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  1. Not sure if you're still looking, but you can always get a billet of suminagashi, although it requires better heat control and quench speed than 1080 or 1084 etc.. Something like 22 layers will give an effect similar to what you described. If you're interested, just copy & paste this into ebay's search: "San Mai bar stock w Takefu White Steel(Shiro2) core + 22 layer Suminagashi Outer" (looks like there are only two left of that particular stock, but there are other ones by Hitachi which are quite a bit more pricey) FWIW, the example knives they show in the pics are purely stock removal from a .215" thick billet, so the core steel is pretty high up and the layers are all straight. A little bit of forging would help with both of those. Anyway, just another option. ~Paul
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