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  1. Does anyone know if this is a sword year for the ashokan seminar?
  2. I'm just getting back from JRTC. I don't think I'll have time to make something for show and tell...screw it. Maybe I'll just brew some beer. Hands up if you're interested.
  3. Just registered. See everyone there!
  4. I'll be there. I might even bring a keg or two with me.
  5. John, I'm nearly in the same boat as you. I'm stuck in Savannah till the end of the month.
  6. If the 2015 dates post early enough, I might be able lock it in at work.
  7. Looks like I won't be able to make it this year.
  8. I'm gonna try and make this years seminar.
  9. It depends on the blade. But yeah, I still hollow grind some of my forged blades.
  10. Lol, I forgot to pin the map!!! But, once again, thankyou Owen. That was just the absolute coolest event I have ever attended. It was great to actually meet all of you and either listen to you talk or watch your live demo or just sit back and chill with a beer. All in all, that was the best OCONUS trip I have ever went on.
  11. I'm at the Holiday Inn at Bexley. If any of you show up tonight or need a hand in the morning, let me know.
  12. Looks like I'll be DOA. Drunk On Arrival. My initial flight got delayed.
  13. I'll be leaving NY tomorrow evening and arriving at Heathrow on Wednesday morning around 9:45-10ish...anyone feel like meeting up for a late breakfast or lunch? Hotel check in isn't until 2pm, so I gonna have some time to kill wandering around town.
  14. You're telling me there's a pie made of bacon? A bacon pie?...and port...and a cheese board...and swords, knives, hammers, fire and hot steel?!!!! Why are we not there right now, Alan?
  15. Cheese board?! This trip just keeps sounding better and better!
  16. Owen, I'm not certain I'll be able to bring a show and tell piece. There's not much time to finish one. I'll give it a shot, though. John, I think I'll just have to play it by ear as the hotel is already paid for. Alan, I'm definitely going to be there for the Museum. I think I should be arriving on the morning of the 14th. Not certain. I'll have to check my itinerary.
  17. Just a month left to go! Is anybody else wicked excited about this, or is it just me? 😀
  18. Just a month left to go! Is anybody else wicked excited about this, or is it just me? 😀
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