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  1. Well thank you all for your input. I will be getting this book. Also thanks for those other ideas Steffen. I like the look of them and will look into them.
  2. My Life was Improved by this. I think i shall print it out and give it to anyone who asks me about forging.
  3. Also sorry about the bad typing. I'm away from home and have to use my phone.
  4. Hwy I am interested in making some of my own tools for blacksmithing/bladesmithing and carpentry. Is this http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/3002334-the-mastermyr-find A good book to learn about the and get some good dimensions and ideas? Thanks, Benjamin
  5. Thanks Alan. I would have just ordered a bunch of 8-9 oz and used it for everything like the gungho moron I am
  6. thanks guys! I am currently in the states so its all good on that front. I was going to wet mold this first sheath for a knife with about 4.5 inch blade with a 5 inch handle. will thinner leather be able to hold shape as well?
  7. Hey, Im looking to get some 8-9 oz veg tan leather for sheath making. What are you guys/girls preferred suppliers? there is a pinned topic about this but since its from 2011 some opinions might have changed thanks, Benjamin
  8. thank you guys for the information and guidance. it Really helps and I appreciate it. I'll let you know how it goes.
  9. I am asking for guidance. I used Jim hrisoulas's recipe out of his book for making the clay and let it dry. It stayed on the blade all the way up to near critical where it would puff up and slough off. after two attempts I definitely need some guidance. I use a charcoal forge. maybe i just need to use some wire and a pipe or something in the forge but I just dont know. just so you know I dont think i can get furnace cement here in thailand. so rutlands is out of the question. benjamin
  10. well he decided he didn't want the Habaki anyways. go figure. so I'll just file this away for future use.
  11. Well I think I've decided to take it on using jake's brilliant idea depending on if the customer picks that design. soooo we will see how what goes...
  12. absolutely amazing. Just give that little guy a beard. He already has the sword and the demeanor.
  13. Ok, just to start off I have very little knowledge of japanese names for sword fittings. In light of that please forgive me if I unwittingly speak out of turn and please correct me because I genuinely want to know the correct terminology. Now for the question. To try or not to try an iron Habaki? that is the question. From extensive research ( read hours of googleing) I have learned that iron Habakis did exist. My reason for wanting to take this rout is my inability to obtain copper/brass/bronze and lack of skills, funds to use silver. Would it even be worth my time and energy to go there
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