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  1. Hey is you still alive  ???     :)

  2. Hi fellow Oregonian....B)

    1. Vern Wimmer

      Vern Wimmer

      Hiya, from where the Rogue meets the sea.

  3. JJ I noticed a recent post you made about your beckett style forge burner and was wondering if you would pm me some info and pics of your setup I've had a burner like that layin around here for a while and could use some experienced advice on using it if you could be so kind. Thanks Clifford....

  4. Hi George;I was checkin out your seax in photo bucket. Nice job! The brass work on the sheath is really impressive, now I gotta try to do some leather work thanks for the inspiration....Cliff

  5. Hey back, workin on anything ?

  6. Hey Mike just saw your reply I'll check out the club site ...see ya

  7. Ben; what is this OKCA show you speak of

    and would you give me some particulars on it

    on my profile comments or PM me Thanks

    Cliff <><

  8. Liked the WIP on the integral hawk I had thoughts of that myself nice work !!

  9. Nice rack on the elk...!!

  10. Merry CHRIST mas .........

  11. Hi from another Oregon machinist

  12. Hi from Klamath Falls; Ray I like sawsteel too but its getting dang hard to find anymore nice lokin blades....Cliff

  13. Hi from Klamath Falls trying to get to know like minded locals Hammer on...

  14. Hello Ben ,Like your style keep up the inspirational work


  15. Hi from K Falls,Hobby Blacksmith Artist Blade maker Looking to go semi pro one day.


  16. O.K. We be friends man .... Hammer happy !!

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