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  1. If its the one in the one with Bavarian glass jewels then yep...in the room with his throne if i remember correctly... Do you remember the intricate carvings of the different spires from many different churches over his bed? Or the man made cave ? I really wish I could have taken pictures of the interior, but that dang copyright... Where else did you go in Germany and Austria? -DanM
  2. That's a fantastic package! Love the copper on the sheath! -DanM
  3. Those are some dang nice shots! I loved every minute of my trip to Europe and hope to someday travel there again! (when i can afford it after university$$$) -DanM
  4. That's a fantastic shot! You must have been up quite a ways because that castle is built on part of the mountain! I went on a similar trip back when I was in grade 12 (2006-2007)(France, Switzerland, Austria, Germany and Liechtenstein). Our group also saw Neuschwanstein Castle! It is a truly neat piece of architecture, its the basis for Disney's castle. You aren't allowed to take pictures inside the castle because Disney has it all copyrighted... p.s. was that an EF Educational Tours trip you went on? here are a couple from my trip -DanM The second pic is of the arch over the main gate.
  5. Hey, at least we are making some progress! Have you been drinking straight out of the bottle or can? It makes a big difference if you drink it from a glass. After my last post I decided to make some cider, just a test batch to see what would happen (more like to convince my roommate that I could do it ) After two weeks I tasted a little sample and it does taste like cider, although very dry and yeasty. I can't wait until its bottled and a couple months old! Hopefully it gets better as it ages! I do know that I added way too much yeast, and, I found out after the fact that cider doesn't always like plastic fermentation vessels..... live and learn i guess! -Dan
  6. I hate to bring up a topic from a few months ago, but I just couldn't resist adding my two cents to this one. Whilst I am new to the being able to drink legally (just turned 19 last week) I am not new to the concept or practice of beer drinking. While drinking a few Irish Cream Ales a few nights ago I realized that I was able to get more of my ideas relating to forging down on paper (I'm talking detailed drawings) in about 20 minutes than I was able to get in an entire night without beer. I have come to the conclusion that not only does beer=better forging, but beer also seems to increase brainpower! On another note, the price of beer really gets to me! @ about $30 for 18 bottles on a university students budget i'll be broke in no time! So, I'm thinking of going the homebrew route to save money! Plus I'll be able to brew stuff I can't get at the local Liquor store! -DanM
  7. If i can remember correctly from my materials class in university last year I believe most construction steel is in the groop HSLA steels (High Strength Low Alloy). HSLA steels are common in structural shapes such as i-beams and channels. Generally these steels are not heat treated, and have a low carbon content, less than .2% which means that they don't harden that well. They also have about 1% manganese which adds to the non heat treated strength, and can make the steel harder to shape. They are very tough steels that have a high tensile strength, and high yield strength. Some common ASTM grades of HSLA steels are A242, A440, A441, A572. The higher the number the higher the yield strength. You could google HSLA steels to find out more if you need. Hope this helps! -DanM
  8. Just a couple of pictures from this past summer at the family farm. Day started out hot and humid, then around mid afternoon this storm rolled up. Doesn't look like a major storm... Until this crazy downdraft appeared right over our buildings! No tornado, but some hail. Sure looked ominous
  9. Jeff, what kind of flux should you use for copper? My dad used to do some bronze casting back in his university years, but he can't remember what he used as flux. All he can remember was that it was in the form of green crystals. I've always wanted to try smelting copper or bronze but i have no idea what to use to keep it from burning up in the forge. -Dan McD
  10. Hey, its been a while since i've been on... Could I please get my name changed from dantheman to Dan McDougall ? Thanks.
  11. Thank you all for your comments, I was worried about the vortex when I first mounted the burner, but to my surprise it doesn't get hot spots. I'll have to get some pictures of it when it’s running. It’s almost like there is two small vortices instead of one large one... Thanks again -Dan
  12. Hey everyone, It’s been awhile since I’ve last posted. I have just recently finished my propane forge. It’s made out of a large propane tank (40#tank), I have made a door for it but I don't have any pic.s of it yet. The burner is 1 1/4 inch, it does get up to a bright orange heat and I’m hoping that I can tweak it a bit so it gets up to welding heat. I lined the inside of the forge with two inches of 2800*F ceramic fiber insulation, half inch of 3000*F castable refractory and then coated it with a mixture similar to ITC-100. I bought the refractory from Alliance Refractories Inc. in Edmonton, Alberta. I don't have any pic.s of it when it’s fired up but I will ASAP....I hope the pic i do have works and isn't too big… Thanks -Dan
  13. Nice knife! The pic looks fine to me. Super -Dan
  14. I love your work! Not Worthy very nice -Dan
  15. Wow, those shots are amazing. I love the second one! Outstanding!!! Not Worthy
  16. Im really sorry but I just realised that I can not come up with the money, and it is quite a drive :laugh: sorry bout this Bang Head -Dan
  17. I may be able to buy one of them if I can find the money, because my anvil has no straight edges and is too small. Would you be able to get a picture of them? -Dan
  18. wow, does anyone see a man flexing his arm in the third picture close to the right hand side along the edge ??? cause I do!!! very cool knife by the way -Dan
  19. wow, Not Worthy very nice. nice hamon, nice guard, love the handle! -Daniel McDougall
  20. cool looking knife, nice "dogbone" handle -dan
  21. Your knife looks pretty cool :cool: Your blade has a really neat pattern. Very nice first pattern welded blade. I'm just a newbie and have started making my first pattern welded knife out of 5160 and lawnmower blade steel. -Dan
  22. Brian, another way to make vinegar stronger is to freeze it then remove the ice. -Dan
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