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  1. End of August sounds good. But, I can't make any promises because my injury might not agree with the timetable. It would also not feel right to unnecessarily delay this process for others. A switch seems like a good option if you are willing to risk a prolonged wait. Thank you Brian for the vote of confidence!
  2. Oops! Right hand, #5 metacarpal bone broken. Estimated recovery time at least 8 weeks. The blade is forged and heat treated, but, I have no idea when I can get back to it. My apologies, gentlemen! Should I withdraw or..?
  3. I think this is a great thread! This was taken near Inari, Lapland. Never mind the weirdo in the picture Somewhere in Lemmenjoki, Lapland. Hossa, "lihapyörre" in North-Eastern Finland Neitvuori, one of the highest hills in central Finland - overlooking lake Saimaa. Lake Saimaa, Luonteri. 'nuff said. Storm light at Pitkäjärvi, Mikkeli Carnivorous swamp plants And these last four were taken a few days ago. There was a thick morning mist and I decided to drive around and take some pictures with the iPhone. Three months,
  4. aweller, That is quite thick, but it's not necessarily a problem. You could always shave it a bit thinner in places where you want to have more pronounced shapes. I use a spokeshave to remove excess thickness. It cut's best when the leather is damp. Keep them coming!
  5. Very nice work! Thank you for sharing. In my opinion the easiest way to improve would be to work on the sheaths, because there is a lot of contrast compared to these beautiful knives. Even minor improvement would greatly enhance the overall look of the whole. Work the leather when it is a bit damp, to get it to hug the shape of the knife. Also, finish the seam with a sharp (I mean sharp) knife, or sand it. You can use a belt sander. Quick and effective.
  6. 1. Brian Dougherty 2. Timothy Artymko 3. Doug Crawford 4. JJ Simon 5. Scott Wright 6. Wesley Alberson 7. Robert Dowse 8. Kevin Hopkins 9. George Ezell 10. Michael Lenaghan 11. Dan Bourlotos 12. Aiden Carley-Clopton 13. Mike Andriacco ​14. Emiliano Carrillo 15. Francesco Muci 16. Juho Voutilainen
  7. Very nice indeed! Can't wait to see how this one cuts.
  8. Wes, Thank you, much appreciated! Jake, We'll see how things develop. A big part of that "professional" angle is that there would have to be enough people out there actually willing to pay for all the hard work . High-tech meets iron age is exactly what I was after with this one. Collin, Thanks! Fittings on that sheath are patinated sterling silver, about 1mm thick plate. About 80g of silver went into that knife Kevin, Finish is what I have been struggling with the most. This time I actually got it pretty much how I wanted it = looking a bit worn and maybe e
  9. Inspirational work, thanks for sharing!
  10. That is lovely! Great proportions and shape.
  11. RMuse, Thank you! George, I know. Being able to examine the original absolutely blew me away, and transformed the way I think iron age "Finland" might have looked like. Now you've done it - reintroduced the idea, which forces me to make another one of these. Thanks
  12. I've been making knives since 2006, but I've never made one for myself. Of course there has been a "workhorse" or two, but nothing fancy. More than once this has created a problem, because I haven't had anything worth showing available. Finally I decided it was time to address this issue. This puukko is my final work as a student at Mikkeli Vocational College, Arts&Crafts. Two years of hard work to begin the process of becoming a professional knife maker. Blade on this one is Uddeholm Elmax Superclean high carbon stainless steel. It was made by grinding alone, not to disturb the
  13. Thank you, sir! It does not surprise me that whatever little could be said about this axe would probably still be a guess. At least we now know something about it. I have not seen anything like it in Finland before. Based on that my (uneducated) guess would be that it is originally from someplace else. Is there a way to help preserve it, or should it be left as is? Although it seems somewhat solid, it is oozing rust from here and there.
  14. Hello all! My friend recently bought this one from a flea market. The information we have on it is sketchy, to say the least. Apparently it was found from a "field", possibly from eastern Finland, or maybe Russia . The person who sold it had "cleaned it up" a bit. There aren't any obvious markings on it. Any additional information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! TallennaTallenna
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