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  1. Heal fast and get well soon,it had to hurt lick a bitch,but I now from past experance the novacane hurt the most when they stitched you up,
  2. @tsterling,that was a awesome video, thanks for sharing that. And thank you for the links on your site as well I look forward to warm weather so I can try some of this stuff out
  3. What is your furnace made out of? It looks perrty cool, I just use my forge to melt stuff But I would like to use something ells if I could
  4. Very Nice Sword, I really don't think your going to get it back from your son, he looks like he means business, so at this point I would just make him a shield an helmet But really,very nice work you did
  5. @tsterling,That's awesome work you did,I would really like to see how you did all of that. I only hope to be half as good as you are one day
  6. That's cool stuff,the snake is different and allways good to see new stuff like that
  7. Very nice work,and the pictures are good also,the leather case complements the knife very well,how long did this take you from start to finish?
  8. Very Nice, if the wood is not bad, why not salving it, to many people are to quick just to through thing's out, I'm always on the look out for thing I can use in the shop, This is very cool. That dead bolt lock ,I have a box of a 100 of them, picked them up real cheap at a auction
  9. I think all your knifes are works of art,not one is better then the other,they are all truly awesome
  10. @Geoff,thanks, I'm in the middle of the process now, I have to blade's that they are just plane iron,I had them shot/scanned or what ever you want to call it (experimenting with them). I have read so much in the past three day's my eye's went crossed . Its seam's everybody dos it just a little different,when it come to the soak time and how many times. As soon as there done I will post pic's of them in show an tell. If all goes well I will have them done in a month or so
  11. @Jake,soory for the miss conception, I normalized one time with out doing anything to the steel,then the 2nd time I put a shape on it and let normalized,3rd time tweaked ,and then normalized. Then I heated to critical temp tweaked and quenched, did that 3x. Then I started to grind on it and went up to 120grit sand paper
  12. @Doug,I have a coal forge,out side down back of my house
  13. I like the knife a lot,it's cool,I like the handle wrap ,What kind of forge do you use?
  14. Hi guys,I need a little help,I don't have the option to temper after harding,I got the shape of my blades the way I wanted them, quenched them in oil ,then lightly grinded off any scale on them and then put them back in the forge touched them up and then quenched them in oil again (5160), then I grinded them down with a belt grinder to/with 120grit to the shape I want, before I do my final polishing on them,I want to temper them in the oven,I can't harden them and then temper them right away because the forge in way down back of my house (my dilemma ) when I was belt grinding them I was very
  15. @Stephen Stumbo, This is awesome what you have done, I have not posted anything on here for a bit, I have been busy in the shop and I got sick, put me down for two Month's(uggg),I have seen many different things on here beside knives and swords and I think that is awesome, knife and swords are fun, but it is always cool to try different thing's and see other people's work on here, where I live Blacking Smithing is a dying trade, but slowly making a come back, Mostly where I live the Amish do a lot of it and to find a Black Smith where I live you haft to drive a bit. But this is cool lad
  16. @Caseynz,Hi,lol about the wifey,but that's all good,when you get done building your smithy,you have to pos pic's of it
  17. That is awesome piece of work,what kind of clay did you use on it? That is real nice
  18. Very nice pair of twin you made. You said you are building your house,is/does this this house have going to have a built in forge and shop in it? Wow about the wale bone,how close do you live to shore that you can find stuff like that,because that's perty cool :-)
  19. That's real nice,I like using old wood also,driftwood makes nice handles also
  20. Real nice work,you no what they say keep trying till perfection,It looks real good and you must feel real good that it came out as nice as it did
  21. Congratulations on your up and coming wedding, real nice work, looking forward to seeing more pic's :-)
  22. Thanks a bunch Geoff that was a big help, because I was going to try and pound one out..
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