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  1. Hello everyone! I wasn't here for a longer time...so happy New Year!!! This is the first finished knife in this year. The blade is forged Elmax stainless steel, the handle is a combination of bruyere wood and copper. The sheath is made of leather, bruyere and copper. Total length is 17,5 cm/ 6,9 inch. The blade is 7 cm/ 2,75 inch. Thanks for watching and comments!
  2. The Chef is sold. The Slicer is still available
  3. I have the new scandi knife for sale. The blade is made of 5-layers billet forged by Vladimír Man from Olomouc (CZ). Core is W2 steel and sides are spring steel and wrought iron. The handle is carved out of ash burl wood and copper. Cow hide sheath with wooden inserts around the blade. Length overall 8,66 inches, length of the blade 4 inches Price of this knife is $550 Postage to US is $25 Paypal accepted
  4. Thank's Collin! Don't be jealous, be inspired
  5. Hi all! I have just finished kitchen knives for sale. First is 12,2 inches long chef. The blade of this knife is 7,87 inches long (cutting edge ca 7,5 inch) Second is 11,3 inches long slicer. The blade is 6,96 inches long (cutting edge ca 6,6 inch) Blades of both knives are made of Elmax stainless steel. They are fitted with rosewood handles and ss guards. The cases are made of African linda wood. The chef is for $450 The slicer is for $380 Postage to US is $25 Paypal accepted
  6. Hey all! I have some news out of my shop. The cooking knives have blades of Elmax steel, handles of rosewood and guards of SS. The scandi style knife have the blade made out of billet forged by my friend Vladimír Man from Olomouc town. It consists of W2 core and spring steel/wrought iron on the sides. Handle is carved out of ash burl wood and copper. Thanks for watching, comments are welcome! ;-)
  7. Hi gang I'm working on kitchen knives, but today I want to show you something different. After eight years of knifemaking I'v got my own webpage!!! Thanks to my great wife for creating it. She learned programming in her pregnancy and this is the result: http://www.stoklasaknives.com
  8. Hello friends! It's great thing to bear kids but now it's time for the knifemaking . I'm back in process and there is a few blades ready for finishing. Thank's for watching and comments
  9. Thank you so much!!! You're right, there's nothing better than being a dad. This is completely new dimension of love.
  10. Hi all! In last few weeks was worse communication with me. I take most of my toughtfullness to my wife. In saturday CET 12:03p.m. she gave birth to our son Otmar. Next day I brought both home from hospital. I haven't words about my feeling... It's pure happiness
  11. Hi friends! This is a new kitchen buddy for those who love cooking and need very special kitchenware. The blade is made of Elmax stainless steel, handle is made of rosewood and stainless steel. Thank's for watching!
  12. I have no words...just WOW Great work!!!
  13. Thank you so much! Josh, I'm finishing my handles with little pieces of sandpaper up to grit 1200, on exotic woods like this up to 2000 grit. Final grits are under oil (I'm using oil from Osmo becaus it has certificate for using on toys and kitchen equipment.
  14. Hi guys! I have finished two knives made of modern materials; the filleting knife has Elmax steel blade, the outdoor/hunting knife has Vanadis 4 extra, both steel are from Uddeholm Sweden. The handles are made of Honduras palisander and stainless steel. Thank you for watching!
  15. Thank you so much guys! Wes: I'll try make some pictures of some next knife Isaac: I think that it's the same species. Differences are in location and altitude.
  16. Hi guys! These are two new knives out of my workshop. Both are made of W2 steel, turkish walnut and bronze. Thanks for watching!
  17. Thak you! Tim Scarlatti: It's scratched with edge of carbide burr fitted on my high speed micromotor. Than it's patinated on sodium polysulfide
  18. Hello gentlemen and thank you for all posts! At the first. The blade on the birch bark knife is made of billet which I bought from one dealer of knifemaking supplies here in Czech republic. It consist of Czech equivalents of AISI Gr. 1045 and O2. Unfortunatelly I'm not equipped for forge welding; I have only simple gas kiln, anvil and hammer, so I can forge only simple not welded blades. Every damascus and laminated blades are made of billets bought mostly from knifemakers from Czech rep. DanielQ: thank you very much. In 2008 I was in Sävsjö knifeshow and met Michael West, this year winner of "best of show" category in Solingen. He is wery friendly guy by the way. I can see his clear modern designed knives in my own hands. You can say it has't pure scandinavian shapes, but for me it's modern essence of nordic tradition. I think that is about a feeling. We are living in 21th century and we can set influences from all of the world and creating with absolutelly freedom...uff... I hope that is understandable with my bad english. Back to my work: customer for who is the birch bark knife needs to collection little neck. Here are the pictures:
  19. Hi friends! I have just finished scandi style knives. The first one has three layers san mai blade with O2 steel core and birch bark/bronze handle, the second one has W2 steel blade with hamon line and flamed red oak/copper handle. Thank's for watching and comments!
  20. The knife is sold. Thanks to Bladesmith's forum for the opportunity to advertise
  21. Hi friends! I have this scandi style knife for sale. The blade is three layers sanmai with O2 tool steel core and Gr.1045 at the sides. The handle is made of stabilized maple burl and patinated copper. Scandinavian style sheath with wooden insert inside. Length overall 21cm (8,27 inch), Length of the blade is 10 cm (3,9 inch). The price is $370+ shipping (ca $25 to USA) Paypal accepted
  22. Hi guys! This is the new knife out of my workshop. The blade is three layers sanmai with O2 tool steel core and Gr.1045 at the sides. The handle is made of stabilized maple burl and patinated copper. Scandinavian style sheath with wooden insert inside. Length overall 21cm (8,27 inch), Length of the blade is 10 cm (3,9 inch). Thanks for watching!
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