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  1. Hi Austin, the whole package is first class. Did you apply Aqua R. to the maple? I have a couple of blocks I thought to use later in something. Gary LT
  2. Clint, both of these blades have really nice pattern, each to its own design. Well done! I envy the SanMai design myself, it’s what I’d like to accomplish because the light steel is blade edge while the rest of the blade etch just flows light/dark. Gorgeous. Would you elaborate how you did this? (PM or for all!) Kind regards, Gary LT
  3. Geoff, looks really good. I’ve been drawfiling a piece of buggy spring shear steel, to save my belts. Yes, steel can be moved. Gary LT
  4. Hi John, thanks. Well, I tried it and will try again but so far I wasn’t my method or results. I do make a distal tapered blade a reduced point. It takes me substantial time. I studied every thins a well known Finnish maker did as I am really sold on his overall design/shape. You know we are only talking of 1 degree here or there. My hats off to you! I admire your works as others do. Best regards, Gary LT
  5. John that’s a lovely blade shape for a Puukko. I believe you had stated before you were grinding vertical to get these bevels? (I probably didn’t understand but I though I’d ask?) The numbness will get better to some degree! Gary LT
  6. Thank you John for the details on the bolster peen. I can see I am too forceful and I will also use a different ball peen hammer. I haven’t done many, as I wasn’t pleased with the results, so I set the idea aside Beautiful execution on the Kokemaen fit as well! The overall shape works as well. Kind thanks, Gary LT
  7. John, I also had an accident which hampered one hand. Still have numbness but not near like it was. It gets better over time. Being a Puukko nut as well.... these are nice! May I ask what you use to peen the brass guard or pommel, (if chosen)? The texture is very subtle. Something I would like to try. Kind regards, Gary LT
  8. Thanks Guys. Brian, I felt the same way and didn’t think wrought would be used for a spring function. Even now the piece, as it i, has bounce and recoil. In trying to bend / break / tear, it simply snapped with lots of force applied. I have two blade sections cut and work with these to see what happens. Aside from etching, any other suggestions are welcome!! Regards, Gary LT
  9. Jeremy, I would go with type III, 2.5 to 2.75lbs. 475 degrees, I don’t want marks-indents on the face is my biggest concern. Kindest regards, Gary LT
  10. Zeb, thanks and appreciated. It did not cut-bend-tear like wrought (and I have wrought on hand), although it weathered as wrought. But maximum thickness and s only 1/4”, I’ll try another section. Also, nails and hinge pins look hand hammered in a pyramid shape. Yes....I ground my thumb.... no sparks, certainly low carbon!!! GT
  11. Gents, Asking for some help/ input. A friend found an old buggy spring in a field he was plowing, gave it to me, (photo). It doesn’t bend / break like wrought. It did weather like wrought and wasn’t rusted through as steel might. I cut a piece, took it to heat, quencher in water and it shattered with a mild hammer hit in the vise. I’ve included a short video of sparking and a still photo. Hope the video will load! Any guess on carbon and /or? I respect all opinions. Thanks, Gary LT IMG_3033.MOV
  12. Hi Jeremy, Is type III available in 2.5 to 2.75 pounds? What will the face hardness be? Cheers!! Nice stuff!! Gary LT
  13. Jeremy, I sent you a PM. Gary LT
  14. Just to be sure Brian, I mean the width of the tang (edge to spine). Not the thickness of the blade. (Heck, I’m sure you got it.) As far as shaping it as is, a design which allows a wider circumference for first 2 fingers and thumb - then markedly reduced for the last two fingers. Still retain the flared pommel. Just reverse of what you gave now. (I’ll look for a photo to show, thinking that Salem Stroub did one some time back). Well enough of my babbling! Gary LT
  15. Hi Brian, Might I ask how wide the tang is? As I look, it appears wide enough to influence the shaping of the handle. JMHO. Gary LT
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