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    Fixed blades of all styles and materials. Swords too. I am also a freelance web designer and programmer for hire (yes, that was a shameless plug for myself).
  1. I would like to again thank Ron and his wife and all the demonstrators that volunteered their time to make this event a great success! I had a wonderful time and learned a lot! This was a great experience for a newbie like myself!
  2. rocketjason

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    ...there is seldom so much perfection in works composed of many separate parts, upon which different hands had been employed, as in those completed by a single master. -Rene' Descartes On land, on sea, at home abroad. I smoke my pipe and worship God. -Johann Sebastian Bach
  3. I will be camping as well. Hopefully the weather will be nice!
  4. Oh I totally agree with chuck. With the proper equipment one can take nice digital photos with artifical lighting. But you have to invest in the equipment or build it yourself. Â I am too poor and lazy so i shoot outsite on sunny days.
  5. outside with lots of natural light. Artificial light and digital cameras dont mix well.
  6. Very nice photo indeed! I have to ask, how did you take it? Even with a telephoto lens I can't get that sharp of detail on the moon...
  7. Hi All! My name is Jason Gekeler and I am from Indianapolis. I am really looking forward to the hammer-in. I am also a novice, learning from a great teacher, Sava Damlovac. Just wanted to introduce myself and say I looking forward to meeting you all. BTW, if the circumstances permit it, I would like to forge a blade or two while I am there, maybe even try making a damascus billet. What steel should I bring? Best Regards- Jason
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