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  1. Hi friends! New knife out of my workshop. Damascus for the blade forged Marcel Bednář from Czech republic. Handle is composed of moose antler, copper and wrought iron. Length overall 31 cm (12,2 inch). I attached WIP pictures of bottom cap making. Thank you for watching!
  2. Hi! This is next of "my way scandis". Damascus on the blade is from my friend from Slovakia Miloš Gnida. Handle I carved of moose antler. Thanks for watching!
  3. Wonderful!!! Love your fancy style! Thanks for sharing pictures.
  4. Hi guys! Thank you for watching and comments! I'm not sure if you will be happy for this kind of inspiration because the construction is like 3D shooting without the sights DanielQ: it's ferric chloride but you must time by time brush the blade wit fine grit (2000) sandpaper during the etching. Walter Sorrells: my head is fortunatelly bulletproof in this cause
  5. Hi folks! I'm posting here some pics of my work after veeeery long time. I'm sorry for it and I promise that I'll do it more frequently. This is my way scandi style knife. Of course this is BladeSMITH forum but the blade is GRINDED out of Elmax plate . The handle is composed of reindeer antler, honduras palisander burl and bronze. Thank you for watching!
  6. Glad you like it. Thanks for comments. The first one is one of my latest pieces. Nowadays I prefer raw and elementary design. I find amazing to let material structure to excel. Dave: the bolsters are carved. It's an easier way for me to carve it straight in bronze (in case that each one is original) Roman
  7. Thanks for home-felt invitation guys! A few months ago Petr told me a lot of superlatives about Bladesmith's Forum. I'm glad to see the professionality and enthusiasm in our craft which is here presented. Jacques: I know Mr. Madaric as a promoter of a Brno Knife Show but we aren't closed friends. Petr Pospisil is a doyen of Czech knifemakers. He encouraged me a lot when I was beginner. Nice to read you visit Czeh republic so often. Hope to see you at some time!
  8. Hi folks! I'm 32year old knifemaker (bladesmith? ) from Czech Republic. I have got to this craft five years ago. Before that I made replicas of North American Natives art and restored their historical originals for about ten years. I live in small town Bilovice nad Svitavou near Brno city in South Moravia District with my girlfriend Hana and czechoslovak wolfdog Cipisek (named by fairytale robber's son). I love hiking, photography, history and slowly roasted bacon
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