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  1. You make me happy! Allways new ideas and so nice craftmansship, and finaly You find your stamp! A nice stamp that fits well to this beauty of a knife! I wish You all the luck You can get, and I´m looking forward to follow You in the future! All the best my friend! And now I give the interview scene to You. And thanks for sharing Your thoughts and work!
  2. This is just a joy to see! I'm so happy to see the progress You do! And I look forward to see your creations in the future! I will like if the readers Can see some other of the tools and other items of any kind You make? And Then maybe the final question: I have asked You before! Why do You not use a makers mark? In my opinion your work deserve!
  3. You are of corse right that its not only Copys You make! But as You say; You find a lot of inspiration in ancient tecnick and way to do things! And You do it very Well my friend! I have to ask You about what is on the table just now? And what is the next project You dream about? You put up a blade on Facebook made by Edvin! Is Edvin a student? A very fine student if so!
  4. I remember the way to that beuty! You were very confused that the pattern was not visible as supposed! And we was talking about how to do it and one week later the beuty was born! I have to say that i find it fascinating the way You work when You got an idea! And I'm very impressed about your way to scan an item and see how things are made! I wonder if You got Xray eyes? Lukasz You almost only make items from ancient times! What is your facination about this? One Cut wonder that a person with your creative mind make Copys and replicas of old things! Can You say something about this?
  5. "Cracy meth cracy" i think thats what happen when we meth! It started a lot for both of us! You started with Ironsmelting and was the first in Poland making your own iron! From ore You found almost in your backyard! Tell about that felling with your first Bloom in hand! And Then i will like to hear about when You first made your a real Nice patternwelded knife from homemade iron and steel! And the problems before You found the way to do it right!
  6. I can say for sure Criss Price, I'm happy to share my knowledge, so if You and others find some inspiration it only make me happy! Lukasz; You have to tell more about the way You learnt to forge, did You just start without noone to teach You? I know how You did; but most readers dont! And for me its make your story a lot better knowing this!
  7. I remember all of it so well to! Real amacing all we did together in Biskupin! But Lukasz Pleas tell about how You started with blacksmithing after that Day in Biskupin were You found what became your craft and life!
  8. Its time to start the interview with my very good friend Lukazs! I meth Lukazs in 2007 when i first time was invited to arceological festival in Biskupin in Poland! I was there to show the way I make iron in a slagpit furnace, and Lukazs had his workshop in the Craal, the place for all hot work, like forging, Ironsmelting, bronzecasting, saltmaking and tarmaking! From the very first minut we meth I we was in very good contact, Lukazs was very friendly and very interesting in Ironsmelting! But Lukazs please tell the story about why You started with blacksmithing!
  9. Darell: In Norway and Sweden many furnaces is found in pair of 2! And when i comparing that with what Evenstad mention about how to make Nice forgeable iron or fine iron he say that raw iron even the best sort, is for NO USE AT ALL! Even You Can forge it to rough tools, but when it brake You cant weld it again!!! And to make it to fine iron You have to resmelt it the smithy! When i comparing what he say and the pair furnaces, I Think that the reason to build Them in pair is that You first make the Raw iron in the first furnace and Then resmelt it in the second furnace! This is a reasonable explanation for me to make the furnace s in pair and how to make nice solid and forgeable blooms, as we know they did in ancient times!
  10. Most of the blades is less than 10 cm and smallest is 4-5 cm only a very few is more than 15cm!
  11. The knife is small in general! But i have to look in some of the books to look for scale! And about air volume: i have never succes with High air volume, and Michael Nissen have Lampard the same experiance! And we cant say what the difference betwen US results and ours! But we Can say for sure! -if we run with High air rate the iron is not good!! And we can clearly see that each type of ore need to bee treated its own special way, maybe it coused by the high Phophurus contend? But we realy dont know! But i Can say for sure that the belows they used in ancient times have been run by realy strong arms! - I was helping excavating a furnace from around 1000-1200 AD 40 cm in diameter and it was totaly burnt all way around inside!!! And from that i Can say for sure; - the bellows was maybe small but the Arms tja pumped Them was powerfull like hell!
  12. I hope I have brought something interesting during the interview, and I have been happy to share some of my knowledge! I have asked my very close friend Lukasz Szczepanski to be the next, so now I just wait for the answer from him!
  13. In my mind is the Evenstad hearth and the hearth we used in Everhams the same, a normal side blast hearth with different shape of the bottom depending of what You are doing! Evenstad write; to make fine iron the hearth have to be 1 inch deep, and for steel 2 inch! And the same hearth is used for normal forging to! So if someone do it different i Think its wrong when comparing with Evenstads original text!
  14. Thanks for the interest! I'm happy to bring something new at the table! Thijs; we dont have those problems with that sort of preservation and rebuild with plastic, and i dont hope it will ever be so! Maybe we dont have as many arceologists fighting about the founds! So i Think with some help i can put up some Photos in a short time of Nice and simple blades!
  15. And Thijs, I see that You have a Hartman powerhammer! I have one similar in mind to buy just now from Germany, 40kg 2500EUR, is that a fair price? and is there anything bad to say about the Hartman hammer?
  16. No Thijs, no one of the originals I have seen is welded, and not even closed, its not a socket at the originals! only lobes or lap! But some of my replicas is more socketed than the originals!
  17. Some of the ancient knifes I have photos of at home, I will upload ASP.
  18. My own knife, for daily use, replica of skaftlapknife from pre roman period!
  19. Pictures from steel making weekend, together with Michael Nissen, Mads Jylov, Tom Kaeseler, and Lars Mørk!
  20. Darrell; Your right we have a lot of advantages living in the old world, a lot of founds in museums, and some of us is so lucky working at museums and can have the items in hands, but I don't have a lot of pictures from my museum, and we don't have a lots of knifes, but some nice ones, and I need some time to take some photos, so if you have some patience I will find some nice items to show up. maybe in next week or so. So until then I will put up pictures from the steel making last weekend and some of my knifes!
  21. Yes, that knife is a bit special, cooperating with our smelting group, "Jysk Jærn Syndikat" Jutland Iron Syndicate, and after this weekend Jutland Iron and Steel Syndicate. The name, - with a twinkle in the eye, referring to the name of one of the first books about ancient ironsmelting in Denmark, named "Jysk Jærn" by Rasmus Mortensen. The iron was made in my barn some months ago all of us together from bog ore, and Michael Nissen forged some of that bloom into a bar, and brought the bar to my smithy last weekend, and Michael, Mads Jylov, and Tom Kaeseler, made it into steel by the Evenstad metode! and I forged the knife afterwards! Michae Nissen and I was introduced to steel making in 2008 by Darrell Markewitz, when he attended the Iron seminar at Heltborg Museum, hosted by me, he told about the experiments Skip Wiliams and some more did that year with the Aristotle's furnace at Smeltfest in Williamsburg I think? After that time I did some small experiments following what Ole Evenstad wrote. All this is well described by Lee Sauder and Mark Green. I will upload some pictures later of the process, but this is what I have tie for today!
  22. I remember that night to, one of my best memories, from that smeltparty in Eindhoven! Something like finding your long lost twin or brother! And I told you, that You were lost in the swamp, when the Teutonic and Cimbrian tripe's spread fear and horror around in Europe 120 BC: Thy were I live is according to the legend that Teutonia were the Teutonic tribes lived before they started the migration down in EU. And I still believe that's the story about you and me!
  23. This knife is a replica of a knife found in my neighbourhood, in a burnt down iron age house! The original was found close to the fireplace, and was almost with no doubt a kitchen knife; this way to handle a knife is not know in many places, and in Denmark almost only North of the Limfjord, in Northern Jutland in a short period of iron ages just around 100BC-100AD The blade is 28cm.
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