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  1. I filtered mine dry,used a coffee filter though,might need to up the pressure some !
  2. I made some nugui,out of iron oxide suspended in mineral oil. Using it on a hamon on a tanto. W2 steel, Using a cotton ball to apply. The steel doesnt seem to be getting any darker....Any tips tricks....input etc
  3. Thank You for the info and links. The rust is not as vibrant in person,the camera makes it a little more red than it really is...I will do some more research.
  4. Here are a few more pics
  5. Trying to get more info on this.
  6. Thanks for the link !!!! If we do come up with a design and maybe get this rolling,prob will offer it without motor to keep the price as low as possible. Got to have the link though,going to need a motor and vfd for a prototype ! Plus if any get sold can pass along the info !
  7. I really like what you did with the swivel design !
  8. To true about the Grinder in a box !!!! Wish I had found it years ago ! VFD and Phase converters are somewhat pricey, So at this point Im going to base the design around maybe using step pulleys for speed adjustment !
  9. I will be looking forward to it !!!!
  10. If you dont mind me asking,where are you coming up with a 8" contact wheel for 104.00
  11. I hate to say it but I dont own that book, I know I know....not hardly worth my salt !!!!
  12. I would really like to get something built in the range of about 400 to 700 minus motor, even lower would be great,but I dont know if it is possible. But I havent even ran any ideas past my engineer/machinist buddy,plus I dont even know what kind of contacts he has, There would be no problem with welding,by trade I am a welder/fabricator I wish this interspaceweb...find anything you need, was around when I was first started making knives,I could have done more research. And not missed out on 19 yrs of knifemaking !!!! Thanks for the info and comments.Its greatly appreciated.
  13. Thanks for the reply Mr.Coe. I would like to add " That is a good looking machine you have there " But...And there is no disrespect with this statement. The price is still out of reach for most people just starting out, or just making knives as a hobby. As for myself I started making knives when I was 19,and back then the only sander I could afford was a 1x48...which kinda worked,but it was still like banging your head against a wall !!! And with that being said. I lost interest in making knives. Now that Im 38 and wanting to once again make knives,and being laid-off at the moment....Im back i
  14. I need some advice from knifemakers. I would like try to design and build more affordable grinders for knifemakers.With that in mind I would like to get some input on what people like about the sanders they are using as well as what needs improvements. After enough R&D.. I have a engineer buddy of mine,that Im going to see if he can come up with a good design. He is border line genius so I dont think it will be a problem. Everybody seems to love the KMG design. By trade I am a industrial welder/fabricator..so this thing will not be lacking in strength or quality. My goal is to maybe
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