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  1. Thats your 4th knife? Holy crap, thats good! I love it.
  2. Made this big camp chopper for another friend of mine as thanks for helping me set up my workshop. OA: 21" (53cm), blade 15" (38cm) 1/4" spine (6.4mm) Nablo Spring steel, birch burl handle with steel pins. Treated with dark and light wood stain and linseed oil to bring out the patterns in the wood.
  3. Amazon has leather belts for belt grinders. The have normal leather sharpening strops too. If you have an old leather belt, like for pants, you can glue that to a flat board, and it will work fine as well, i bet.
  4. Thank you. Just sandpaper up to 1200 grit, and wood finishing oil. I had just oiled it when I posted the pics, so it looks a bit more shiny than it really is.
  5. Yeah, my dad has a bunch of these burl cutoffs laying around. He used to make handles and sheaths as a hobby, but kinda lost interest after a while, so I get to use them now. Thanks. Its my first bare wood handle so I'm stoked that people like it.
  6. Heres my latest; a big camp chopper for an outdoorsy friend of mine. 20 inches OA, 14 inch blade, 1/4" thick. (about 51 cm oa, 36 cm blade, 6,4 mm spine) Made from nablo spring steel and birch burl. Going for a bit of a rustic look, I only hand sanded to 180 grit, as this will see a lot of heavy use and I also wanted a finish that my friend can easily touch up himself if it gets stained or rusted.
  7. 10xx series of simple carbon steel are the easiest to heat treat. 1075, 1084 or 1095 are good blade steels. 1045 is probably too soft to be ideal.
  8. That is such a pretty and elegant axe. I love it. The black haft looks great as well,
  9. That is true Its been 22 years since I made this thing, and I still have it.
  10. ... when I was 17, in the school workshop. I really thought this was what a real battle axe would be like, at the time. When I showed the shop teacher the, quite frankly, brilliant technical drawings for this monstrosity, he sighed and shook his head, pinching the bridge of his nose as if he had a migraine and told me that I needed written permission from my parents if he was to let me make that thing in school. Some hard stats: Made from unhardenable construction steel. Total length, about 110 cm. Blade width 40 cm. Blade thickness 10 mm. The shaft is a solid 30 mm bar, tapered to 20 mm where its welded to the axe head. The grip portion of the handle is checkered, so it'll flay the skin from your hands with any extended use. Its like gripping a huge round file. Oh and it weighs 9 kg, or 20 lbs, so dont worry, you wont swing it for long.
  11. I love it How thick is the spine? I thought the blade looked very thin in the first pic, but then when you show the tang it looks pretty beefy.
  12. 5 hours?? I need to practice more... a LOT more Its a beautiful knife, not at all what I expected from the title of the thread.
  13. Thats absolutely gorgeous. I love it when blends of styles really work.
  14. Oh its wonderful. It was pricey, but I havent regretted it for a second. I do have a forge but I use it mostly for heat treating. I will do more forging once I get a proper anvil. The one I have now is really old and not even close to straight. It sags in the middle and the corners are hanging. I've done a bit of forging on it, but its annoying to use, at least for a beginner like me. Love the Pratchett quote by the way Big fan.
  15. Thank you. I like the ones with a steep "kentish notch" though mine might be a bit exaggerated. I just checked your page and wow, you have a lot of beautiful blades. Inspirational.
  16. I got a 2x72" belt grinder for christmas!!! (Ok, so it was from myself, to myself, but still...) A Pheer 427 with 2 horsepower and variable speed. So much nicer to use than an angle grinder when grinding blades. Got a flat platen, 10 inch contact wheel and small wheel holder as well. And here is the first fruit of the Pheers loins, a small seax, 15 cm blade (about 6 inch) 11 cm handle (about 4.5 inch) 5 mm 1060 steel. Leather over birch handle. Constructive critisism and/or flaming is welcomed and appreciated.
  17. Stormcrow, I'm watching epsiode 2 of a new survival reality show called "Alone", and one of the contestants, Lucas who is some kind of survival instructor, has a big knife that looks a lot like your socket handled bush swords. Do you know if its one of yours?
  18. Peter, the one in the second picture looks a lot like this one. Are they double fullered or is it a trick of the light?
  19. Thats a stunning looking thing. The owner is a very lucky person indeed.
  20. That is looking very nice, Jim. I love the design.
  21. Thanks Kevin. I dont really understand what you mean by "see the blade shoulders from underneath".
  22. Wow, so much beautiful stuff, Emiliano. That spear though, that stands out to me somehow. Its gorgeous.
  23. Been doing a lot of grinding these past couple of days. My cheap angle grinder is holding up surprisingly well. The blade is in rough ground state (36 grit) Blade length: 76 cm (30") Blade width: 40 mm (1.57") Thickness: 6.4 mm thick at the base of the blade, tapering to 2.9 mm at the clip. Point of balance: 16.5 cm (6.5") for the bare blade. Heat treatment seems to have gone well. The blade was straight before going into the water and took on just the kind of curve i was hoping for, and with almost no warping. Just a slight bend that I was able to correct right after the quench. Such a relief. Rob Criswell katana for scale. (I took the pics for a friend who needed size reference)
  24. These are your first blades? Wow, from one beginner to another, that is impressive. I love the japanese one. I think it has a lovely shape and flow to it, and the etching came out great. I'm sure your dad willl be thrilled that you made that for him. I'm looking forward to seeing the finished piece.
  25. Thanks guys. George, I love wire grips, but boy are they a pain to make. This one has some flaws that need to be adressed.
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