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  1. Damn Zeb, this is an impressive touch of artistry and originality. Nice work! I am inspired. Gary LT
  2. Gerhard, how long are your pipes and what is the inside diameter? Gary LT
  3. That’s the right handle for sure, nice knife Geoff, very nice! Gary LT
  4. Jennifer’s, I am one who is really pleased you’ve shown this. Is $40 a average price or did you get a deal? This would come in handy to tes t and prove any commission knife made is what it states. Yes, by experience we can tell whether we’ve finished “close” to the hardness treatment should produce, especially running other performance testing or meets criteria for the job intended. This can approve or disprove otherwise. best regards, Gary LT
  5. This is a beautiful piece of work in all aspects. Beside the seax itself, the fittings on the sheath are very well done! Good fortune on the sale! Gary LT
  6. Well Brian, not seeing what was prior, this could certainly be something worth remembering what was, what went where, what is now etc.! Gary LT
  7. @Dan Hertzson, Initially I used this salt water tutorial with a car charger and Kinkos for the vinyl. This was an excellent start for me to get away from hot stamping my trademark. The young man at Fed Ex did my artwork and I bought a 1/2 yard cheap! which lasted a long time., but you have to “weed-out” lettering and it’s slow. However, they don’t cut vinyl anymore, at least in my area, let alone reproduce your artwork. My friend Lauri recommended PICO Elektra and I have been really pleased. They are out of Germany, excellent to deal with and the stencils are durable. I also use their electrolyte for tool steel. With these also use a plain old Lionel Train Transformer, no problems. My best, Gary LT
  8. My goodness Richard this is stunning. I admire all your work but these fittings really floored me. I truly like this piece you’ve done. I am trying to wrap my mind around how you were able to do this. Not that I could! Gary LT
  9. Good night Rob, this is amazing. You certainly understand the painting process. Great talent you have and please continue! Gary LT
  10. I am all eyes watching Rob. I have something “vaguely” similar in process. Not sure if it will work but yours gives me hope! Gary LT
  11. I really like that color. Looking very nice ! Gary LT
  12. It’s a beautiful piece of work Joel. Yes the tang is long, has a purpose. I went back to look at the sketch, does the handle now meet those dimensions on the sketch? Currently the handle looks to stubby. Gary LT
  13. Gary LT

    Winter Tanto

    I agree also Aiden. I really like this blade. I don’t know what the steel was but I’ve boogered more than one trying to “improve it”! and if the steel is shallow hardening in the first place then may be that’s all you’ll get. Gary LT
  14. Gary LT

    Winter Tanto

    Thanks a million Emiliano. Honestly haven’t seen 4500 grit powder but I will find some and I agree with you that circular motions would defeat the purpose. I am working on some W2 in process, not quite ready yet. My ferric is 4 to 1 water and I had a great hamon on another knife but the whole blade had tones of tones of “dull grey”. I took the polish forward grit by grit to 2000. I just could not get the contrast I wanted. So in this case I buff/polished it and gave up. (Photos below) First I tried heated lemon juice repeatedly over and over polishing with successful grit up to 2000 and Flitz. What I was trying to do, is have a shiny clean blade edge but darker area where clayed.......probably not possible, Duh! Aiden may lend some insight with what he finds out with the lemon juice/acetic acid. Anyway, thanks for letting me ask all these questions, I apologize to both of you for hijacking this thread so I’ll end my babbling here.! Kind regards, Gary LT
  15. Gary LT

    Winter Tanto

    Hi Aiken, this is a very nice tanto, as I am no wizard with the Japanese nomenclature for blade types, I can only say, “I like this shape” a lot. What steel did you use? Also, I am watching how the lemon juice works as I tried it before, even warmed it. Maybe I wasn’t patient enough but couldn’t get the hamon I was working on, to detail well enough. I was using W2. @Emiliano Carrillomay I ask how high a silicon carbide powder you prefer? How strong is your etchant? (Undiluted?) If your going to 2000 grit, it’s pretty near mirror polish. I see powder available to buy from 220 grit to 3000. Will 1000 or even 1500 work? And straight motion or circular. I am asking all these questions as I like “shiny” and haven’t been really pleased with the grey tones from etching. Kind regards and thanks in advance, Gary
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