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  1. It was pretty difficult , as it was very bright and surrounded by lots of cameras and moving people. I think the biggest issue for most of the guys was remaining focused. Watching the show now you see the finished product and it's not something that represents us or our craft in a negative way so it's easy to feel comfortable with it and focus on work. But all of the guys doing this first season we had no idea what to expect so everybody is going in with all these worries and concerns before they even get to consider those of the actual competition. You add all those factors in with a ticking clock, bright lights, and a bunch of people running around you with camera's and microphones and it's enough to shake anyone up. Bladesmithing has always been a meditation for me so for the most part I was able to maintain my center and keep working but I must say this is the first time I had to struggle to maintain it. Colin I did a very similar quench on the file knife and it did indeed work in a pinch :-) . I had a great time doing the show, it pushed me and made me overcome limitations I thought I had. The people on the show were really awesome and the other competitors were fantastic and supportive of each other. I hope it gets another season because I really think it will get even better as they move forward and the show and audience learns more about what we do .
  2. I wasn't sure what they were going to do for tempering during the competition, so to be safe as possible I did an edge quench in oil. I can say the blades were tempered though.
  3. I actually did not quench in water. I quenched in oil but used the water to cool it to a point where I could start grinding :-)
  4. Spooooky sir. And as usual incredible .
  5. Nice work Rob, looking forward to seeing this get finished .
  6. Wow, just wow. Very beautiful piece sir . My compliments to the both of you .
  7. Very nice, elegant lines sir. Thanks for sharing .
  8. At the risk of being redundant please keep them coming . Good luck in surgery and a speedy recovery as well sir .
  9. Is it wrong that I kind of want a house like this ?
  10. Yea, I tend to have a bit of an unconventional approach I guess like everyone else just trying to find my own voice . Thank you.
  11. Sheesh ! That's really nice .
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