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  1. Cal G

    52100 / Stainless San Mai

    Thanks for the comments, and yes Wes that wavy black stripe is a real eye catcher.
  2. Cal G

    Fillet/Boning knife with cutting board case

    Very Impressive...!!!!!!
  3. Cal G

    52100 / Stainless San Mai

    Stainless and 52100 San Mai Black linen micarta handle stainless bolster, 9 inches OAL
  4. Cal G

    Repurposing Railroad Spikes

    Raymond no wonder your arm gets sore beating on that old stuff. You will have to take a trip again to my place and I will get you some new steel .......!!!!
  5. Handles Maple burl and Masur Birch Steel 1080 / 15N20 by maker Fittings stainless and fiber.
  6. Cal G


    Raymond, good to see that you are back in the shop.
  7. Cal G


    Wes, sand to 600 and then polish with the buff wheel
  8. Cal G


    They all started out as crushed W's The top blade is laddered crushed W's and the bottom 2 are twisted crushed W's
  9. Cal G


    Just finished these up. Damascus by maker 1080 / 15N20 Handles yellow / black G10 and Turkish Walnut Fitting stainless with dovetail bolsters.
  10. Cal G

    buffing compound

    If you want that mirror finish on stainless use the PINK buffing compound that K&G in Arizona sells ,use with a loose buff wheel as a final buff.
  11. Cal G

    Buckeye Hunter - or the knife I made twice

    Wes I like that one a lot . Good job !!
  12. Cal G

    52100 and Stainless San Mai

    Raymond I just welded all around the perimeter of the 3 layers to keep out the oxygen and then forged it.
  13. 52100 core and 304 stainless outsides stainless fittings and Turkish Walnut handle
  14. Cal G

    Stainless San Mai

    Thanks Salem I will give it a try.
  15. Cal G

    Damascus Scandi

    A piece of .020 stainless with black fiber spacers on both sides of it.