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  1. Whoops....! I don’t read the entire post, so my reply was not in order. Pieter is right and good choice not to do a wrap. Gary LT
  2. Thanks for posting this Chris. Kyle’s videos have been well received and informative, certainly in my case. oh well.......I see more tools I need! Gary LT
  3. @brian_newberry, I totally understand and have have some bark which was “stubborn” as well. I wound up doing two stages of heat and compression. There’s always a solution and I have nothing against using epoxy or wood glue. I also use the long cure epoxy on a lot of other applications......problem is no matter how organized, prepared, clean I set up......I somehow manage to get that crap all over me!! Never Fails!! Gary LT
  4. You can set the birch bark without glue or epoxy. The bark emits enough resin when heated to bind to itself. But you should have a tight fit internally by fitting whatever slot-size you make In the spacer to the same size as the hidden tang. Heat source can be a hair dryer, heat gun or even an oven, (low temp like “warm” only). Use caution as you can burn or darken the bark. Newer, fresher bark works easier. You can feel more secure using epoxy at the hardware but even there I’ve done without. Gary LT
  5. @Gilbert McCann and @billyO, thanks both of you guys and I am being too particular. I did take the grit to 800 and then up to 2000. I now have more grits in between. I did use a saturated coffee mix. Let me try this again if I can come “close” to anything on the blades you did Gilbert, I’d be really pleased. Very much appreciated and I’ll post what happens when I get these done is the next month or two! my best., Gary LT
  6. @Gilbert McCann, well I should have been more specific Gilbert. In this case the steel was W2 which gave me a nice hamon on a one piece blade, all W2. Another was a sandwich with W2 core and wrought over. I used Nitric chloride as we all do, diluted with distilled water 4/1. Of course the etch did well on all the parts where there was some surface penetration in the wrought or molecular variance in the heat treatment. That’s fine. But in the solid, well polished area, I was pushing for better retention of the darkened color and just couldn’t get it, although boiling it in water /baking soda h
  7. @Gilbert McCann, I wanted to say both chef knives you’ve just posted are quite beautiful. I recently did some etching on a semi-solid blade and also followed up with coffee etch. I was disappointed that the etching effort would not stay after use. Of course I tried oil coating and even boiling in distilled water with baking soda. Am I seeking something that just isn’t possible perhaps? Thank you in advance (anyone!) Gary LT
  8. Jeremy, I know that really hurts and it’s a PiTA to work around. Perhaps on the brighter side your friend did hit the drift ! Great looking axe work you are making! Gary LT
  9. KITH dates do get moved back, seems more each year. I am fine with end of November, just pleased to share with everyone. Let’s do it and then move on to another! Gary LT
  10. @AJ Chalifoux, wow that is a pretty pattern. Please post more as you go! Gary LT
  11. I am okay in my KITH......whether we choose September or November. Gary LT
  12. Will, For what it’s worth........Juma cuts easy and grinds easy as well. The dust is a pain as it sticks to everything, seriously. On a low speed buffer I got a fair enough finish, not a high luster but that’s what I wanted on the knife I used it for. Gary LT
  13. Will, as this topic surface again and you have decided to remake the handle.........if you decide again on bone, they do make an ivory colored rod thick as a pool cue or bigger (Juma). Seen on eBay and tried some myself......pricey but might warrant taking a look at. Gary LT
  14. Bill, AKS (Alpha Knife Supply) lists Cru Forge V on their website under blade steels. Could ask for the specs on their stock perhaps. Gary LT
  15. Thank you Jacek. I can see how this would work and it certainly did! Superb work and I really appreciate you sharing. The concept could help me somewhere in the future on a design I think! Kind regards, Gary LT
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