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  1. Thanks for the replies guys! At the 100$ range I’ll probably end up giving them a try.
  2. Sweet!! Glad I checked in today and got to see these. Really nice work!
  3. Another in w2, with the same wood handle but it’s since been switched to ironwood. Been using this one all week and feels really nice, cuts like a laser though it’s got a bit more heft than my last daily work knife. This one and the one in the last post were both differentially hardened, this one has a pretty nice hamon though I’m not really planning on polishing it. Feel like I’m entering a new phase in my knife making, back to where I started. Back then it was a desire for a nice Japanese Gyuto that led me to knife making.
  4. Next is w2 a bit shorter, probably closer to 210mm same handle material, trying for a forge finish but mainly made this one to work out my heat treat on Japanese style edges. was a bit chippy on the edge for a day or so , maybe had it a bit too thin cause after I sharpened it back out it’s been doing great since. Cuts really nicely, and is currently with a chef on a fishing boat up near Alaska so hopefully he has some good feedback for me. and I’ll post one more
  5. So been a while, again.. covid has sucked for restaurants so haven’t had much time for knives but gotten a few done. On the plus side I’ve had plenty of time for research and development of my kitchen knives. first is Damascus in the 240 range. Old sledge handle for the wood. Going a bit thicker on the spine and thinner on the edges these days. Cuts like butter, still waiting to see how the Damascus performs in the long run though. got a couple more I’m gonna add in a second post.
  6. Some time ago when I got my kmg I was originally planning on getting a 10” contact wheel in addition to the platen. Turned out when he quoted me on a price it was quite a bit more than I could justify, so I just got the flat platen. Several years later I saw usaknifemaker selling poly wheels for quite a bit less, though I never got one I have thought about it from time to time. Yesterday I was on eBay and saw a rubber wheel for like 100$, and suddenly I’m wondering if it’s finally time to splurge.. yes, I know I’m cheap… any one have any experience with the usaknifemaker poly wheels
  7. Very nice! I’ve tried making a couple cala lilies but that was about it. Truthfully I have enough trouble turning piece of rectangular shaped steel into a knife shaped piece of steel, a rose may be beyond my abilities.. look forward to seeing what others here have made though
  8. Thanks guys, much appreciated!!
  9. Second is a 7” Damascus Bowie with ironwood handle and Damascus and brass fittings. looks like most of my pics aren’t working, maybe too big.. I’ll see if I can get a couple resized and posted up tomorrow. Anyway, thanks for looking! Feedback is always appreciated! -Justin
  10. Here a couple I finished up recently. A wa-gyuto with burnt hawthorn handle, blade forged from w2 and differentially hardened. Blade was around 8.5”.
  11. Very cool knife! Will be waiting to see final pictures.
  12. Thanks for the tips! i didn’t think of drawing back the temper locally to file it..
  13. Sweet! best luck with customs, maybe don’t bring that big knife?
  14. And here it is all done.. I guess it didn’t come out too badly. now I just gotta finish that big fighter.
  15. So not long after this picture, right as I was thinking, “one or two more passes on the grinder and it’s time to hand sand.” That I cut way too deep and totally screwed this knife up... managed to “erase” some of the mistake, but it will never be a sellable piece of work.. so I at least learned a thing or two.. first, daggers are hard. There’s a reason the ABS chooses the dagger for the masters test. second, the plunge lines, are probably best done with a file, pre heat treat. I usually do much of my finer grinding after heat treat, but I’ll be reconsidering that. so I will finis
  16. Thanks guys, I usually work on a few at a time, but ah... yeah..maybe don’t finish them all? the fighter is one I started last year, but the fullers turned out to be above my skill level and I stopped working on it.. came back to it figuring if I mess it up what do I really have to lose and to my surprise I think they will actually be usable. So far I’ve tried cutting with a foredom, with a hardened steel tool made just for that, with sandpaper, with an Arkansas stone, and finally back to the foredom.. hats off to those of you who do these and make it look awesome!
  17. First a little clay.. then heat treat. Went without incident. Into the oven at 400 for a bit and then I’ll see if I can’t finish it up tomorrow.
  18. Way too many bevels!! But almost ready to heat treat
  19. So it’s been a long time since I did a work in progress, like years long... so I feel like I’m over due.. hopefully I can contribute something to a forum that has meant quite a bit to me over the years, and if not at least it should be fun.. so like I said above, works in progress, I have two knives I’m gonna try to WIP at the same time.. maybe.. I’ve got a big hamon fighter, (already through heat treat) that has pushed me well beyond my skill set and which I’m not yet sure will ever become a knife. And while working on that today I got distracted and started a small dagger.. also going
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