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  1. offering for a good price if anyone is interested? need some moneto buy more materials to continue making
  2. walnut scales, copper pins wth high test epoxy, 1095 blade steel with wedge grind, kept it slightly rustic so that it wuld have charicter, full tang, and first attempt at a sellable knife.
  3. The sheath is heat molded (experimental) mechanical locked Kydex, with no bolts or rivets or glue. The knife is only 2 1/2" blade length. Tanto style, 4140 fully hardened and tempered to about 47 Rc, Japanese style chisel grind. i added the thumb groves for esthetics and it actually helps when you need a bit more force or control cutting small things. It is my favorite everyday carry and its almost done. The sheath just needs to be cut and fit. I like to test all my stuff before I send it. It works well for the small tests I've done. There's one more knife I'm working on for the set. It's a D2
  4. it would be a brutal ring. heavy... probably 4140 and somehow represent the knife to go with it. ill probably do a large camping knife along with a smaller EDC knife
  5. would a ring be acceptable?
  6. 1.I would really like to know the due date/final day of the kith. like when do we have to ship it off to the new owner? 2. I would also like to know if we can make anything as i have already started a pretty heavy duty EDC. 3. How do you ship a knife without it getting held at border?
  7. 2012 KITH List: 1. SamD - AKA - Sam Duckworth, Sopchoppy, Fla. 2. John Page 3. Mathew Kinmond - Canada, Ontario
  8. I have learned the way.... the hard way that is. i tried to make anything in class. and whether i used hot steel or cold steel. acetylene torch on specific spots or drop it into a coal fire to heat the majority areas... it all failed. i ended up just finding a small bar of 4140 and I'm now making a hammer out of it. Mark: I was going to use it for paintball/air soft, but it wouldn't work out. Eric: I think I will start with basic and go to chainmaile, your right. if i cant make the small stuff then i definitely cant make the full on larger stuff. The main point being... i need t
  9. I LIKE IT! can i have it? i can pay for it. or trade with steel! or extremely nice favor would be to just hand it to a noob like me it has a really cool look for what happened and a story to go with it. its not a mistake. its just a journey for a different taste/ style of knife.
  10. Well i thought since this is 2011....I thought i could make it a bit more, modern something like http://media2.playstadium.dk/img/kbj/nyheder/army.jpg The face mask that the man on the left is wearing. I know there is copies of this already. but never in metal. I think I'm going with the close combat helmet style. Where it slides back onto itself. When I make this helmet/mask, it will be in a few pieces because of the design. I will weld it together on the inside then clean it all up and add the detail.
  11. WOW. Amazing guys! thanks for so much help!. im starting to get a good idea of how i want to make this and of what to make it of too! I'll keep you all posted
  12. Probably stainless or mild steel. thins sheet up to lower plate gauge. So anywhere from 1/16th inch to a little over 1/8th and I have a local steel supplier who can give me deals on many different steels and pieces. price isnt too much of a problem. unless i get into hundreds and hundreds. Thanks for the interest
  13. hobbiest and hopefully lifestyle of bladesmithing

  14. first of all. it is Christmas. and second of all....well i wanted to make a suit of Armor. Now i don't know if this was quiet the right place to put this but.... it seemed somewhat appropriate considering most swords need a suit of armor, anyone know of any site? or information where to look? please? ill post some pictures along the way with progress might try to engrave a nice flowing pattern into it.
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