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  1. Thank you Gary. I've been away from forging, new job...living in an apartment Ft. Lauderdale, Fl. So I can't try to imitate anything anyway... maybe I'll try paper. Appreciated Gary
  2. Gary, it's a dandy. Certainly recognizable Moran, but I can't figure out 556 layers? Thanks, Gary LT
  3. Joshua, thanks for sharing this. Stuck in Ft. Lauderdale, without a shop & no known forging "homeys" I am aware of, I can work on something like this. Gary LT
  4. Is it just me, but can't open the Picts. I go there every year except this last as I had to move to Ft. Lauderdale, FL. Gary LT
  5. Aiden, I am attached to these as well. Been using O1 round 1/2" and takes quite a bit of work including the sheath and the last. Anyway, more than most folks imagine. But what a reward to use one! Gary LT
  6. Gentlemen,

    Although I do not post much I am on this site most everyday. I enjoyed participating in KITH, exchanging with you guys. After nine years of job searching and working at lower end positions, last September I got lucky and found a position akin to my background and experience. God is good. I did relocate to Ft. Lauderdale, FL, in a temporary residence until we sell our place which is near Atlanta. Working long hours but I do have free weekends, except when traveling. I haven't forged anything in 7 months, so I am looking to find some folks who can suggest where I can hook with other iron artists in the area. If anyone is near or used to live near Broward county , FL, I would appreciate any advice.

    Kind regards, Gary LT

    1. JJ Simon

      JJ Simon

      I don't know anyone but stay in touch.
      I have family in Miami and am down there about once a year.

    2. Gary LT

      Gary LT

      I darn sure will JJ I really appreciate your response. Going crazy on weekends ;)

    3. JJ Simon

      JJ Simon

      There are makers down there.
      There is a very good sword maker in Jacksonville named

  7. Mark, excellent work and of course a question I've been wanting ask? The post on April 15th, and the first grind pass you made to one bevel, I never seen nor tried. You've held the grind line in equal width to the tip. Later you ground the opposite side but reducing the grind width to to point and getting the center ridge. (I think). With distal taper this isn't easy. I wonder if you could elaborate? I use a 24" equivalent rounded platen. When doing Puukkos, I grind on an angle, edge into center, but of course no ricasso, the blade is fitted direct to guard. Thank you, Gary LT
  8. George, when I think of Seax I think of your work always. Even though you can produce much more than Seax art, you. Nail these every time. Wish I could go to Tannehill. Been living in Ft. Lauderdale since August. Haven't had time to even hold a hammer. Gary LT
  9. I have to agree with everyone else, this site has been invaluable. I've had to take a new job in another state so I haven't been able to forge since Thanksgiving, even then, only a day or two. I'm still in the site every day. Thank you everyone, admins, supporters, advisers and friends. Gary LT
  10. Without a doubt, some of the best carving work I've seen. In particular the sheath. Very nice shape on the knife as well. Good job!
  11. Hi there, I have the book as well and it is an excellent keeper for reference. I am asking if you would offer a few more photos of the sheath with different views? I do like what you have done here. Thanks, Gary LT
  12. David. Boyes' book Step by Step Knifemaking covers etching and it might be available free on online online site. Can also check library, that's what I did. Gary LT
  13. Thank you for sharing this this with all of us here. Prayers will be made in behalf of you and family. We all really do care and you sir are not alone in this. Gary LT
  14. Hi Kris, I am liking this as every one else, excellent wok and art. If I may ask a technical question, the photo six up from the bottom looks "just etched". So I would like to know how you etched this and then worked it to a polished finish. Progressively smaller grit and hand sanding I guess. Asking as I have a San Mai in wrought right now with a 1084 core and another in progress. Gary LT
  15. Karl, welcome. Wayne Coe is on this forum, he can supply you rigidizer for the ceramic blanket and reflective topcoating to enhance temperatures. I am about to place an order myself. Gary LT