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  1. No they are not designed as a take down, with a curved butt cap you kind of need a pommel nut to put it all together.
  2. Steel 52100 / 15N20 stretched crushed W's , Stripped Ebony, Maple Burl and Ironwood handles
  3. 52100 / 15N20 stretched crushed W's,by maker, stainless fittings and a Lignum Vitae handle.
  4. They have (2) 1/8 pins in them. I only ever soldered one set of bolsters and it was a disaster.
  5. Steel 52100 / 15N20 stretched crushed W's with stainless fittings and G10 handle.
  6. Just finished this 1080 / 15N20 eyed crushed W's with stainless fittings.
  7. The bolsters are curved with a 2 inch radius. I think that is what you are seeing.
  8. 1080 / 15N20 crushed W's ,one eyed and the other stretched with Maple handles and and stainless fittings.
  9. Just got this finished 52100 / 420SS San Mai with stainless fittings and a Walrus handle. a
  10. 52100/15N20 stretched crushed W's with curved stainless fittings and Iron Wood handle I have made a lot of knives with Iron Wood and never seen a piece like this.
  11. I find that all my thermocouple eventually get "EATEN UP" inside the forge. I coat the exposed part of the thermocouple with the the refractory that I line my forge with Vesuvius Super 3000, this makes them last considerably longer.
  12. Cal G


    Here are a couple more San Mai hunter i just finished. 52100/420SS , G10 and Turkish Walnut handles.
  13. 52100 / 420 SS with G10 handles and dovetailed stainless fittings
  14. 1095 / 420SS San Mai , SS fittings with a stabilized Tamarind handle
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