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  1. The second knife. Knife entirely from a single bar of Damascus steel. Covers for a handle - mammoth bone. Sheath of saddlery leather with inserts of lizard skin. Overall Length: 235mm Blade length: 110mm Width in the butt: 3.2mm The width of the blade: 29mm
  2. Hello! I did two integral knife of the same design. but from different materials. Knives forge and processed manually, milling machines are not used, only the grinder and Files. The first knife. Steel 440C, stable wood. Overall Length: 230mm Blade length: 110mm Width in the butt: 3.2mm The width of the blade: 27mm Weight: 200g
  3. Good knives! These knives will bring much pleasure to the user.
  4. Hello! Another knife in the northern grounds. Blade - mosaic Damascus. Handle combined - nickel silver, walrus tusk and stable hornbeam. Overall Length: 240mm Blade length: 127mm Width in the butt: 3.8mm Blade width: 26.5mm
  5. Thanks for the feedback! I am pleased to know that my work is like!
  6. Thus, the knife itself. Overall length 290mm Blade 160/36 / 2.5mm, about 0.2mm reduced "Bolster" in diameter 17mm Covers for a handle length 83mm Blade combining centered torsirovany mosaic Damascus, butt and blade made of carbon steel (1% C). The tip of the reduced "dovetail".
  7. I love these knives! I did forging the blade with a mosaic Damascus. "Bolster" machined by hand with a file. Lining made of thick carbon fiber, glued poksipol. Mosaic pin.
  8. Now skramasaks is on show in Moscow. As soon as I will come back to take good photos in the studio.
  9. Bolster looks like a collar. In the original made by forging process. I was afraid to do the same, so as not to damage the blade, so the folded collar of the ball iron and carefully adjusted the way the place of plumbing. The back plate on the handle also made of ball iron. The handle is manufactured from the old bog oak. It is a piece of the frame of the sunken ship, divers raised from the bottom of the North Sea. Apparently the ship lay at the bottom of at least 250-300 years. I decided not to putty all the cracks in the wooden handle, it fits very well with the items.
  10. After quenching the blade recovered by stripping in an acid etch. The result is very pleased! Ball iron very interesting happened - shimmers as if covered with ice crystals (frost). and it has a mouthwatering appearance. These photos taken by mobile phone.
  11. forging a way to connect the body and the blade. Blade forged in a real size, leaving a reserve of only finishing. It was very difficult to draw a hardening of the blade, because the materials are very diverse, and it is difficult to keep the blade straight.
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