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  1. Very nice! I’ve tried making a couple cala lilies but that was about it. Truthfully I have enough trouble turning piece of rectangular shaped steel into a knife shaped piece of steel, a rose may be beyond my abilities.. look forward to seeing what others here have made though
  2. Thanks guys, much appreciated!!
  3. Second is a 7” Damascus Bowie with ironwood handle and Damascus and brass fittings. looks like most of my pics aren’t working, maybe too big.. I’ll see if I can get a couple resized and posted up tomorrow. Anyway, thanks for looking! Feedback is always appreciated! -Justin
  4. Here a couple I finished up recently. A wa-gyuto with burnt hawthorn handle, blade forged from w2 and differentially hardened. Blade was around 8.5”.
  5. Very cool knife! Will be waiting to see final pictures.
  6. Thanks for the tips! i didn’t think of drawing back the temper locally to file it..
  7. Sweet! best luck with customs, maybe don’t bring that big knife?
  8. And here it is all done.. I guess it didn’t come out too badly. now I just gotta finish that big fighter.
  9. So not long after this picture, right as I was thinking, “one or two more passes on the grinder and it’s time to hand sand.” That I cut way too deep and totally screwed this knife up... managed to “erase” some of the mistake, but it will never be a sellable piece of work.. so I at least learned a thing or two.. first, daggers are hard. There’s a reason the ABS chooses the dagger for the masters test. second, the plunge lines, are probably best done with a file, pre heat treat. I usually do much of my finer grinding after heat treat, but I’ll be reconsidering that. so I will finis
  10. Thanks guys, I usually work on a few at a time, but ah... yeah..maybe don’t finish them all? the fighter is one I started last year, but the fullers turned out to be above my skill level and I stopped working on it.. came back to it figuring if I mess it up what do I really have to lose and to my surprise I think they will actually be usable. So far I’ve tried cutting with a foredom, with a hardened steel tool made just for that, with sandpaper, with an Arkansas stone, and finally back to the foredom.. hats off to those of you who do these and make it look awesome!
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