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  1. Kevin, some nice looking knives, I remember some of them when they were being worked but when did you do the patternweld one? btw, you leather work is improving! lol R
  2. I do love the picture of Kevin's sword sticking out of the fire, it seems nothing was safe that day from go in the hearth! lol
  3. What a great time I had! good people, good food and great homemade cookies and I even trying making some steel lol Thanks for doing this Kevin!
  4. Kevin, I'll be there, do they still sell charcoal at the local hardware store? Wes, you might burn your beard off! lol!!!! if I decide to be productive and make a piece of steel, I'll send you some R
  5. Geoff, if your friend is interested in coming to Staten Island to ABANA meeting, have them send me a pm, I might know someone in the group. R Joshua, here in the city, there is no such thing as a short ride from Brooklyn to Staten Island and it aint cheap lol
  6. didn't someone mention they were doing a knifemaking or metalworking class in Brooklyn in a post not too long ago? R
  7. Wes, it was definitely worth the wait, the knife is beautiful! I can't wait to handle it person, its making me look forward to hunting season this year. btw, calling me a knifemaker is kind of stretching it a bit, do you think? lol R
  8. Wes, truly a beautiful knife, btw, was that you I saw in a popular knife magazine? the only things I could add to the rust bluing process is use rock salt or kosher salt rather then table salt and keep adding salt and peroxide as it boils down and earl grey tea works the best for turning steel black. anything else I do, might be considered a little too far fetched, so I'll keep that to myself lol R
  9. Don, I talked to every car and bike guy I know and they all said the same thing, the metal has to be perfect before its chromed and chroming is damn expensive, several suggested looking on ebay or craigslist for replacement parts and it would be cheaper. I once knew a guy in Wi who had 100's of smaller bikes in a barn and he dealt in parts, I'll look around for his number and send it to you, maybe he could help R
  10. I'll ask and see if there any quality and affordable chrome plating shops around here. I do have 2 questions though does it have to be the original fenders? you might be able to get replacements for a good price how about sand blasting the fenders and painting them? after all, why bother with chrome which you have to take time to clean when you could be riding instead? R
  11. Why are you making a sword? Shouldn't you be on your honeymoon?? R
  12. That is truly Beautiful!
  13. you might want to do some research on the "Randall made" knife, some older models are discontinued and are highly sought after by collectors
  14. it's a real nice looking knife, but I am sorry but I have to say the pins kind of take away from the activity of the bolsters and wood
  15. Bruce, those are some great looking knives! just out of curiosity, how long are the handles?
  16. you are really making some nice swords Kevin, now I wont feel so bad cutting up that old sword of your to make a knife! lol
  17. Ricky


    Patience an practice. when using a handsaw, slow your cut down and cut outside the line and always keep your eye on where the sawblade meets the wood. better to be a little bigger and plane or sand it down to size. also most handsaws are meant for crosscutting against the grain, pretty sucky trying to cut with the grain, just takes some practice and make sure your saw is sharp as far as bandsaws, I haven't used one in 20 years but I do remember it having a fence. maybe someone else can chime in.
  18. great job on the sword Bruce! make sure you get some video of it cutting. it would be interesting to see how it performs
  19. good looking knife! did you use satanite?
  20. that mark looks familiar on that knife! lol
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