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  1. That handle is perfect !!!!!! the blade symetry is beautiful !! Too fancy is just that, too fancy !!..... My .02
  2. looks to be a serviceable design GIT ER DONE !!
  3. Why not upset it then punch and drift ? Just a thought....
  4. One from the late great Grant Sarver
  5. Hey Mike just saw your reply I'll check out the club site ...see ya

  6. I agree also that it is a good effort, the hammon is nice, and the overall profile aint bad either ...go with it and learn from it !!
  7. Makes me wish I had a cow to split
  8. WHOA DUDE !!! A new level of artistry
  9. Can't be of any help but I'll be watching this one closely good luck
  10. Serious out of the box creation !!! KUDOS
  11. The work of an engineer with obviously waaaaay too much time on his hands !!! pretty cool though
  12. It's good to see you back on the web scene. I was wondering what happened to you, fine work as usual,hope to see more from you...
  13. The Dark Lady was a jaw dropper but this one is a double dropper WOWZER !!!!!!!
  14. I've run a few of those antique belt drive machines that were converted to electric power. mostly lathes, at present a New Haven 36"x8 foot at a shop I contract in occasinally Its nice to see so many set up on jack shafts and used the old way. A very inspirational web site and AWSOME !! work by Joel. Thanks for sharing this with us Sam....
  15. Lookin good..! I just aquired a crap load of sring steel myself and some of these are on the to do list
  16. DUDE !!!!!! AWESOME piece of work.....
  17. I too say thanks for the re-post it was very helpfull
  18. Love the pattern on the first one !! all are great works
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