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  1. Well done Joshua, congrats and best wishes moving on to master. Gary LT
  2. @Charlie Jack, thank you Charlie. Found a copy. Gary LT
  3. @Charlie Jack, now this is something that would work in my limited space. Looks awesome. Did you have plans to follow? (Probably not, just talent!) Gary LT
  4. I like this idea and execution Garry. Gary LT
  5. I would be interested Alan. It’s certainly drivable for me. Gary LT
  6. The wheat twist really catches my attention, (not to say all of the other workmanship doesn’t!) Understanding how a wheat twist is accomplished is one thing but how you solidified the twist into a single shape (at either end perhaps the guard, I imagine?), is fascinating. Darn! Gary LT
  7. I think your doing great! Years ago, BTW……was told in sharpening shears/scissors…. get the spark on top of the flat. (proper cutting angle). Cut on brown paper first to get the burr off. Works. Looking forward to see the rest of the project. Gary LT
  8. I like the way you fit the blade to the guard. And the handle swell looks like it works. But for me, the end cap / pommel need to be straightened out and more perpendicular to the tang. In other words slanted opposite than what you have it now. Then you can thread or peen and I assume you’ll have some hardware at the end also. It looks long enough to cut away some of the slant. JMO Gary LT
  9. I bought mine from Meter Depot, (Minnesota Measurements, St. Paul). Model DT1312, goes to over 2400f. I’ve run it well over 2300, no issues. With I bought the KType thermocouple for kiln use, although 3/16” thick, 4” long, it hasn’t failed me. I use it in 3 different forges. I wanted Omega, but just didn’t have the money. Got about $80 in these 2 and I am very pleased. That range works for forge welding and controlling my normalizing cycles, general forging very well. They may have something for crucibles, I didn’t look and the owner will speak with you directly and answer all questions.
  10. Hi Dan, truth is, I searched others by photos on line instead of a sketch. Then lined off appropriate marks on my anvil. It is too large for the blade length, for sure. With even a mock handle on, it will change perspective a lot. Right now the lengths, curvature and end knobs don’t work for me, so everyone’s input is appreciated! Gary LT
  11. Good point Joshua. I’ll change my plans. Gary LT
  12. Gents, I want some thoughts on the wrought iron guard as I think it’s just too big/long. Using known circles for geometry, I’ve marked where I think these should end. I feel the top guard should be 1/2 the length of the bottom, (or vice versa). I also need finger room after the handle. I plan on using a frame grip, in line with information Joshua States had posted not long ago. I also think the curve needs more angle. The tips have options and will probably finish differently. Advise? Kind
  13. Very nice gal who requested a specific knife I made before wanted the same for her father as a wedding gift for her wedding. This was a pleasure to complete this and deal with a rather nice person. Rather simple design knife.... nothing elaborate. Gary LT
  14. This is beautiful work Jake. Just perfect in all aspects! Love it...inspiring. Gary LT
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