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  1. Very awesome Sam. If you guys have not used Sam's tongs, i will happily recommend them. He makes amazing tools, and i will happily buy more from him
  2. Absolutely fantastic!!! Top notch stuff here, Thanks you Dave for putting this on and sharing it with us all!!! Some of the best stuff i have ever seen!!
  3. Jim, you sir are indeed a master of your craft!!! That is so well executed, it is unbelievable!!!
  4. I decided to try my hand at scrimshaw. This is my first attempt. I am curious As to what common things are used for dying and sealing scrimshaw after it is applied and also common methods for polishing. Thanks guys Mike
  5. Great stuff Sam! I really want to do a good test session with one of these. Nice work buddy, keep it up
  6. Damn Stuart!!!! That is a thing of beauty!!! Amazing all around.
  7. I figured i should show the knife i posted a few pages back now that it is finished. And here is one from a 240mm Gyuto i did I think i am on the right track, as those are my first two hamon's
  8. Very nice! I also got to see the Wakizashi you made Stacy...You do beautiful work!
  9. I had seriously considered taking some swell out. Feels great in hand, but still an option. Thanks guys
  10. That thing is pretty cool! Nice job!
  11. Hi guys, just got this one finished last night and i wanted to share. This one was forged and rough shaped by Nick Wheeler. This is my first attempt at a hamon, i love it...turned out very crisp. Not too bad for my 12th knife i think, I am rather proud! Blade:W-2 clay coated Blade Length: 9 inches Handle: "Mutant" Redwood Pin Burl Handle Length: 6 inches Guard: 1018 with black/copper/black spacers Feels really good in hand. Comfy, light and fast. Let me know what you guys think, Good bad or otherwise Thanks Mike
  12. That is incredible! I am a huge fan of carved art knives, this will be in my top favorites for sure! Great design and outstanding craftsmanship so far! Subscribing.
  13. I know this was posted a while ago, but that is awesome! Very nice job.
  14. Thanks guys for the kind words All of the carving was done post HT with a rotary tool....never again lol. From now on all blades carved will be so before i HT it.
  15. No i got it off Bladeforums in 06 i think. Thanks for the kind words
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