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  1. "Sovereign" Dagger.

    All hail to the Damascus artist extraordinaire !!!!........Seriously dude....
  2. Anvil ID

    ?? ??, looks like a worker......150 lb. or so?.....
  3. A fighter with a twist

    I still like the concept and the aesthetics, and if it fits the hand well I Bet it handles good too......
  4. Wild boar bones and deer antlers

    Cool stuff !!........
  5. Blown twin burner experiment

    Jeremy; A bit of advice from an old fart , focus on one thing at a time and do it !! Because iffen ya don't, nuthin gits done ( I speak from experience here ) if a ribbon is what you really want and finances permit, DO it, A ribbon burner is my ultimate goal but a fixed income says no fer now, so I'm makin do with what I have and still have too many irons in my project fire. Let me know which way you go on this, Take Care ..........Cliff........
  6. Blown twin burner experiment

    Update: The experiment went OK but I still wasn't satisfied with it so, I found another blower in my stash pile, this one had a 130 CFM rating on it and after building a reducer from 3"x 3 1/2" to a 1" pipe nipple to attach to the burners I got satisfactory results, this puppy will now heat a 2" x 1/4 "x 12" leaf spring section to a bright yellow heat purdy damn quick. Now I gotta clean up the mess and start another project, actually finish the bigger forge I started earlier, OH YEAH the five blades I have to finish too !! CRAP ! I'm flooded with stuff ta do !!!...............
  7. Buckeye Hunter - or the knife I made twice

    Another nice one Wes....
  8. Renaissance Sidesword WIP

    I so wish I had the patience to do that kind of file work, excellent artistry......
  9. Very simple beginners forge!!!

    Another fine example of the K.I.S.S. engineering principal in practice..........
  10. Blown twin burner experiment

    Zeb; If you look closely at the burners in Geoff Keys' pinned burner topic you will see that putting a blower into the intake of a venturi side burner is essentially the same as one of the two designs he posted,with that being said you can plainly see in the vids I posted it does work. There are some tweaks for improvement yet to do but that's what keeps it interesting.....
  11. Blown twin burner experiment

    It was a yard sale find but I believe it was once a pellet stove blower, not certain . The more I use it the more I think I need more cfm and static pressure for the twin setup, this would most likely work better on a single burner. Dang !! another experiment.....
  12. Straightening antler handle material

    Thank you Jerrod, that is the very one .............
  13. Blown twin burner experiment

    I have a 1" burner with an .035 tip that I use for my foundry furnace, it'll do a 5 lb.charge of aluminium in around 35/45 mins.
  14. Blown twin burner experiment

    I use .030 or .035 for 3/4" burners and .028 for 1/2" burners myself ....
  15. Blown twin burner experiment

    Exactly, the blower shoots at the 90 of the tee and the reducing end of it concentrates the air fuel mix....... PS A gate valve is a good idea as it makes for an unlimited amount of control on the rig....