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  1. yeah.. i have more steel coming my way, so hopefully i can make another seax before end of may... I had another one actually, which i had intended for the antler handle.. but closer examination showed serious cracks in it.. lengthwise AND widthwise .. so in tthe end there was nothing worth saving.. it was far better forged, but didnt survive.... sucked to throw it, but i filed it under lessons learned....Chances are the water quench took part of it... i have an oil cylinder ready at home, that i will pick up when i get back later this summer.... that, and my anvil ( i live 300 miles away from
  2. Well.. i wasnt at all happy with the seax for normal wear.. so i figured id just have it for my reenactment group... .. we cant use sharp ones there anyway, and im pretty sure the run -of-the-mill war-seax wasnt the shiney stuff our masters here make, anyway
  3. yeah... that dulling or wearing out is what i fear ... i meant .. i can get the normal wood AO on the home depot store here.. if i wear out the belt after oe sanding, then ive , in my eyes.. thrown away 100 USD ... now THAT .. would piss me off.... will keep you in the loop though
  4. ok..just had to check.. the stuff we get here at our "home depot" are definitely NOT for metal.. but if you guys say aluminium oxide is good for metal, then im all ok .. hoping they'll arive tomorrow ( monday) so i can bring and test them on my latest seaxes ( none that i want to show off )
  5. just bought some sanding belts online, paid and shipped.. but got some second throughts... They were aluminium oxide.... is that ok for grinding metals, or will it be a quick one-time use then throw kind of a belt ? just making sure i know what to expect..... -vidz-
  6. Hi guys .. my home depot type of store finally got an air/over hydraulig bottlejack. its the FIRST time ive seen this in a reasonable priced store here in my country ( norway ) .. however.. its a 12 ton thingy ... would it do ANY kind of work in regards to a DYI hydraulic press ? .. or would it be a waste of time and money ? (http://www.jula.no/trykkluftdrevet-jekk-12-t-601037) 170mm distance, pressure : 12 Ton
  7. Hi Luke ,. yeah those are the same ideas i was playing with... unfortunately... my hammer control l didnt allow me to do just that... now.. i have some 40 lbs of 2" thick spring carbon steel heading my way ( or mix of 1"-2" ) will definately work more on it ... love those seaxes .... btw .. anyone have a good idea how i can "hole" out the antler im targeting for its handle ?
  8. yeah i definately see that point Im quite blessed to have a near undepleteable source of good carbon spring steel from 1" to 2" on hand, so i will have my brother send me enough to last me the summer ... hammerin' away!!!!
  9. well.. easter gave me a lot of reasons to work hard in the makeshift forge... bought some "blacksmiths" coal .. turned out to be raw coal, but i baked it and it performed sufficiently to draw out and shape some seax'y shaped objects.... .. now .. the issues i seem to always face is the difficulty of getting the knife blades well shaped enough.. what you see in the pictures here are after quench and HT, the dark spots are too deep for me to really to much with if i want to have metal left for a good seax... ... is it only training, or would set-hammers / flat-hammers help out on these i
  10. ... i know this thread is OLD .. but ... i see PERUN -http://kowalperun.com/index.php?cPath=29_40 - has drop forged anvils.. does anyone know anything about these anvils ? .. this brand in itself ?
  11. yeah.. pics still dead .. need pics of those great tongs going home for Easter.. wanna make those
  12. yeah .. i made a point of annealing the item overnight after EVERY one of the 4 days .. i dont think it gets much more annealed now.. and when i do peen it .. ill have a blow torch ready ..
  13. Dude .. that shape-sequence on the socketed spearhear is spot on what i have been looking for .. *yoink* - copied !! thanks friend -vidar-
  14. So .. xmas is over.. my brother gave me 20 kg of charcoal and a leftover 45lbd coiled spring from the sone quarry wher ehe works .. probably the most useful gift i got all xmas :P/> So .. better get to work.... 4 days, a few mistakes and half a carpal tunnel syndrome later.. THIS is what i came out with.. still rough in the shape but a good place for further work....( 0,5 L cola bottle for good measure) Critique appreciated...( and yes.. the tang is FAR too large.. will shorten it significantly...
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