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  1. Hello, I would like to introduce Skautrir which means something like "border dweller." "Skautrir" it is just like it come from my language Iceandic the old language of vikings, but it is a very nice work from you and a nice silver inay on the " hjöltu" Johann Vilhjalmsson in Iceandicknives
  2. I call this knife “VINLAND” after the pattern in the damask steel I use for this knife.It is a blend of RWL 34 and PMC 27 it is one of the very best stanless steel you can find for knife making it come from Damstal in Sweden . Blade length is 13cm and total 27cm . The sheath is made from lax skin. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Icelandicknives/231983318594 Thanks Johann Vilhjalmsson in www.icelandicknives.com
  3. My new Damaskus hunter is now ready for the show in North of Iceland . Thanks Johann Vilhjalmsson in Icelanicknives.com
  4. There is a new damaskus hunter in progress, Hopefully finish before thorsday I go fore a show. Johann Vilhjalmsson in Icelandicknives.com
  5. http://a8.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-ash3/532138_10150929147933595_1722362250_n.jpg http://a1.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-ash4/313959_10150929148093595_826245390_n.jpg My new Icelandic hunting knife, I call this model " Double Grip " Blade length is 10cm and made from 4110 steel Handle is 12cm in length and made from rendeer antler and wale tooth Johann Vilhjalmsson in www.Icelandicknives.com
  6. Thanks Mike it is just girt with 150 and after I have make polising it will be better pattern Thanks Johann
  7. Thanks Jaques I try to finish some knives I have a show here in Reykjavík after 3 veeks Thanks johann
  8. I make this blade over the weekend, it is 12 cm long and made from staless steel from Damasteelin in sweeden, I bay it from Wolf Borger in the knife show In Gembloux Belgium 2 two years ago The are two diffrent steel in this blade RWL 34 and PMC 27 a very good blend of steel. Johann Vilhjalmsson in www.icelandicknives
  9. Thanks my friend, Yes the spacer are from fiber you can find it in all shops for knife martial in difrent coleur Jaques nice to see you to,yes all is Ok here but I need more time for my knives, hopefully I come over next November fore Gembloux it is on my plan now , you send my all for inscription . I come over in June in small holiday. Johann
  10. Hello my friend here I submit some photo from my resent works , I call this knives " Icelandic hunting Knife" The blade is handmade and make freehand on the grinding tool the steel is 4110 and 304 in the bolsters, for the handle I use warthog , whale tooth and rendeer horn. Thanks Johann Vilhjalmsson in www.icelandicknives.com
  11. Dear friends over there, if you like to show my new update homepage www.icelandicknives.com you can se some of my work, gunsmiting , knifemaking and hunting. The knife above I make few years ago Iuse: Blade : D 2 Handle : Ambonia Engraving by Veronicue Grojean in Liege Belgium Thanks Johann Vilhjalmsson in Iceland
  12. Hallo Jaques Thanks for that , hopefully I come over in November do you still have a table for my. It will be nice to see you and all our friends over there. Sean thanks for your word,no the express sight is from Recknagel in Germany like the sefty and svivels the scopemount is also fro Recknagel it is good qualaty gun parts from them. Missori is not so long way from Mississipi? I know this this company and before I bay from Fajen I like this walhut more than the plastics., hanks for sharing this homepage, ant thanks for your intrest do you make som knives your self? Johann
  13. Hallo Sean Thanks for your intrese . Yes Im a gunsmith and I learn my trade in Liege the old guns smiting school over there. I stay in Liege for a 4 years, we learn there to make double riffles and custom riffles on Mauser actions,But most of my works is repair works, but I alveis have in progress some work like now one 9,3x62 Mauser riffle and one 470 NE double riffle, And now Im wating after parts for new riffle RPA action from England and Lothar whalter barrel from Germany and I take the stock from your contry (Ritchard Microfit) I will show you my 9,3x62 but the stock on this riffle I make complet.you can also see some of my works on my homepgce Icelandicknives. Here in Iceland we have no law for gunsmith so the plumers can have licence for making guns and that is very bad Thanks for your intrest Johann Vilhjalmsson
  14. Dear friend I will show you here my last knife from Icelandicknives, the blade is made from RWL 34 steel and the handle is whale tooth from a whale who farmers find dead in the beach in North Iceland 50 years ago, ale grinding and file work are free hand. Thanks for wiving Johann Vilhjalmsson Gunsmith www.icelandicknives.com
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