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  1. buffing compound

    If you want that mirror finish on stainless use the PINK buffing compound that K&G in Arizona sells ,use with a loose buff wheel as a final buff.
  2. Buckeye Hunter - or the knife I made twice

    Wes I like that one a lot . Good job !!
  3. 52100 and Stainless San Mai

    Raymond I just welded all around the perimeter of the 3 layers to keep out the oxygen and then forged it.
  4. 52100 core and 304 stainless outsides stainless fittings and Turkish Walnut handle
  5. Stainless San Mai

    Thanks Salem I will give it a try.
  6. Damascus Scandi

    A piece of .020 stainless with black fiber spacers on both sides of it.
  7. Damascus Scandi

    1080 /15N20 twisted crushed W's with stainless fittings and Turkish Walnut handle. Tried to make the sheath match the handle.
  8. Stainless San Mai

    This is my first attempt at stainless I used 52100 and 300 series SS,next time I would like to use 420 and it would then be surface grind able after forging. Does anyone know of a good source of 420 SS ?
  9. San Mai

    This is my first attempt at forging stainless to 52100. It looks pretty good so far. This is just a test piece,will heat treat and see if it all stays together. Next time I would make the core slightly thicker. Does anyone know of a good source to buy 420SS from ?
  10. 52100 San Mai

    Joel the 52100 is from a roller (1.5 inches in diameter and about 2 inches long ) out of a large roller bearing. I forged it out to about 1/8 of an inch thick ,ground the scale off, tack welded a 1/8 piece of 15N20 on each side applied some borax and forged it out in my press. Let the piece cool slowly in vermiculite otherwise the bearing is extremely hard and difficult to work with and to drill any holes in the blank.
  11. 52100 San Mai

    It is a mixture of Fiebings saddle tan and black to make a brown color.
  12. 52100 San Mai

    52100 core with 15N20 11 1/2 inches OAL with Ironwood handle

    Just got these finished up. The one is forged from a roller bearing and the other is damascus. Both have G10 yellow/black handles and stainless fittings.
  14. Here is my first one for 2017. Damascus 1080 / 15N20 ,crushed W's,stretched Maple handle with stainless fittings and .015 fiber spacers
  15. Feather Damascus

    Thanks for all the positive comments on these knives. Much appreciated.