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  1. Joel, I’ve had on hand two wrought iron bundles and one is more refined wrought as in this knife pictured. You can let it sit in ferric longer than you’d think, can’t tell you how long but just keep it in an check it as you go. My other bundle does really nice topography Ive used Birchwood Casey before, more recently Vans, (which I liked) and I just started Mark Lee’s Express Blue, still experimenting though, as the directions are quite detailed to produce the equivalent of hot blue. Gary LT
  2. Hah, yes I am short on the dues for sure! But no heartache wasn’t a major project. I am working on a couple of others I’d be really upset though! Gary LT
  3. Nope they’re tempered, followed recommended guidelines for 6150. I think because of the normalization decalescence/recalescence, ,etc. Forged these several months ago and tempered each one right after quench, one hour, cool down, then one hour again, (unless I got impatient) Gary LT
  4. While home for a while, decided to use up some left over antler tine into small knives…..(stocking stuffers at best) This one broke impatiently tapping on the guard. (6150 leftover stock). Really pleased with this break! Gary LT
  5. Nice looking work on the guard Dick, so now…..I am one who is watching this thread to see it completed! Gary LT
  6. But at least your done or almost done! (Glad you mentioned this ivory source and Q4, I had earmarked them a while back) I did two pocket knives earlier this year and used G10 (white and yellow). No more!! Drove me nuts trying to get the finest surface finish possible. Hah! Gary LT
  7. Aiden, I really like both and especially the handle with risers, gotta keep the idea in mind for in the future. are you planning any sort of pommel? Gary LT
  8. I really like the over symmetry and shape on this. It looks like it will handle well. Good job Aiden! Gary LT
  9. I googled “create tv”, came up with this : www.createtv.com Once there it asks for your zip code and will direct you for local stations, and carriers. Then you can look up by topic. I chose Arts and Crafts, there were several topics……but Tim Zowada did show it airs Nov. 4th (Atlanta). (Copied and pasted below). Also you can get Passport, a way to stream on PBS. That’s all I know at the moment, traveling so I may have to wait until I get back home. (Interesting to explore) GaryLT November 4, 4:00 AM The Blade Maker Episode #110 · Knife-maker Tim Zowada uses sand collected from Lake Michigan.
  10. Garry, thanks for these photos, as I always enjoy seeing your country's habitat and history. Looks like a memorable trip you had. Gary LT
  11. “I swear one of these days I'll finish the handle on that puukko all the way. It has a few flaws that caused me to keep it, so it has a bit of "cobbler's children" syndrome going on.” Aiden, PUUKKO caught my eye also (besides this hearth steel work I follow) I would not do anything with the PUUKKO. The shape is same as what I like and put in my knives. If you’d like me to examine it closer, I’ll send my address and postage!!! Keep up this good work!! Gary LT
  12. Whoops….forgot to ask Alan, (and probably most important), did the event produce the money it had hoped for? Gary LT
  13. @Alan Longmire, Everything you mentioned to adjust for next year is perfect. If possible have the demos better planned in the day schedule and keep the chatter until after the demo or before, little distracting. Having experienced this one, I’ll be really looking forward to next year (and I won’t be so timid!) I did get to meet everyone I wanted to and more. Most important, wife enjoyed it a lot! Hell, I am ready to book a room now! Gary LT
  14. Thank you Alan and everyone involved in getting this event “re-started”! I am so glad I made the trip, (even though I had to alter it due to work commitments). Next year….. helck yeah!! Seeing someone do something you need to learn more about, “trumps” reading about the same thing. I learned a lot. I also enjoyed meeting all you folks in person! Overall …… wife and I had a great weekend! Gary LT
  15. Thanks to all of you for positive comments. I will bring knives for show and tell and something for Iron in the Hat. Gonna be good. Gary LT
  16. Thank you Alan…….(not really sure about the show and tell part)…..just being there, mixing and learning is what counts! GT
  17. I came out of retirement to take a job and save the economy. (yeah….sure!) So I’ve been traveling too much but take it while you can. right? I managed to finish some on and along, just to keep the addiction active. However all are on the fly with little time for extensive planning, so I just wanted to post a few…….. I’ll be at Bowie next weekend and looking forward to meeting everyone, as I am really looking forward to this hammer-in.
  18. I think it’s a well done knife, just needs more photos! Gary LT
  19. Geoff, beautiful Damascus and handle material and overall symmetry is there. IMO, tang could width could be reshaped even with the handle at the guard base. To me the guard needs work different to flow, maybe flared, reshaped. I think such adjustments will add better balance visually. Leave it alone for a while then go back at sometime. It’ll come! Gary LT
  20. Hi Gerald, would you be bringing any of these to Bowie? I will take one. Gary LT
  21. @Brian Dougherty…..that’s a beautiful knife Brian. Too nice! Gary LT
  22. Thank you Bjorn, I am sure it was tricky but no other way I can think of! Gary LT
  23. This is a beautiful project and in depth WIP you’ve made available. I am glad it’s pinned. One question is, (if you can take a minute), how did you peen the four pommel pins? I am guessing a blunted or dimpled nail driver. Gary LT
  24. Correct Dan, I was thinking Thunders press, but did say Red Beard.
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