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  1. I was asked to make some fullay knives, I did some research on them and I get stainless steal. Is this a good choice and are they very hard to make. I need some input please :-)
  2. That's looks awesome, can I ask how much was the total cost of this?
  3. Awesome sword Owen, You are a master of steel
  4. Real nice work, I really like how you explain things and show your work
  5. Awesome, work, how did he rap the handle, by hand or with a machine?
  6. @Doug,This is what I all put in my folder,Basics Of Heat Treating; Building Our Toolbox Normalizing Annealing Hardening Part 1 Hardening Part 2 Tempering Chemistry considerations in heat treating operations
  7. @Doug,Thanks a lot that explanes a lot,a big help
  8. @ Ken Burbank' yeah her kid and I got her one,so thats why I made it for her,theres is a patton on it,so you could make one but I really don't think you could sell them,is was a gift for my girl for Christmas
  9. @Bruce and anyone els, What is " austenitizing temperatureing " exactly? I read some place about using sand to slowly cool it before putting it in oil,am I on the right track???
  10. @ B Finnigan The scrap yeard up the street from me has a lot of 6150,in all size's,I think they sell it for like $1.00 a pound,but they charge a $10 cut fee if you don't bging you own saw.
  11. @Geoff Keyes Thank you,I just picked up a piece of 4140(10 Lbs)2x2x6 for a hammer I'm going to try and make in the summer,thanks for the information on both steels,I also just found out I have some machine blads that are M4 steel
  12. Hi all, Has anyone used these typs of stell before? And if so how are they for making a blade out ofthese typs of steel 4140 and 6150. I did look them up and I'm finding a lot of differnt things on them,so can anybody help me out?
  13. @ Brian Lawson Thank You,yeah my girl loves it,yeah the snow sucks and its to cold to forge out side right now.
  14. @Karter Schuster, Thank You,The forge is made out of a water tank and I have two pipes running down through it with a bunch of hole's drilled in them,in the back of the forge thats where I have the forced air coming in where I can open an close it with a vent.The in side of the forge ia lined with furance cement,it works perty good but getting the clincker out is some time a pain in the but. I'm working on a sword forge which that will be made out of a steel hot water tank,that tank is aboue 4ft long when you would lay it down.
  15. They are really cool,I love the handles on them,the tip on the first knife I realy like
  16. Very nice,I like it,its small and cute somthing a girl might carry,nice workmen ship on everything
  17. @ Ondřej Borský I would have done to the handle,but I had to let it go because I share my shop with my dad and everytime I would work on it,he wanted to no what I was doing. The heart I made for my girl like I said,I wanted to make more to sell but I have to check the patton out on it first,because there is one on that shape,giving is ok,but selling,I'm not sure about.
  18. Sorry for the size of the pic's,I took them with my iphone and thought they would be ok
  19. Hi All, It has been a bit since I posted anything on here since I moved to CO last year,I could not forge there at all(no space),but we have moved back home to PA. I built a new forge and started forging and have some new/old things to go with it. A anvil,blacksmith vice and a handblower. I forged a knife out of a railroad spike for my dad for Christmas,he was happy with it,this was my 2nd atemp on making a knife. I also made a openheart wall hanging for my girlfriend,she loves it. Im open for all coments :)/>
  20. Very nice job,it looks awsome,how long did it take to do the hole thing from start to finsih?
  21. @Eric,this hobby is costly enough,if you can get anything for this hobby for free,go for it,why not,if its leagle there is no harm it,you did things out of respect,good luck with it and have fun with it,I think it realy cool that you did not let it go to wast...
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