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  1. What is your total angle in degrees at this point 20 degrees? Gary LT
  2. Gary LT

    KITH 2020

    I am all for something practical, usable, (knife, tool), in whatever we decide. Looking at Tiaan’s folding Seax, I also would like to make one. (Though it won’t be a work of art as his). Perhaps, this could be a Kith idea, Gary LT
  3. All of the workmanship is superb Rob. For me, I am really impressed with the way you have stylized the raven concept throughout, real artistry. I could not conceive and design such, we all are looking forward to lots of picts when you do get finished and enjoy watching this progress. Gary LT
  4. Thank you Alan, this is a nice setup with the cyclone. I’ve seen other example on here using the principle but didn’t realize one could be bought cheap enough.. (Gotta get out more!) Gary LT
  5. This is a great question to ask Pieter. I am interested as well, not just for price but noise as well. I have a small work area and have lowered my 2x72 belt sander below a table top. It helps maybe 50%. Still slings dust not only down but around the belt. The disc sander is the worst contaminate though, slinging dust everywhere. I am sure we all have the same issue. Gary LT
  6. John.....I am jealous, no blade related gifts my way this year! Gary LT
  7. This is a really nice concept especially the “scale - design” on both knife and sheath. Nice job to Faye and......Alex, enjoy! Gary LT
  8. I also appreciate you sharing Alveprins! This piece is something I am sure she’ll appreciate. Very nice work! Gary LT
  9. I like it and I think there is potential here to experiment medium/low carbon and all. @Gary LT @G Knives, Hand
  10. Never owned a Porsche or even sat in a demo but saw many when I lived in Ft. Lauderdale, (along with Ferrari, Mazurati, Lambs, etc.) Finally bought a used Audi, a 2011 convertible only because I could afford it......and I am sold on German workmanship and design!! Still have my 1998 truck though, 352000 miles. Every man should own a truck even if it only has three wheels! Live large Brian and enjoy!! Gary LT
  11. Hi Mike, nice knife! I am inclined to agree as the facets could be larger than 1/8”. How was working with 80crv2 this thin? Gary LT
  12. Looks nice to me. What did you use for raw stock? Gary LT
  13. This is a pretty package, I like the blued stainless concept by heat. Very nice. I can’t help but wonder what would have happened if the blade was hot blued or rather if it could have been blued to a bluish color? Not that this needs it, just something I’ve been fancying as there is a gunsmith who will blue near enough to me. Very much appreciated you sharing this. Gary LT
  14. Frank, this is a unique concept, Kudos! and much appreciated to share. Certainly has a place for folks who want both striker and something with a edge. Gary LT
  15. I am interested as well. Thanks, Gary LT
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