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  1. Lovely work, I hope the knives come out as well as the drawings. I'm looking forward to seeing them.
  2. I can see a dwarf, but if that's Santa, I'm gonna stay on the naughty list, lol.
  3. TMason


    Beautiful work At least in prison, you could make some extra money crafting high quality shanks
  4. I'm loving the overall shape, some great work so far, can't wait to see it finished.
  5. All of those are good ideas, but everyone loves the light guys. How about a Nazgul dagger? These guys get no love, in spite of their power So why not a piece worthy of one of the dark human kings who were known for their weapons of power?
  6. I'm liking the shape, can you give some dimensions?
  7. What's not to like? That looks great
  8. I like the blade shape. I think your daughter wants to discuss the policy on desserts, tho, she has that look in her eye
  9. Very nice work Congrats on the grand daughter, and remind him it's never to early to start stocking up on ammo, also
  10. I like the pattern on the birch, what did you stain it with? with the "meaty" blade it will hold up to most things she can throw at it. if your Mom calls you "meathead" you better run
  11. There are several Illinois smithing organizations that pop up on web search. Abana isn't a bad place to start, as it takes the same basic whacks with a hammer to forge an s hook, as it does to form a blade, lol. Also a local smithing group will likely have members interested in bladesmithing that wouldn't mind a new buddy wanting to learn.
  12. For everything but the face of my anvil, and the heated areas of the forge, I use Rustoleum. You can buy a spray can of stuff that converts rust into a protective layer and prevents new rust from forming. You could always just saran wrap the anvil face if it's going to be more than a few days, or you are expecting it to get heavily drenched.
  13. I move we get him to put the knife down, and THEN we mug him
  14. Hand forged nails/pins on the shaft, with Norse runes, perhaps a wrought ferrule for the butt so it can be used as a blunt weapon?
  15. For forge building and making some of your own tools and such, IForgeIron is a good reference site. Welcome to the addiction
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