. (Make sense?) I tried fruitlessly to get such detail as I don’t want a darkened edge but rather have the contrasting action above the cutting edge area. It was the same steel and clay process as the other recent etched blade? Gary LT
  10. @Jerrod Miller, thanks for renewing this thread Jerrod, I remember it now and had saved it somewhere?! The charts add more depth to what Alan alluded to. Much appreciated sir. Now I’ll need to learn more about temper embrittlement! Gary LT
  11. Finished this Cru Forge V blade with Juma ivory handle, (I had posted a prelim photo here in February). The hardware is square wrought which I hammered flat and joined with silver solder hidden so I could get the thickness needed to shape the way I wanted. I used Mark Lee Blue express #1 and followed directions to the letter. The end result color is brownish which I am okay with and I’ve seen this before on wrought. For hand-sanding Cru Forge V, I found EDM stones helped the process substantially rather than just sand paper. Still it took a long time. Now to screw up a sheath! Gary LT
  12. Alan, much appreciated. I have a copy of KSNerds for 52100 etc and I’ll go back to review it again, I didn’t recall anything direction on temperature for springs but knowing these should be at 45-50 Rc helps. Last folders made with 52100 were trial, test, redo, trial, test, redo, ad nauseum. However I finally did get the expected action needed. I will follow your advice / direction, as I have a couple of folder planned soon enough! Gary LT
  13. Alan, this is good information. Would you happen to know where to temper 52100 for springs? (Or the available chart!) Thanks, Gary LT
  14. Jaro, well worth it too, awesome! Gary LT
  15. Alan, now that’s cool….must have been fun! Gary LT
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