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  1. One of the most common ways to get tetanus in the western world is pricking yourself in the garden. Rose growers beware!
  2. New England School of Metalwork have it listed on their website still: http://www.newenglandschoolofmetalwork.com/forsale.php good bunch of guy's and they are not too far from you. they may be able to cut it into a flat rate box for you if the size will work. I would say give them a call.
  3. Hmmm. I may have to check into Photomatix Pro. I have only ever used the software bundled with my Canon to do 3 exposure HDR. Thanks for the info on your process.
  4. Nice. I really like the look of your photos. is that done post or is it in camera HDR? a quick word about how you took the pics would be appreciated. great work.
  5. wow, makes me glad i live in a place where people are still assumed to be responsible for themselves and don't sue for everything. we have our own problems (corruption, drugs...) but if someone cuts their finger on a sharp object they still assume it was their own fault. made me think of this TED talk i came across last night. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IWdzrZdRa38
  6. Thanks for the interest! Geoff, the choice of plywood was indeed because the piece was going to be moving from Bermuda 80% humidity to Canada winter 50% humidity and central heating. As well as that, Bermuda is not the easiest place to find material so marine ply seemed the best choice for the range in conditions. I could have used some input from an experiences spinner when i was designing... since i did not know exactly what she was going to be spinning i made it so that the main drive pully has 2 diameters, 19.5 inches and 18inches. it is set up to be a double drive whe
  7. Hi guys, I know there is not much metal work here but this has been taking up a lot of my time over the last few months and I wanted to show it off anyway, I figured some of you may be interested... my Sister spins and knits, and recently a family that has a herd of sheep for wool (as opposed to eating ) has moved in near her home. so last year in a moment of weakness I promised to make her a spinning wheel! since I didn't know the first thing about spinning, this started several months of online research and visits to local museums. the result (after about 250 hours of work) is:
  8. i have a similar one from a no-name Chinese company. works great on anything hard. I have even cut wine bottles if I go slow enough. shell and coral will be like butter. make sure that you will be able to get replacement blades (but if you are cutting soft stuff they last ages). wear a raincoat!
  9. thank you both for these recommendations, I had not found either of these places and they are both now on the "must see" list! thanks again.
  10. Hi all, One advantage of a job where I spend 30+ days a year in airports is that my wife and I finally have the opportunity to visit Japan this summer! We are staying in Kyoto and Tokyo but have rail passes already so will be traveling arround southern Japan. I understand that Bizen is the place for steel work.?.? I have already reserved a day for the national museum in Tokyo. I was hoping some of you Japanese blade and fitting officianados would be able to suggest some other museums with focuses in historic metalworking of all types, Tatara running, or basically anything related
  11. Hey, To everyone not in the USA, I was not allowed to view the video on the PBS website.... BUT, I have found this episode of Nova available for sale on the iTunes Store. You may have to switch to the US iTunes Store, but I did it and it worked. And Ric, the sword looks great! Taran
  12. One of our extremely talented members did a tutorial on spearheads that showed how to do amazing sockets. I thought it was lukasz but I cannot find it right now. I can find this one but I thought there was a tutorial too.... http://www.bladesmithsforum.com/index.php?showtopic=21841&hl=spear#entry203394 Maybe someone with a better memory can remember the thread?
  13. I can't seem to use the link. It asks me to login?
  14. Half a pair of Damascus scissors?
  15. they sound beautiful! can you post the links to the makers? or instructions on how they are made? or what they would be called that i can google and find them? "steel drum" throws up lots of links for the traditional carribean style drum made from 55 gallon barrels, they have a very differant sound. my wife would love one. Found them! "Hank Drum", "Steel Tongue Drum". You tube is great! and i think i know what i will be doing this weekend. i have never seen those oval shape of propane tank before, not sure we get them here... hmmmm.
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