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  1. Is it Jim or James?

    welcome to the forum... could you please edit you pics to a smaller size? Please read the posting photos thread if you are not sure...

    The one photo of you anvil is so fuzzy that it is not much good . Do you have another one?

    and lastly, your question of building a forge it too broad.. you will have better results the more specific you are about what you want ...

  2. Looking for ideas on ways to make a nice inexpencive forge. Thanks Yall
  3. Hey every I,m new to this site and smithing and I,m looking for some help as to what i have. I recently traded a old rifle of my for this anvil. Well i cleaned it up some and discovered that in has hay budden inscribed, also on the front i can make out 801. I,m pretty sure its at least a hundred years old. I also believe that part of the striking place broke off some years ago. I would love some insight and feed back. Thank you for viewing my post.
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