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  1. Hey Alan- Great to see you're still keeping this place going! 


  2. thanks Vern, thats a great compliment.
  3. Thanks guys! the first axe is a basic craft axe Of my own style i made a few years ago, got a nice inserted steel bit. The second is my take on a rare traditional pattern of british axe known as a "cratemakers". I think the origin of the style goes back to pre- containerised shipping where reall shipping crates were made dockside. these axes (often much heavier than this example) served as great tools for rapidly fabricating cheap but effect joints for these wooden crates. Or at least that is my theory on the name. 3 and 4 are both variations on a theme, using a traditional northern european way to build a socketed axe. #3 is a thick edge, double beveled hewing axe for housebuilders, number 4 is more of a general purpose carpenters style, again double beveled. the advatage in this instance of the socket is the interchangeable handle. scandi log building styles often dont hew the surface until after the structure has been built, thus you can find yourself hewing the interior wall and when in a corner, you may have the advantage of altering the haft.
  4. Hey Alan! great to see you buddy, i'm glad to see the uploader works these days Must be huge gaps here there and everywhere since photobucket went belly up.
  5. Hello Everybody, been a long time. thought it was overdue adding some content here. heres a couple of axes from the recent past. hope you are all doing well the axes shown are all featuring forge welded steel edges and mild steel bodies, the two socketed arrangements are entirely forge welded in a coal forge from multiple pieces. Ive been studying and making traditional forms of carpentry axes for several years, so this is a tiny slice of what i do. Im hoping very much to rejoin this community in a more regular fashion Ps i hope the picture uploader works better than it used to... i no longer have a photo bucket account...
  6. Cheers guys. I am still awed by just how powerful she is. soooooo bloody noisy though- alot of venting air sounds. i may build some silencers for her in the future, i know a few guy who have doen this very simply with good results. just a cake tin filled with drill swarf.
  7. Hello everyone. I feel like a stranger from distant lands coming back here. It been a couple of years since my last post so theres probably a few thousand additional members since then? anyway, I have not stopped. I am still a full time blacksmith/ tool maker. I have been too damn busy to get on the interwebs for too much other than client comms. i have been struggling to even keep up with my business FB. So in order to get back "in" ive got something "BIG" to show you. okay its not "John Nicholson" enourmous, but its still pretty heavy. here she is read all about her, Here http://thenewhearth.blogspot.co.uk/2016/09/massey-2cwt-with-slides-power-hammer.html Cheers
  8. Hey Alan- look how good i'm being! two in as many months! this time, it's a biggie I will post this else where on the forum as well i think. its got a lot of pictures and too many of them squiggly word thingys. http://thenewhearth.blogspot.co.uk/2016/09/massey-2cwt-with-slides-power-hammer.html
  9. ok, so new blog! I haven't actually been on the forum in over a year. just too busy. http://thenewhearth.blogspot.co.uk/2016/08/a-year-later.html
  10. After 6 Months, I have updated the blog, some sneak pictures of a few projects which will be explored in other posts soon. http://thenewhearth.blogspot.co.uk/2015/05/six-months-of-progress.html
  11. A new post, in part about the prestigious Portland works where the first stainless steel knife in the world was struck. Mainly about a good bloke called Andy. http://thenewhearth.blogspot.co.uk/2014/09/portland-works-andy-cole.html
  12. HAHA! you made pyrex? hero.
  13. yep,I tried sea salt once, for interest. Huge billowing clouds of thick smoke, which I took to be some kind chlorine gas... so I stopped playing...
  14. really consistent work there, well done indeed!!
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