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  1. 52100 core with 420SS sides, G10 handles
  2. I forged a San Mai blade out of 416SS and 52100. I have made about 20 of these and never had a problem. I heat treated it 1500 Deg F and tempered at 400 Deg F. Everything was fine, I looked at the blade two days later and everything was fine on the 3rd day I decided to finish the blade. When I picked the blade up the handle had split on the end about 2 inch back. The 416 did not spit from the 52100, but the 52100 spit right in half. Has anyone ever seen this happen or can offer an explanation as to why it would happen ?
  3. All done except for the leather work. I heat blued all the stainless fittings except the guard.
  4. Cal G


    No, it is Turkish Walnut.
  5. Just finished these 52100 core / 416 SS on the sides
  6. 1080 / 15N20 forged by maker Just got this heat treated and etched ,now the fun starts. Had this Walrus tusk for a while so I think this is the handle material.
  7. 52100 core with 416 SS ,stainless bolster and red/black G10 handle OAL 8 inches
  8. Raymond DRAGGING works, I have always copied the IMG code from the photo hosting site.
  9. Does anyone know why the pictures don't show up . I am posting the same way I have been for years ? They show up on another site I post to but not here. I use DROP SHOT to host pictures.
  10. 1080/15N20 steel , Twisted crushed W's, stainless fittings dovetailed and a G10 handle.
  11. Blade 1080/15N20 in a twisted crushed W's pattern Stainless dovetail bolster with G10 scales
  12. Thanks for all the positive comments..... very much appreciated !
  13. I have had this blade sitting around for a couple of years and decided to get it finished. The core is 52100 with 15N20 sides, handle black linen Micarta, OAL is 11 inches
  14. Phil I am going to give you some advise. First of all most hydraulic pumps ARE NOT rated at 3600 RPM but most of the time at either 1200 or 1800 RPM. To calculate the horsepower to drive a pump here is the formula: HP= PSI x GPM /1714 /.85 so if you were pumping 5 gpm at 2500 psi the size of electric motor required would be 5x2500/1714/.85 = 8.58 HP. If you are driving the pump from a gas engine you have to obtain the HP curve of the engine and determine what HP is available for the rpm you are driving the pump at. Second thing you have a Parker 3.25 bore cylinder rated at 3000 psi so the most force you are going to get on that press is 3.25*3.25*3.14 /4*3000 = 24874 pounds of force if you run everything to the maximum. After looking at those welds my knees would be shaking if I had to operate that press. Please get someone to re weld it before someone gets hurt. Thirdly why does everyone want to build a press with the cylinder on top of the frame? It really does not matter if you press up or press down the end result is the same. When I made this press, space requirements were a priority and I needed something very compact and portable. Good luck and I hope you get it running.
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