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  1. Just curious.. what are the differences between sunglasses and "welding shades". I have a pair of safety glasses I wear that are shaded (1.00$ from harbor frieght). I mean sunglasses are to protect from the sun.....which is a giant forge anyhow right?...lol. Basically is there something special about specific IR3 as to say my dollar safety shades? And if I'm using a charcoal forge should I spot the money for something better or do you think my cheapys will do the trick? (I really like the way they fit)
  2. Ok I did a streak test with some of the rocks I found. "Tim" or the smaller rock in the above pictures did that very red streak (the bottom on the close up). So if I'm not color blind, I have a bit of magnetite and hematite in my possession. Btw i just learned that the "streak test" can be done on porcelain". (*facepalm*).
  3. I've tried my hand at the bloomery a few times now. The last attempt was unsuccessful, I i got was Slag and a non-reduced bloom with tiny foils here and there. It's kind of disappointing, but then again i didn't figure it was going to be easy. I decided I'll back up and take it in smaller steps, I like that thread about the little aristotle furnace and the success with the bloom from actual pieces of metal, scale and what not. I did note one thing, the ore I have been trying to use has all been the same. Black sand from dry arroyo's that naturally collects in low spots or s-turns (
  4. You have to have some means of scrounging one. I found my anvil...(piece of rr track). Walk along the rr tracks or go to a dump/scrap yard. I hear vikings used boulders from time to time. (not really suggesting that, but i guess it depends on how desperate "desperate" is.). Another option.... find an old sledge hammer head and set into concrete in a bucket...if concrete is to expensive use sand... should hold it well enough.
  5. I just got done making a (successful) flint striker. I messed up the first few times around. The metal used was an old file. When i first tried making the striker i made it with a thin striking edge, this is not good as the thin edge tends to chip my flint rather than throw sparks. I also tried an oil quench at first. After that oil quench resulted in little lazy sparks I quenched in water for excellent results. For the quench I did it right as it just started to become magnetic (just barely), and i simply quenched the striking edge in water followed by a quick dip of the whole thing after th
  6. Ever see Predator? That knife reminded me of some kind of "trophy" knife. Maybe some predator dreads with a rat skull in the beading coming out the back....kinda like a tail. Or if that's to much .... maybe a tuft of coarse black hair sticking out the back. All in all pretty awesome and original, has a real primal feel.
  7. I acquired an 8lb sledge hammer head and decided to cut it in half for grins and giggles, Hot cutting it went actually rather quickly. I used my hot cut (a converted hatchet head) and my 4 lb cross-pein. All in all it took maybe about 30 mins including heat time. Maybe I'll make a straight-pein out of one of the halves.
  8. Humidity, smuidity.... at 110 it doesn't matter if it's humid or not, you're sweating soooo bad it's like a river and a little atmospheric water added on top wouldn't even be noticeable. I go from slightly damp (indoors) to soaking wet in .5 secs when i step outside, so it's a moot point if it's humid or not, I'm soaked so bad it might as well be rainin'. I was born in Boynton beach FL btw, while florida can be hot... this place turns your skin to leather and if you stay long enough silosis of the lungs. Anyone got room in Oregon for a room mate?
  9. You all sound like you're on vacation... come to Yuma, AZ consistant 110's and its not even "Hot" out yet. You better not pick up any metal that's not been in the shade or you really will burn yourself.
  10. I decided to go with Mr. Sauders advice. I have a large PVC pipe i "acquired" from a construction dumpster from a few years back. Oddly enough it is exactly 9 inches in diameter. That link above is exactly what i was refering to as the "teenie-tiny" bloomery, and if I'm not mistaken the "Lee" mentioned in the forging of the bar is Lee Sauder (am I right?). Well whatever the case I've seen videos and read plenty of Mr. Sauders smelting, (i appreciate the advice btw). I do want to try either the teenie tiny or a flavor like it with my own twist at some point, but for now I'm going to play it
  11. I was hoping maybe one of the seasoned gents could give me a few pointers in the making of iron/steel, and maybe tell me if my current plan is doomed to fail like my last two. I wanted to make a bloomery that is constructed out of easily obtained "natural" (as in i go and pick it off the ground) resources. I tend not to stay in one state for too long and the whole idea is based around simple and available materials that could be relatively found no matter where i go. I've read a great deal of this forum, internet sites, and watched tons of videos. I've attempted twice before... the fir
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