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  1. Thanks Scott! Yes L6 and W2, which for me probably is the most readily available steels to get hold of for making Damascus. I have tried many different steel combinations but this gives the best contrast with what I can find quite easily. I guess I could get my hands on 01 and 1085....*pondering*....what do you use for making damascus?
  2. Thanks Greg, Todd and Kyle @Kyle yeah you got me The cap was just laying around the workshop and it seemed like the perfect thing to use as the ferrule. So I cut it about 5mm shorter and cleaned it up nicely.
  3. I had a semi looking at the photos....awesome
  4. Thanks Josh There's a couple more photos at http://www.iforgeblades.co.za/2011/10/yanagi-ba-right-handed/ if anyone cares to see
  5. I forged the blade from turtle shell / chocolate block damascus I made in June (L6/W2). This is the thinnest knife I have made so far…I think…and it was quite a fun project. Yeah yeah…I know the blade is not as long as a traditional Yanagi ba, but I still call it one as it resembles the shape and will be used for the same functions and that was the aim when I started out making it. The handle is made from black ivory sandwiched around a slender of wild olive. A copper ferrule strengthens the handle.
  6. Stuart...your work just gets better and better...if it even is possible to get better from what you are producing. I am always in awe at the quality, durability and finish of your blades. Well done friend!
  7. Thank you all for the feedback. This forum is great!
  8. "I like making cable damascus as it is such a quick and easy damascus to make!" I forge profiled the dagger blade from a piece of cable damascus and then grinded to final shape. It is my first dagger with a hollow grind and quite like the hollow grinds on a dagger. The guard and pommel is made from an experimental piece of 5160 / high carbon steel nails damascus that had a couple of inclusions and not good enough to make a blade from but worked well for the fittings. The handle is hardwood and brass.
  9. wow... I am speachless my friend!!! I am humbled by your outstanding work!
  10. Very talented...and patient!! I should learn more patience. Awesome piece of work!
  11. Thanks Wayne! Will you be going to the meeting at Bertie Rietveld's workshop tomorrow? If you are, I am taking the sword there for a kind of show and tell. Nice hearing from you!
  12. I don't have a piece of rebar that is the right size to make the spear...but will post photos in a new topic once I have done it. Thanks! Ok I have scraped together enough courage to show you the rebar hunter. Here is the blog post I did for it http://www.iforgeblades.co.za/2010/04/large-rebar-hunter/ you can click on the photos to see them bigger. Did not take many photos of this blade though because it was just an experiment. Then in regards to your rebar knives. I have made a similar type knife but with 1075 modeled on a blade made by Bob Loveless in 1969 for a Doctor. Your r
  13. The habuchi popped on that first photo...nice!
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