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  1. Lookin good..! I just aquired a crap load of sring steel myself and some of these are on the to do list
  2. DUDE !!!!!! AWESOME piece of work.....
  3. I too say thanks for the re-post it was very helpfull
  4. Love the pattern on the first one !! all are great works
  5. Knives always have been and always will be both tools and weapons so someone taking offense to what it is or what it is called is purely a classic example of Opinions and anal orfices
  6. Ben; what is this OKCA show you speak of

    and would you give me some particulars on it

    on my profile comments or PM me Thanks

    Cliff <><

  7. If that oil burner works good that would be my choice for welding, waste oil burns wicked hot and is usually free for the taking. Not that propane won't do the job, but cost of operation is easier on the finances.I will be building one this spring myself. Welcome to the forum Cliff
  8. Great concept, A backpacker's pal....
  9. Tru oil is my go to for handles....
  10. #2 IS THE RIGHT ONE TO USE !!!!!!.......
  11. The primitve look is perfect, change is not needed at all !!!!!
  12. One of the best smithing practice exercises I've found is making your own tongs to fit each scenario. A quote from Glenn at IFI..The tools dont make the smith The smith makes the tools...... Nice lookin forge by the way...
  13. Nice lines I wanna see the final shots !!
  14. You will get better heat if you use a blown burner with NG Also you will need larger than home service piping as you will need more volume for an efficient burn there are guys out there that use it and they will chime in I'm sure, besides if it's free GO FOR IT !!
  15. Dude!! the prototype looks very sellable to me nice job !!!
  16. Liked the WIP on the integral hawk I had thoughts of that myself nice work !!

  17. I have to agree with Doug on that one....
  18. Dude, that is totally friggin awesome work !!!! A respectfull bow to your creativity .....
  19. Looks like the track tension spring hella good stock to play with !!
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