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  1. 52100 core, 420SS sides with Ironwood handle and stainless fittings.
  2. Walrus tusk with and Ebony insert, stainless fitting, 1080 / 15N20 stretched crushed W's pattern. +
  3. Blade forged from 1080 / 15N20 ,crushed W's pattern, then stretched. Masur Birch handle with stainless fittings.
  4. I did until my last computer melt down, all I have are some pictures.
  5. I agree with Billy O. Get a little offset under that cross member under the jack and you are going to have a twisted press. I have designed hydraulic system in steel mills all my life and people don't realize the the TREMENDOUS FORCES that are sitting there just waiting to be released. 20 tons (40,000) lbs is a lot of potential energy just waiting to be released. Just because someone (I assume offshore)rated it a 20 tons does not mean it is designed for that kind of force. I laugh every time I look at my shop vac RATING 5HP I would like to know how anyone and get 5 HP out
  6. 420 SS / 52100 San Mai with stainless fittings and Maple burl handle.
  7. Is that forge REALLY sitting on a wooden bench top and operating ? Maybe it is a good thing you never got to welding temp. Hope you have a good fire insurance policy.
  8. i may be wrong but was under the impression that it was a 12:1 ratio Taking the tangent of this angle 1/12 equates to 4.763 degrees I have always turned my burner nozzles with a 4 3/4 degree taper and they work fine.
  9. 1080 / 15n20 Damascus by maker with Turkish Walnut handle and stainless fittings .
  10. 52100 core with 420 sides ,Stabilized Maple handle with SS fittings
  11. Alan you can't believe how much fun it is, as the thin stainless, seems to bend different than the thick stainless. After I have all the thin pieces epoxied together I put them in the press as a unit and put about 20 tons of force on them and they fit perfectly to the thick piece.
  12. 52100 core 420SS sides, maple burl stainless fittings with red micarta spacer.
  13. Charles my grinder only has one speed and that would be 5 x 3.14 x 1750 x 1/12 = 2289 ft/min The key is to use a new sharp belt as an old one will tend to burn the spacer material especially if it is next to a SS spacer it really get hot in a hurray.
  14. Mine is just .015 black spacer material sandwiched between SS and yes you have to have a sharp belt to grind it so it does not get hot and melt the spacer material.
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