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  1. oh wow. another use for that stuff other than epic smoke bombs
  2. Hey folks, i know some of you can read runes. can anyone translate the words: protection and wisdom into runes for me? if anyone can, thank you so much!
  3. i would invest in some sort of etching device for your mark. otherwise this blade is unbelievable.
  4. im going to have to recommend 5160 on this one
  5. as someone who really enjoys subtle patterns, i would say do it. and then clay it. you could make an amazing hamon. i did this one time and the pattern of the hamon was wispy and abrupt. like smoke in a breeze. i havent been able to replicate it since, but then. i havent pattern welded since.
  6. ...aaaaaaaannd i'm off to change my underwear.....
  7. ready......aim.........THROW MONEY AT HIM!!!!!!!!
  8. need a dynamite pouch. just to up the badass factor
  9. if you do a hamon do a very simple one. subtle wave or something
  10. you should do one with a flare and partial fold on the sides of where the fingers cover. it would make it much more comfortable on the fingers. just tossin ideas
  11. good luck. thats a lot of culture in 3 blades. i personally couldnt forge a rapier
  12. if you dont have a reason, dont do it. too much wildlife dies off for no reason as it is.
  13. why are you killing a beaver? are you going to eat it?
  14. the blood of virgins...... sorry. i meant to say "i use super glue"
  15. i like this one much better than your folders. then again. im just kind of a fixed blade kind of guy
  16. to quote someone famous. FINISH HIM! cause i cant wait to see the rest! lol
  17. freakin amazing but would look better with a brass bolster to match the sheath a little better
  18. i prefer using a honeybadger to cut mine. they just dont give a $h!^
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