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  1. what kind of coating is that? looks sick man
  2. great post very informative.
  3. im very sorry for bringing up such an old topic but, cant i just buy the grizzly, and then get a nice motor that can handle the variable speed modifications? the electrical jargon is a bit over my head...lol
  4. any one know about asian makers marks? i was just thinking of using my full chinese name. idk if thats traditional or not at all or if theres any rules about that.
  5. man this are wicked! they look great! thanks for sharing.
  6. Thank you for the photo, the atmosphere that it contains is mind boggling.
  7. id say get an oyster and try it LOL. it looks alright to me, maybe needs to be a bit sharper to dig into the groove.
  8. great video! i was thinking of doing this but with the addition of like a rubber sanding block to act as a squeegy to glide across the material to spread the extra epoxy. do you think that would work or be effective at all?
  9. great work and tutorial thank you. what kind of power hammer is that if you dont mind me asking? seems like a workable size for a small shop.
  10. do kitchen knives usually have a distal taper at all? nice work man
  11. didnt know it was that tough to work. sounds like good anvil metal.
  12. if u get a good price on it wouldnt that stuff make some great knives?
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