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  1. Goodness….. very impressive inspiration and execution. Can even imagine how much time and effort went into the handle pommel alone! Really good work! Gary LT
  2. Really nice design, artistic and flowing. Good job! Gary LT
  3. Oh God, just when I thought “enough of this hammering crap”..........gonna build me a DIY mini-press like what we’ve seen before on You Tube.......then here comes the Dream Machine!!! And it looks like the whole arrangement can fit within a 4’x4’ area? (I did take Johns advice and looked at Coal Forge 12 ton). This is sweet as well I already thrown Her a bone about building an outside shop, (didn’t include running electrical cost yet!), now this beauty and more sleepless nights. Good night! When does it all end? LMAO! Gary LT
  4. Oh that’s nice…..! Watching Joshua. Gary LT
  5. Getting the layers balanced as you did is job rewarding enough. I ain’t a big fan of etching except in some cases. Handle isn’t overstated nice work Alex!! Someone will be pleased for sure. Gary LT
  6. Jake, all you work is always an inspiration, this stands at the top of my impressions. Wow! It would be interesting to comment on more details such as the materials, size, etc......it helps to know more! Gary LT
  7. That was a lot of work and I for one enjoyed your progress. The end result speaks for itself! Gary LT
  8. @Alex Middleton, that’s pretty slick Alex. I watching this. Gary LT
  9. Recently I was in Orlando, FL on business. I had a chance to drop by Randall Knives and got to talk with Jason Randall for a bit. I had been there 8 years or so ago, of course you can’t tour the shop but anyone can tour the museum. Attached is a photo of the Scagel knife which started it all and of course the rest is history. I am not a groupie or a collector but the Randall folks have always been courteous and we are all bladesmith’s anyway. So I felt inspired to make a few similar as I had the time and some material. Gary LT
  10. You got this! And you know what they say about “opinions”! Gary LT
  11. Alex, the blade looks good, balanced, symmetrical. Nice job draw filing. Etch and polish will stand out nicely. Though only 4” I wouldn’t overthink the handle design. My thought is slim with some swell. JMO not to make the guard wide at all. Gary LT
  12. Finished this one and got two more coming behind it. Experimenting in faster assembly. GaryLT
  13. Thank you Brian. I’m not really adept at doing WIP, reckon the only way to improve is do more. Gary LT
  14. (PS, 2 sold are not painted)
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