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  1. What were they if not leafsprings?
  2. Were they leafsping's ?
  3. @Dan Waddell,well it don't look to bad, I feel with every knife we/all/ you make you learn from it, And we get better at it. I would really like to go and take some classes on metallurgy and what not. But keep trying to get what you want out of the metal. You could sell it like is or re-do it. but not bad at all
  4. @Geoff,there real nice where about do you live that you found them? there real nice!!! @Wish I could get them,I paid $35 for a Elk- deer stub or what ever you would call it, it's about 5 1/2 inchs long and about 2inch round
  5. Very nice Jason!!!
  6. Who's waist does it fit (lol) , but it looks very cool,looks like something a Viking would wear.
  7. did you make the sheath your self? That's my biggest problem when selling a knife my self
  8. What kind of wood did you use for the handles?
  9. There are nice,how long are they,and what kind of knife is it? Can you through it? They are awesome looking,good job!!!
  10. I will get more pic's,Sorry John is was a very busy weekend, but I will get more pic's,I realy want to get these up and running, I have a lot of work for these. I have a buddy, and we have about 40ft of 4142 or it's 4140 (I think, I no it's for making hammer's out of) that we are making Japanese Sword Hammer's out of.
  11. Yeah that sounds great to get pic's of his,and what size tank does he use?
  12. @ That sounds hopeful for me, does it look like the one's I have? And what size tank do you use with it?
  13. @Jim,ok I have a good friend that has his own business, I will ask him...
  14. @John,I can do that this week end...
  15. Hi all,it's been a bit,but getting back into the swing of thing 's since my dad,but he's doing real good. Not sure if this is the right place to post,But here it is,I need a little help with these Johnson Furnace's. On both doors there marked with raised lettering .... 142-5 The one on the left is a Annealing furnace Furnace # 175 Serial # 380 BTU/HR> Input 35000 The one on the right is the Blast furnace Furnace # 142 Serial # 1103 BTU/HR.> Input 200000 I have been searching on how to convert these to LP/Pro-pain, I no it can be done,I just need some plane's or what not. I even called the manufacture and they wanted to sell me new one's and they were no help. The other to pic's are of the doors. Anyone here that can point me in a good direction.....?