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  1. Conner!i don’t know where the hole is but probably just below mid center perhaps? )like mine ! Think outside the box.....can you cut off half the handle or maybe a segment in the middle ( cigar band). Add a contrasting or complimentary wood perhaps. Have anywoodworking hobby stores near you? They’ll have a selection and not to pricey. Nix the facets though.....go with a clean tapered oval. Gary LT
  2. Hi there Garry. I do hope these came out flat and I for one am interested too! I’ve tried antler and other bone, boiling, steaming, etc. without success. However a hollow item as this might work and I have a source to get some if yours proves out!! Good success to you! Gary LT
  3. Charles.... thank you! I see what you mean and I like this idea, even perhaps black on black maybe? Why not? What about the silver hardware...... does it “clash”? Gary LT
  4. Although not exactly today, I did finish a prototype sheath for the wrought iron bowie already posted. Don’t like the “church window” look, so I’ll nix that idea. Thinking all black leather, some overlay and maybe some silver but smaller than shown. Been wanting something like the “Scagel -Behring” knives fir a while so I made one. Aldo’s W2......great stuff to work with! Leather rings as a handle, .........well I know there’s been millions made but burnishing/polishing is too time consuming IMO.....I don’t plan on doing another for quite a while! (The little ding left on the reverse side of the blade is my touché mark “in code”, just in case someone should attempt piracy..) Gary LT
  5. I appreciate Jacek for the information and I am checking the site. keep up the good designs and craftsmanship!!! Gary LT
  6. Very nice work Jack, so clean and well designed. I like all, the blacksmith knife and sheath certainly was unique and inspiring. Did you use “half tanned” leather for these sheaths. If so, can you share a supplier? Kind regards, Gary LT
  7. Joel, I love the grind lines you plan at the tang and the shape of the blade. If I could draw, I would suggest leaving off the shape of the palm as you have it. (the notch at the bottom). Perhaps a small swell at best, toward the front of the handle, (both top and bottom). I would add a slight flare to the top of the guard, same slope/curvature but much smaller, subtle. These comments are only my lousy opinion. To grind the blade on both top and bottom there is always the risk of grinding too much width away. Whatever you decide, I’d enjoy seeing the final finished product! It will be a dandy. Gary LT
  8. Thank you Gerhard, we all need appreciated comments, especially from peers. I hope the draw selects me to you! Gary LT
  9. All, I began with a working Puukko but saw several had chosen folders. So I changed to a friction. Stag handle, bleached with HP, polished and split. 5160 steel, (JohnDeere donation!), forged, upset/fattened in thickness to allow takeoff, quenched -tempered as recommended here in the forums. Dyed mahogany brown, (mottled as expected). Horizontal cross draw belt sheath will be added with it. I do not like a long lever but this one actually works well and I am pleased. Action is tight yet it moves well. I am always pleased and consider these exchanges an honor, a great way to share in this excellent forum! Gary LT
  10. I am fine with October 1st. It’s all good! Gary LT
  11. I am finished as well.... Gary LT
  12. I really appreciate your thoughts Will, it means a lot to get feedback from others on this site., especially this site!! I had some black leather, but had to use most of it on something, sI I’ll be shopping a while. Would prefer already dyed, but if not I’ll dye myself. All my sheaths are completely and laboriously hand made, no machines, so it will take some time! Thank you again Will! Gary LT
  13. Thank you Charles.......I am planning to do another design in similar fashion soon! I really appreciate everyone’s response. GaryLT
  14. Sorry to be confusing Dan! I hope to see how this things will work this weekend, (missus permitting!) Gary LT
  15. Thank you Dan, I will follow the “line”markings on the diagram and see what happens. This is simply to move some air in a shop, so if not enough, I’ll toss it I reckon! Much appreciated Alan and Dan, Gary LT
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