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  1. Knife #7 1075 aldos 5.5 inch blade Cocobolo, ebony and elk enter handle. Differentially heat treated. Traded making this for a bandsaw and a planer. Having trouble letting it go now......
  2. Jake. I actually used 1/4 ich thick red oak. I cut 3 pieces out on my laser with precision 1/8 inch dowel holes in the thicker section. Then I doweled and glued it together with titebond 2 wood glue and sanded the dowel ends off. I won't be able to use the laser when I make the metal version but it really sped up the prototype process. This could be possible with a drilI press and files but i would make the hole first. Then drill dowel holes. Then glue together and shape with a belt or disk sander. Or do a solid 1 piece with no glue the same way.
  3. Magna is my name, I am the spiders bane. This is my take on sting. Based entirely on the carton version of the hobbit that I watched as a kid. It is the blade that inspired me to want to make knives in the first place. I hope I will not bore anyone as this is a wooden model of a blade that I will make in steel. Preferably Damascus once I have gotten a little better at forgewelding. It is a 14" blade and 21" overall. Made of red oak and poplar. Cord and leather wrapped handle. Consider this a proof of concept piece that let me try a few new techniques without wasting a bunch of material
  4. It is a surprisingly comfortable knife. The carved design forms an apple seed shape wide part on top near the blade and a reversed apple seed shape near the rear thus leaving a hollow for the meat of the hand. Hopefully, you guys can understand what I am trying to explain. But it is a very comfortable knife. I gave it to my nephew who had done me a huge favor a long time ago and had requested that I make him something in repayment. It took me 10 years to get around to it but I think that it was worth the wait. There is about 30 hours in the knife when it was finished.
  5. I have done a lot of custom pistol grips as part of a previouse employment.
  6. I made this a while back and just got around to posting it. This is my fourth completed knife. I hope you all enjoy. 7.5" 1075 blade with interrupted water quench. Handle is Elk antler shed with coco bolo and copper fittings. Everything was done by hand. Forged then filed to shape. 1500 grit finish. I am not sure what style of knife this is other than kind of a pukka crossed with a tanto. It pretty mucheap organically came together once I made the blade shape. I let the materials inspire me in the forms.
  7. After making knives these are a piece of cake. I just use mY 4 x 36 belt grinder a little bandsaw and a drill press and a few files glue paracord. They are really cheap to make.
  8. Sorry that was supposed to say tolkien not tolline.
  9. So I was in the shop the other say and 8 cooked up this glamdring inspired object for my nephew's Christmas present. Needless to say there a a few tolline fans in our family. (Pretty much all of us). Pine ground to shape with spray paint and cord wrapped handle and we habe a boys dream of a wooden sword. I hope you all enjoy this even if it is not in steel. I hope one day to make something similar but right now I'm only on my third knife.
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