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  1. Well if this happens i would enjoy watching it and id be willing to pay for the content. thanks
  2. Hello, im just asking if Arctic Fire is still going on? I absolutely loved watching the first year and i bought the dvd and the cool poster that come with it. And the second was really amazing watching everyone struggle to build that master piece. Also nice to see im not the only person who ends up doing antler fights with the drunk buddies. I noticed with the explosion of forged in fire the desire of bladesmithing has exploded as well but it felt like a lack of spirit of the content. I have watched the first year from time to time just to listen to it while working just for the inspiration. I loved listen to the niello demonstration with all the enthusiasm. Also the the lecture of evolution of celtic artwork helps provided a the feeling that your knives and your art is adding to the history of the art. So is arctic fire still going on or something with the same spirit thats not forged in fire related? Also sorry if this sounds like a love letter.
  3. Hello i bought a bowie and need help identifying the maker. Its a j with a series of stacks behind it. All help would be appreciated
  4. Oh I understand about those flasks. I actually use those ones and larger ones that I have built every day in my shop with delft and petrobond but the small one he is using here caught my attention because it has a nice appeal and I kind of collect flasks. That's why I was asking where he got it from
  5. I have to ask where did you get that small flask. I love it and would love to get one
  6. Hello, everyone it can be done with standard pla but there is an issue called "ashing". so after the burnout is done you need to blowout the ash left after the flask.
  7. hello, Im currently working on a "lost ABS" casting project and was wondering what how I should do my burnout. I plan on using my kiln but does anyone have any ideas on what temp I should do the burnout on and for how long? I just go my 3d printer and this is my first ABS burn out and if anyone has tips they would be well received. thanks
  8. hello, My wife is working with a Shugendo practitioner and both of them have had no luck finding a source of rice straw. They both came to me asking to find it since they know its used in traditional Japanese smithing. So does anyone know where I can get some. I am looking to just get two twists that are 12in length and wider than an inch. They are doing a ritual the beginning of next month and I have been given the job to locate it. So help will be greatly appreciated .
  9. Not to be rude, but this looks like an injury waiting to happen.
  10. How deep of an etch can the nitric acid provide on mild steel. Will it work with a vinyl pattern as the resist??
  11. hello, im looking to get a pattern cut out of some steel from a plasmacam, water jet or some other cutting service. I am using it for an embossing project and the aid would be really helpful. I am willing to pay for it. thanks Matt
  12. I agree, but an all steel hammer including the handle, god that would kill your wrist quick. But I wonder how that would work in forging knives. I guess if the hammer is held in a way one could forge a blade with a "hollow grind" edge with out grinding. but that's just me being foolish.
  13. well I know during the war, they would cut some swords tangs to make them to military code. And if it is one of those it generally has a price tag of $200USD to $400USD. But in my opinion id re-polish it and make a nice new shinny blade with it. But that's my opinion.
  14. what purpose are you looking to use this in bushcraft. most of my clients that are into bushcraft look for more of a skinner, or something with some heft. Generally my clients stay away from drop points and long straight edges due to the abuse. Other than that it is a very nice blade
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