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  1. Yeah agreed……I like this one as well. Gary LT
  2. @Jaro Petrina, I really like the pattern weld balance on both sides of the blade. Nicely colored too! it’s a keeper Gary LT
  3. Yep I really like this hawk, I’ve made a mental note to try and use the coloring schema myself on some project in the future. Alan, great job as always! Thank you for posting too. Gary LT
  4. I got my reservation made weeks ago and I’ll have a dollar (or more) to bid! I know you’ll post some finished picts! Gary LT
  5. Alan, I think the hawk head is too well done that adding more could detract. The finish is really, really nice. The pewter as is….is bold and perfect. Thats my thoughts…. Gary LT
  6. Sewn at the shop. But on mine the last 2 rows of thread were removed. Gary LT
  7. Alan, I used this wheel because it was loaded more so than a new wheel. Could have been even more loaded and used which would have worked faster. I kept the work turning same direction as wheel and also buffed at angles later to smooth out the raised grain. By very light pressure, the grain eventually goes away. As far as Dialux red rouge, this is the only use I can find for it on knife handles, except maybe something else dark and smooth like buffalo horn or micarta. well…….this rabbit hole is closed for me! Gary LT
  8. So here’s an update to polishing leather spacers. On a visit to Florida, I had a chance to visit a well known knifemaker and asked the simple question, “How do you get a smooth polish on leather spacers used on a knife handle?” I explained my lack of success and frustration because of the grain not packing down. The answer came back……. “just simply polish with red rouge using a light touch”. I said Huh? You mean……no deep down hidden method, secret xformula, etc? We went into the shop, same wheel I use, (well worn), 3650RPMS, red rouge applied as normal, (Dialux had also been used). Very light touch, just feather it. So attached are before and after photos at home. I don’t really like this rouge because of the staining, so I don’t use it. But I’ll be damned…..! Gary LT
  9. Well, done for now……time to move on. There are lines from the crown stag which are to be expect. I colored the epoxy to match the crown in order to fill gaps. Even though the edges are flush on the band, I have some residual discoloration from the crown which HP would not bleach out so it is what it is! Alan your advice worked as I got the lightness on the edge and very much appreciated! Gary LT
  10. Goodness Matt, another grand slam! I haven’t been to Blade in the past few years, for one reason or another. I hope to get there this year. Would like to see it, (and more), before it sells!! Gary LT
  11. Wife and I have a reservation Thursday night through Sunday. She and I both enjoyed this last time. Gary LT
  12. Great advice Alan. I didn’t want to etch it anymore and did a coffee soak which helped a little to get more contrast. I have 1000 grit and 2500 grit on hand, so I’ll lighten it as you suggest. Gary LT
  13. Thank you everyone. Alan, the AEB-L did great, I did mig weld all around. It was a scrap and I quenched between 2 flats of steel, even with the wrought wrap.The AEB-L is hard as a file. But I thought it would finish out lighter after etch, that’s why chose it….. Kreg, Doug, Dick, thank you. I prefit all component first and I will do it again to reduce the crown button. I’ll trace off, and take it down to the scribed lines and finish it domed, polished, then assemble pinned for stability. It’ll feel good in hand. As far as any design onto the band still open ! Gary LT
  14. Hello All, In between work trips, I got some fun time in. This one is due to finish and I thought I’d ask for opinions. I like the overall silhouette. The blade is AEL-L core, 15/20 thin stock, then some nice wrought iron I’ve had for a while. N/S 2 piece guard soldered together, Axis stag dyed to match the lower handles and the molded handle I worked on. The crown stag button is a “cigar band spacer”. I’ll pin the sections later. Just can’t decide how I want to finish the crown antler, I do want it slightly proud or rounded but decorated and I can’t make up my mind. (Actually I like it as is, but it interferes with the grip) Any suggestions, comments? Gary LT
  15. Hey Matthew, I hope to see you at Blade this year. May I ask what materials you used and how etched? thanks, Gary LT
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