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    bladesmithing, warhammer 40,000 model painting, reading, drawing, shooting, spending time with my girl and friends.
  1. Man i love Warhammer referances!!!!!!! and very cool blades by the way
  2. the grain was nice and velvety so it should hold a good edge, and warm oil quenches faster than cold?
  3. well both the blade and the backup blade cracked in the quench at the same place. i started with oil to be on the safe side but that didnt get the blade anywhere neer the hardness i desired so i quenched in room temp water. well for some reason these two cracked AND in the same place. almost like lightining striking the same place twice. oh well i have a ton of tines and im gonna figure out how to properly do these.
  5. well i tried a test today. heated a tine to non magnetic and quenched in room temp water. didnt crack it so i set in a log and gave it a good whack with my hammer. broke in 4 seperate places. so i think it will get nice and hard.
  6. got a bunch of old tiller tines from my girlfriends grandfather. i already forged 2 knives out of them but before i go into heat treat, i was wondering if yall knew what they are usually made of and the best way to heat treat them. both knives are identical for the most part so ill just show one
  7. yeah trying to burn through bone about nearly suffocated me and the smell is horrendous. i would definatly just do that with wood
  8. dragonfly forge? possibly. i have one of his books that has a picture of the shop and his anvil stand has brass flames and dragonflys on it
  9. was that from willy wonka and the chocolate factory.....just a wild guess lol oh and beautiful sword. absolutely made may jaw drop
  10. this was my first try at making a folding knife and i think it turned out pretty nice. i still need to make some changes in the way it opens and closes but for all intents and purposes, it works
  11. well, ticked off right now. just craked the machete in the heat treat. it was my own fault, i had over heated it in one section and quenched it....well guess where the crack showed up at. thing was the rest of the heat treat turned out amazing. edge was a nice hardness and the spine was springy all except in that one tiny spot........guess i gotta start over
  12. well while i do usually wear leather steel toed boots. i HAVE forged barefoot.....not the smartest idea i know, but live and learn or get burned.
  13. honestly i have never used actual "known" steel. i have always used scrap so i couldn't compare for you. but i made a seax out of a lawn mower blade a while back and i took it into the woods this weekend and it worked like a dream. i figure that they have to be pretty good steel to put up with the abuse of idiots driving over rocks, sticks, and dirt while they are mowing. lol
  14. yeah im really happy with the overall shape on this one. thanks!
  15. Making this for a buddy who just got into survivalism big time. selling it to him for 25 dollars. its an old lawnmower blade. ran out of sandpaper tonight so more sanding and heat treat tommorrow possibly.
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