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  1. 1.) Each of the wheels must be lined up correctly and parallel to each other. In particular the drive wheel and the two platen wheels first of all, then the tracking wheel. When I built my own grinders, I had to make a slight adjustment to the motor mount which then aligned the horizontal axis properly. 2.) Is the tracking wheel directly even to the rest of the wheels? Doesn’t look that way in the vids. The tracking wheel looks shy of the rest of the wheels, (1/4”), when looking straight on. Too much left of the other wheels. (I found a yardstick with a right angle was helpful to use to a
  2. Could you add some “buildup” (below the square notch on the spring) which would add more contact to the heel? or Reduce the frame distance so the blade heel will stay snug to the spring when closed? And that would also mean reducing the top on the blade at the notch area. The first picture with the blade separate look like these two dimension are not equal to each other from the pivot hole. or Just make a new blade pattern and do it the way you planned! l
  3. I like KITH, always participating when I could. We always allow enough time to get it done and if life gets in the way, anyone can withdraw early enough. I can always use tools we can craft with. However, what I need or want may not be the same as whoever draws my name and vice versa. That being said, I know if we chose tools, I’d look back and say, dang I should have made this/these for myself! I do like the 1” cubic idea thanks @Geoff Keyesand @Joshua States. Especially if all dimensions add up to 1 cube but I can start with a simple 1” cube if I can find or make the material
  4. I have one as this for smaller blades, etc. and use a 1/2” stainless 6” nipple, 5” works also and 23 mig tip will feed enough air to gas mix to burn inside the chamber. I used a 1/2”, 3/4”, 3/4” tee. The nipple sets into a 1” floor flange with a 1” close coupled nipple in which I drilled and tapped screws to tighten and hold. (I stuff ceramic wool in the gap) This was put on the top panel at dead center. I used 1” ceramic wool everywhere else, coated with 1/4” satanite and then painted with ITC100. This setup allows more interior room than what you are gonna have. I used hard firebrick on the
  5. @Bjorn Gylfason, that’s good news Bjorn! Will this 9” also have a high count layer like the 2 smaller ones? Gary LT
  6. @Alan Longmirethank you Alan and good point which I didn’t look up.
  7. @Bjorn Gylfason, thank you Bjorn. I haven’t tried a soaking etch in citric acid but I soak in vinegar all the time for scales removal. So, these are options to try. @Alan Longmire, do you think 52100 and 15n20 would pattern weld or too much chromium in the 52100? Happy New Year Fellas! Gary LT
  8. @Bjorn Gylfason......these are very nice! What steel/Damascus blend was used if I may ask. Also how were they etched? I am asking because the patterns are distinct yet don’t take away from the choice of handles. Gary LT
  9. @Aiden CC, thanks again. These hammers are nice, real nice. You got me thinking some next projects, (something different and useful) ...... and watching this project for sure!!! Gary LT
  10. @Aiden CCand @Alan Longmire, thanks to both you guys for the details. The tool photos I am saving for reference when I get ready. Aiden, are you using charcoal, coal, propane.....using flux? My primary source is propane but I can do coal....(made excellent sparklers in the past! ) Gary LT
  11. Hi Aiden, this one is marked to watch. I am sure I’ll understand more later but was wondering why the split was made, then forge closed to work the cheeks. I was wondering if you could include more photos of the tools as well. (drift and bit splitter). I would use this method as I don’t have press or hammer as well. Gary LT
  12. What the hell.....! Spent a lot of this year making to sell “affordable” knives to buy materials to upgrade tools. Rebuilt two belt sanders, welding forge, bought a porta-band saw also. Began working a seasonal job in October, so time was limited. I have a few I am pleased with as small as my shop is. A) Kingwood Puukko, (shown before) B) Sheath for an 18th century Bowie (shown last year?) C) Domed Pin Knife, (will score 3 fine lines on the bolster and finish). I do some commissions time to time, so I’ll save these for show if needed. Picts follow in ord
  13. I gotta say thank you Garry! I got the picture and principle and I see what needs to be done. I’ll PM you with any further questions so as not to Hi-Jack this excellent thread! Sorry all! Thanks again! Gary LT
  14. @Garry Keown Hi Garry, I’d be pleased to get a better source or different type of bearing if you have one. These all came from TSC, a retailer in the US. With every replacement, there was more tear away to the wood the bearing was seated. I am sure you have something better. I could use the larger wheel again. My best, Gary LT
  15. Really nice Cal. The fit/finish is super. Would you know what temps you were at when welding the 420-52100? I mean, some folks eyeball it. Gary LT
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